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Alex Leventis


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Alex Leventis

Alex Dean Leventis

Nickname: 'Alex'

CEO at Optimum Learning Academy

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Cape Town South Africa

I am a young, self-motivated individual who thrives on success. I truly believe that every task approached should be done with integrity and urgency.

I have recently taken the route on the path of the ultimate adventure - Becoming an entrepreneur.

After two years of working in the corporate world, I made the decision that I want to do more for society. The world currently faces the largest economic downfall that needs the most urgent attention - The lack of entrepreneurship. With a world-wide increase in entrepreneurship, we will see an astonishing increase in the state of all the economies across the globe as this will better the global issues of employment, poverty, crime etc.

I have started my journey by starting a company called Optimum Learning Academy.

Society needs urgent intervention and I am taking that single leap of future development in myself in order to allow me to make the impact that our country and the world at large so desperately needs, starting by addressing our urgent need for both quality education, as well as entrepreneurship.

Contact details

M: 0849779125

Web presence

Business Address

Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Co - Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Optimum Learning Academy
2013 - present

Academia, Education and Training

Optimum Learning Academy is a private preparatory school franchise doing more than just preparing your children for their upcoming school careers; we prepare them for life and ensure that upon graduation they are prepared to succeed!

Most preschools merely offer school readiness programs that will ensure that your children have a strong enough foundation to get through school and get a job 12 years later.

Optimum Learning Academy takes this concept and revolutionizes it, taking it a step further and allowing us to Sculpt The Future!

The next generations' world leaders are currently standing right in front of us, all we need to do is unlock that potential and let them know it too.

At Optimum Learning Academy, we do just that!

We have developed an Early Childhood Development (ECD) program that does more than just prepare your children for school as it approaches; we set them on the road to success.

We understand that at this age, the mind is at its most fertile stage and every principle instilled therein, remains there and develops these children into who they become as they grow.

Therefore, we have incorporated all the principles which are essential to success into our ECD learning programs, thereby locking these principles into the subconscious of all our students at an age where they are still unaware of the true definition of success itself.

These principles will then go on to determine every decision made by our students throughout their walk of life and essentially determine who they become in the future.

The principles taught in their most basic forms were all learnt by the world's most successful people after many, many years of trial and error, followed by hundreds of failures and temporary defeat.

By teaching these principles at this early age, we are eliminating the need for that entire process and ensuring that success is nothing more than a finger-tip away.

At Optimum Learning Academy, we do more than the ordinary – WE’RE SCULPTING THE FUTURE!

Previous Position(s)

Creditors Supervisor | Finance | Aspire Group
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2013 - December 2013

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Created and implemented the full creditors function and all processes and procedures relating to creditors.

Creditors Supervisor | CAMBRIDGE FOOD
2012 - 2013

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Responsible for supervising a team of five members (October 2012 – Present) and fulfilling tasks such as:
Consolidation of payments,
Signing of payments and team recons.
Team support and boosting morale.
Assisting team with resolving queries and bringing satisfaction to unsatisfied suppliers.
Assisting team with the balancing of difficult accounts/recons etc.
Consolidation of various schedules and reports on Microsoft Excel and Word.
Meeting with suppliers to resolve various account queries.
Disciplining staff on various behavioural issues (Verbally/Written) when company policies are not adhered to.
Month-end reports consolidated and forwarded to Management.
Implementation of new processes.
Direct liaison with all levels of management, including senior level management and auditors.
Assisting with interviewing new staff as and when required.
Training and mentoring new staff – reporting on their progress.
Implementation of new plans and processes as required by management.
Managing staff and ensuring that deadlines are met across the floor, including those set for ad hoc tasks.
Delegating relevant tasks to staff and ensuring these tasks are completed timeously.
Liaising with suppliers and various internal departments on issues regarding accounts and the resolution thereof.

Creditors Clerk | CAMBRIDGE FOOD
2012 - 2012

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

• Creditors clerk at Cambridge Foods, a division of the Massmart/Walmart group from the 29th March 2012 – Present, handling the Postmasburg and Mabopane stores with a combined supplier list of 150+ suppliers and weekly trade expenditure of approximately R2 500 000. (R2.5 Million).

• Responsibilities include but not limited to: Full creditors function on Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. I.e. Editing (Import and documents) on Excel, Capturing of payables batches, capturing of transactions, capturing of GL codes in distribution, Posting of batches, GRSS balancing, Overall balancing, Check adjustment distribution, confirm waybill report, Holds – reconciliation, Take settlement discount, Manual payments, Incentive discounts, cross reference table, GRV inverter, Capture statement balancing to NIL, Reconciliation of statements and accounts, Handling of queries, ensuring mail is received twice a week, receiving month end mail from branch, Consolidated GRSS, Recognition of different types of statements, understanding reconciliation standards, Ensuring all accounts done on trial balance, Clearing internal accounts, Inter branch transfers, Petty cash, filling out and capturing CAV’s in batches, Filing and general admin, Check documents on hold, follow up credit balance for refund, completing claims and rebates schedules, month end checklist, reports manager etc.
• Also responsible for supervising a team of six members (October 2012 – Present) and fulfilling tasks such as:
Consolidation of payments,
Signing of payments and team recons.
Team support and boosting morale.
Assisting team with resolving queries and bringing satisfaction to unsatisfied suppliers.
Assisting team with the balancing of difficult accounts/recons etc.

Educational history


Bracken High School, Johannesburg, South Africa (2011)


University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2013 - present

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) - Financial Management


media exposure

Academic Achievements

Certificates of Merit | 2011

Achievement of an average in excess of 75 throughout High School.

Leader (Prefect) | 2011



National Small Business Chamber (NSBC)

Member , January 2014 - present


Worldwide Who's who

"Optimum Learning Academy Chief Executive Officer Alex Dean Leventis has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in private preparatory education." - 2014

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