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Byron Gelman


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Byron Gelman

Nickname: 'Spaceshores - Freelance company name'

Graphic Design, Administration, Aspiring Speaker

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Johannesburg South Africa

Previous employee of Pharmaceutical company
Sanofi-Aventis as 'Marketing Assistant'

Working with others in any capacity for a greater good, brings me much joy.

Skilled in creative design and with a gift for working with my hands as much as with my imagination, I wish to create more of that which is new and inspired.
Never seen before, with a desire for creating a unique range of yet unimagined forms of Functional Art.

Self-learned and passionate about people and the dynamics at work in our relationships with others.
I believe that in the understanding thereof, could bring possibilities for amazing self-discovery and the potentials for superior interactions between one another.

I am driven to be a successful speaker on metaphysical knowledge, combined with forward thinking concepts and imbued with personal details from my own life's journey in seeking truth.
Sharing ideas and concepts with others, while together we discover more about life through the mirror of the self. For the benefit of all, using applied practical knowledge we possess. Adding our imaginations and feelings to the mix as well as shared intentions, I know, our willpower will naturally lead us to subsequent breakthroughs.

To inspire new systems and ways of looking at ourselves in relation to our old preconceptions of the world. The impact we are having and can only stand to have more of, just with a more effortless ability, yet no less Impact-fulled. As we 'choose' to have more of an emphasis and focus on being Conscious and with greater Awareness in every new moment. A desire to remind people of a creative way of tapping more into our true potentials, magically, through changing our thoughts to form new perceptions and dimensions in our connection to the immediate environment.

To achieve greater manifestations in our world. Change that can affect whole systems of understanding the world we live in, on a grander scale.
Paradoxically bringing to peoples lives more value than even that of the subsequent achievements which will still naturally follow suit.
A new enlightened view on a greater and truer understanding of the nature of reality.

I intend on doing this through sharing easy,
yet profoundly effective creative techniques that will inspire others to do the fun
and truly playful 'inner-work', of humble re-inspection and re-definition of their beliefs.

I am extremely passionate, Now, express the knowledge, experiences and personal life changing experiences and defining moments that have brought me to where I am today. Forgiveness and love for myself.
Understanding and appreciation of others, and the vibrational sharing of this greater empathy and gratitude I now feel and have for many things, people events and places I have encountered in my life.
I can't change you, but I can change me, and a real sign of strength is being able to ask for help. Life is meant to be fun. So give it the meaning that you wish to reap from it, and know that you never walk alone.

Nothing of value comes without hard work and realistic discernment, (most of the time), and while aiming for the highest value and quality in my growth and in my community, I intend to live my life / job / career / calling with unbridled joy. While still holding true to a great quote that goes:
" The qualities of being there,
...are the qualities of getting there. "

Contact details

M: 082 896 3118

Web presence

Business Address

Athol Road, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Medical Receptionist | Administration | dental surgery
Johannesburg, South Africa | January 2014 - present

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Administrative work for 6 Dentists in a busy practice,
File keeping, Billing, Data capturer, Receptionist, Book keeping, Multi-tasking, Medical Aid Submission,
Computer Knowledge, Management of a database of over 10 930 Patients, Good Medical and Dental knowledge, Highly Developed People skills, Handling of day sheets and call backs Front Desk, Dental knowledge, Ordering of Dental materials and client impressions, Record keeping, Ability to work fast and methodically under heightened and stressful conditions.

Previous Position(s)

Marketing Assistant | Sanofi-Pasteur | Sanofi-Aventis, SouthAfrica
Johannesburg, South Africa | May 2013 - September 2013

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

All Graphic Design requirements, Type setter, Editor, Administrator, Printing, Vaccination Booklet Pamphlet Poster Promotional Advertising, Promotional Materials, Communications, Secretarial skills, File Management, Bookkeeping, Database, Inventory, Medical Knowledge
Working with Cost Centers, Strategic Innovation,
Personal and Teamwork

Educational history


King Edward VII High School, Johannesburg, South Africa (1997)


Allenby Campus Bramley

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2000 - 2001

Multimedia and Graphic Design - Graphic Design

Macromedia Software and Media Law

Adobe Photoshop

St John's College, Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa | 1998 - 1999

A-Levels - Psychology, Adv. English, Biology

A-Levels Examinations Certificate : Cambridge University

Qualification : Pass


Other Activities

Professional Tarot Analyst \ Spiritual Counsellor \ Enneagram Specialist

Understanding Self and our close relationships with others, 2004 - 2006

Self taught in all the subjects I am passionate about from Divination, Metaphysics, Tarot, Crystals, Numerology, 14 years of self studied understanding of personality drives (The Enneagram) and many other spiritual aspects of life. Personal life experience and understanding of magic, synchronicity the power of paradox and the wisdom of Archetypal energies in story telling to mythology and connection in all things to one another, to the metaphors in our language, dreams and illnesses and the ever present contrast of life in Psychology and Spirituality. Helping people get to know their dark shadow so that they may have more opportunity of getting to see their light more clearly too.

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