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Clayton Williams


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Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2015
Philanthropist (Bronze)
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2014
Associate (Bronze)
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2013

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Clayton Williams

CEO - Aspirant World Changer

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in South Africa

With an eclectic background across a wide range of industries including everything from Aviation, Mining, Forestry & Sawmilling, Professional Services & "tier one" Strategy Implementation Consulting I have held leadership and CEO positions across a number of organisations.

Having completed an MBA at the UCT GSB and an additional MBA elective on New Product Development & Innovation at Yale School of Management, won both the Strategy and Entrepreneurship & Innovation awards for the MBA.

Contact details

Web presence

Business Address

Sandton, Sandton, South Africa

Professional Portfolios

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Entrepreneurial Panacea: Are we creating or destro...

in Economics Books Published

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Director | Board | EAMC
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2017 - present

Manufacturing and Industrial

Private Equity Executive & ex officio director of various subsidiaries | Various Companies
Centurion, South Africa | 2016 - present

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Strategy Consultant | Private Practice
Sandton, South Africa | June 2013 - present

Social Development and Community Services

Impact Strategy Consulting for NGO's, MNC's Governments on economic diversification, local economic development planning & job creation.

non-Executive Director | Level5 Development Holdings
Sandton, South Africa | 2012 - present

Consulting and Project Management

Achieving Business turnaround by reconstructing the social structure of organisations across disciplines ensuring integration of hard and soft issues from technical to leadership through a collaborative, generative and co-evolutionary approach.

Previous Position(s)

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2016 - 2016

Consulting and Project Management

TEC is a leading professional services company that provides Transformation Outsourcing, BPO, Labour Management Services, Field Management Services and both Strategy & Management Consulting.

Our key differentiator is our ability to execute and deliver superior results. We achieve this through our superior processes that are driven by phenomenal people.

Strategy Implementation Consultant | Partners in Performance
Johannesburg, South Africa | October 2014 - 2015

Consulting and Project Management

Head: Product Development | Product Development | Raizcorp
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2013 - 2014

Consulting and Project Management

Project Manager | Driekop | York Timbers Ltd
Graskop, South Africa | 2008 - 2009

Consulting and Project Management

Managed the rebuild and ramp up of the Driekop Sawmill

CEO | Level5 Development Holdings
2007 - 2012

Consulting and Project Management

Strategic Development of the Company
Operational Management of the Company
Senior Consultant within the Company

2007 - 2008

Consulting and Project Management

Implemented a successful business turn around project, oversaw the management of the harvesting division (400+) people and the transport division (12 trucks and 60 + people)

CEO | Leoair
2003 - 2012

Consulting and Project Management

Strategic Management
Reporting to me were the GM and the CFO, I was also the Chief Flight Instructor

Educational history


Penryn College, Nelspruit, South Africa (2001)


Yale School of Management

New Haven, United States of America | 2014 - 2014

Master of Business Administration - New Product Development

MBA specialisation

University of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa | 2013 - 2014

Master of Business Administration (MBA) -

My thesis on Job Creation through entrepreneurship is both qualitative and quantitative in nature focusing a number of disciplines inter alia, economics, finance, statistics, entrepreneurship and politics.



Top Performing Companies 2016 | 2016

South African Colours for Model UN Debating | 2001

Entrepreneurship & Innovation | 2014

MBA class prize for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Strategy Prize | 2014

MBA Class Prize for Strategy

Shortlist and nomination

Tomorrow's Leader Nominee | 2015

Tomorrow's Leader Nominee | 2014

media exposure

Top Performing Companies 15th edition | 2016

I interviewed for a feature article in this edition of TPC

Lowvelder | 2014

Lowvelder | 2013



Graduate School of Business (UCT) Consulting Club

Member, 2014 - present

African Leadership Netowrk

Member, 2013 - present



Founder, 2013 - present

I founded a social media group to encourage Socratic dialogue on political issues. Rather than promoting a specific political organisation, I encourage people to be active citizens in building South Africa and to apply their minds to critically analyse which party they support and why.

Various organisations & NGOs focused on Entrepreneurship & Job Creation

Pro-bona consulting on: Strategy; Operations; Efficacy, 2013 - present

I am very active in the entrepreneurship space and work with various institutions where I can provide value to the end of alleviating poverty through job creation with entrepreneurship as a vehicle.

Political Organisation (Confidential)

Consultant, 2013 - 2014

I provided pro-bona consulting on various issues of marketing and strategy to one of the leading political parties contenting the 2014 elections


Tony Hulett

"Clayton is tenacious and goal orientated in character leading to dedication in achieving a favourable result." - 2007

Andre van der Merwe

"Clayton has good financial management skills. We managed the rebuilding of Driekop Sawmill near Graskop, together." - 2008

Deneys Potgieter

"I've known Clayton since 2004 as a diligent and hard worker. He manages his Company well, stick to his goals and is an excellent time keeper" - 2012

Cor Roest - Managing Director EAPI

"Clayton gave me some refresher flying instruction so as to deal with in-flight emergencies. He also gave me more confidence to deal with IMC conditions although was strict and professional about only using the skills as a last resort. I would not hesitate to recommend Clayton as a very knowledgeable and professional flying instructor." - 2012

James Farquharson

"Clayton is an excellent trainer who instilled in me a great confidence & ability which is paramount to learning how to fly. I would recommend his tuition to anybody" - 2012

Floris Burger

"Whilst I only had brief interaction with Clayton my perception of him could be summarised as: intelligent, resilient, detailed, friendly, a fast learner and results-driven." - 2012

David Zinger

"I had the opportunity of getting to know Clayton when he helped to run the OPEX mining conference. I found him helpful, keen to learn, and very easy to connect with. He has a very eclectic background and is committed to his own education and development." - 2012

Nathan Mudzanapabwe

"I would recommend Clayton for any engagements and this is on the basis of his diligence in carrying out his duties and also his sharp aptitude on management consulting issues. He is also full of energy which he utilizes to the maximum potential." - 2012

Urban Badenhorst

"I have now known Clayton William for nearly six months in a working capacity. During this time I can record the following observations:
1. Clayton is a high energy determined individual with a high work ethic.
2.He is a very intelligent character with a good understanding of business principles and in this regard he is experienced well above his age.
3. He displays a good understanding of interpersonal relationships but his does sometimes "not tolerate fools gladly". His value system is based on loyalty and trust and I believe he lives this out in practice.
4. In a working enviroment Clayton can operate independantly and in general he needs to know and understand the direction whereafter he can be trusted to give it his full attention and energy.
I can recommend Clayton for any suitable position in the field of consulting and industry.
" - 2012

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