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DataSaint (Pty) Ltd has been in existence since 1985 and grew from a small business supplying turnkey solutions to a respected supplier of comprehensive business solutions. Our business owned offices are situated in Wapadrand, Pretoria, South Africa, where we also have our computer, network and communications equipment from where we can link to our international client base. DataSaint’s mission is to design, develop and market our intelligent business solutions. Our vision is to be internationally recognised as an experienced and successful supplier of cost effective, configurable enterprise solutions that add value to a clients’ business. Our brand promise reflects our goal towards our clients, and how we live and work in our daily activities: Creating Intelligent Business Solutions OUR PRODUCTS DataSaint is the proud suppliers of DeltaERP (comprehensive, cost-effective ERP solution) & ppe2go (an innovative system designed to control the issuing of personal protective equipment).

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