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Dave van der Meulen


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Dave van der Meulen

Rudolph David

Pretoria-based corporate strategy consultant

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Cape Town South Africa

Deep and wide experience of railway technology, operations and general management, as well as global-research-based insight into positioning railways for competitiveness and sustainability

Contact details

M: 0832757004

Web presence

Business Address

Wingate Park, Pretoria, South Africa, 0153

Professional Portfolios

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Developing business cases for integrated ECP braki...

in New technology

Strategies for freight train integrated ECP brakin...

in New technology

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Managing Member | Railway Corporate Strategy CC
Pretoria, South Africa | November 2003 - present

Transportation and Logistics

General management, global research, consulting assignments

Previous Position(s)

Chief Engineer (Systemic Rail Solutions) | Head Office | Spoornet
Johannesburg, South Africa | 1997 - April 2004

Transportation and Logistics

Led railway technology- and systemic development

Regional Manager | East London Region | Spoornet
East London, South Africa | 1994 - 1996

Transportation and Logistics

Accountable for strategic-, general-, and bottom-line management of a general freight-, commuter-, and intercity passenger railway region

Director | Orange River Rail Company
Aliwal North, South Africa | 1994 - 1996

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Senior Manager (Process Development) | Operating | Spoornet
Johannesburg, South Africa | 1993 - 1993

Transportation and Logistics

Managed reengineering of railway service-delivery processes

Senior Manager (Product Development) | Technical Operating | South African Transport Services, later renamed Spoornet
Johannesburg, South Africa | 1988 - 1992

Transportation and Logistics

Managed design and development of technical-, economic-, operational- and human interfaces to align new train products to business requirements

Research Engineer | Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office | South African Transport Services
Pretoria, South Africa | 1985 - 1988

Transportation and Logistics

Managed Train Dynamics Section and Engineering Development Centre

Mechanical Engineer (Quality Management) | Chief Mechanical Engineer's Office | South African Transport Services
Pretoria, South Africa | 1983 - 1984

Manufacturing and Industrial

Managed quality assurance of new-build coaches, locomotives and wagons

Educational history


South African College School, Cape Town, South Africa (1959)


University of Pretoria - Graduate School of Business

Pretoria, South Africa | 1991 - 1994

Doctor of Business Administration - Corporate Strategy

University of Stellenbosch Business School

Bellville, South Africa | 1989 - 1989

Senior Management Programme - General Management

University of South Africa School of Business Leadership

Pretoria, South Africa | 1975 - 1979

Master of Business Leadership - General Management

University of Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa | 1960 - 1964

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Mechanical



Marquis Who' Who in Science and Engineering | 2009

media exposure

FAV Newsletter [Forschungs- und Anwendungsverbund Verkehrssystemtechnik], Berlin, Germany: No. 10, p. 2. | 2006

Authored an article "A global perspective on positioning European railways"

Railway Gazette International, Vol. 162, pp. 529-530, 533-534, and 536 | 2006

Authored an article "Identifying the key factors for long-term sustainability." It attracted editorial endorsement "The engine of change"

Railway Technology International 1993, pp. 225, 227-228 | 1993

Authored an article "Ermelo-Richards Bay in retrospect"

International Railway Journal, Vol. 31(6), pp. 63-66 | 1991

Authored an article "Spoornet gains valuable experience"

International Railway Journal, Vol. 30(6), p. 85 | 1990

Authored an article "Testing brakes to the limits"

Academic Achievements

Globalization and open architecture for railways: The role of integrated ECP braking and distributed power | 2003

Proc. 6th World Congress on Railway Research. Edinburgh, Scotland

A systemic approach to modulating train braking and -traction | 2004

Proc. 96th Annual Convention, pp. 146-154. Chicago, United States of America: Air Brake Association

Railway globalization: Leveraging insight from developed- into developing regions | 2006

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. 7th World Congress on Railway Research. Montréal, Canada

Selected railway corporate strategy insights, with special reference to Turkey | 2006

Proc. International Railway Symposium, Vol. 1, pp. 411-422. Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey: Turkish State Railways and Ministry of Transport

Railway globalization and heavy haul | 2007

Proc. International Heavy Haul Association Specialist Technical Session, pp. 329-338. Kiruna, Sweden: International Heavy Haul Association

Strategies for sustainable mobility: Urban railways as global corporate citizens | 2008

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. 8th World Congress on Railway Research, G. Seoul, Korea

Ultimate interoperability: Line-haul railways as global corporate citizens | 2008

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. 8th World Congress on Railway Research, G. Seoul, Korea

Selected heavy haul insights: Some South African perspectives | 2008

Proc. Conference on Rolling Stock of XXI Century, pp. 117-122. Khabarovsk, Russia: Far Eastern State Transport University

Heavy haul railway electrification--experiences and prospects | 2010

Proc. Joint Rail Conference, JRC2010-36151. Urbana, United States of America: ASME, IEEE, ASCE, TRB, AREMA, and University of Illinois

Differences and similarities: Learning from heavy haul in cold and heat | 2011

Main author Maxim Keyno. Proc. International Heavy Haul Specialist Technical Session: Railroading in Extreme Conditions. Calgary, Canada: International Heavy Haul Association

Competitiveness and sustainability of railways | 2012

Co-author L.C. Moller. In X. Perpina (Ed.): Infrastructure design, signalling and security in railway. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, pp. 69-94

European- and global urban guided transit: Green- and socio-economic fit | 2012

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. Transport Research Arena, Procedia--Social and Behavioral Sciences 48, pp. 415-424. Athens, Greece

Towards sustainable heavy haul traction energy: A review | 2013

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. 10th International Heavy Haul Conference, pp. 904-910. New Delhi, India: International Heavy Haul Association. Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit selected a revised version for publication in 2014

From global research to national rail policy | 2014

Proc. Transport Research Arena, Outreach Marketplace Poster #28020. Paris, France: Programme Committee of the Transport Research Arena 2014

Sustainable heavy haul traction energy: A review of systemic issues | 2014

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 228(6) pp. 687-694, a Special Issue from the International Heavy Haul Association Conference 2013.

Some concepts for maximizing renewable energy in railway traction | 2015

Third International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics. Aberdeen, Scotland: North Sea Conference & Journal

Railways in renaissance: Review of achievements and reflection on prospects | 2015

Co-author L.C. Moller. In K. Zboinski (Ed.): Railway research--selected topics on development, safety and technology. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, pp. 1-31

Policy considerations for positioning rail as logistics and mobility leader in 2050 | 2016

Co-author L.C. Moller. Proc. 11th World Congress on Railway Research. Milan, Italy

Rail's three genetic technologies position it for a robust future | 2017

Proc. The Future of Transportation World Conference. Cologne, Germany: UKI Media & Events

Assessing obstacles to renewable energy in heavy haul traction | 2017

Co-author L.C. (Fienie) Moller. Proc. 11th International Heavy Haul Association Conference, pp. 935-932. Cape Town, South Africa.

Other Achievements

South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering Projects and Systems Award | 1989

Led the team that researched, designed and implemented South African Transport Services' 200-truck train

Guiness Book of Records | 1989

Led the South African Transport Services team that conveyed the world's longest and heaviest train



South African Society of Railway Engineering

Member, 1981 - present

EMF International Register of Professional Engineers

Registered, 2004 - present

South African Council of Professional Engineers

Professional Engineer, 1972 - present

Air Brake Association

Member, 1997 - 2017

RailRoad Association of South Africa

Member since 2005, Director since 2009, 2005 - 2015

South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering

Member since 1973, Fellow since 1998, 1973 - present

Institute of Marketing Management

Professional Member, 1994 - 2005

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

Member since 1993, Chartered Fellow 2007-2017, retired 2018, 1993 - present

Member of the National Council for South Africa, 2004

Other Activities


Organiser and traveller, 1981 - present

Have visited 43 countries


Cook, 2010 - present

Learned Italian Cuisine at Torre del Tartufo, Tuscookany Cooking Vacations, Arezzo.

4x4 Road trips to remote places

Planner and driver, 2003 - present

E.g. Richtersveld, Sani Pass, Tankwa Karoo, Eastern Cape Mountains

Food and wine pairing

Sommelier, 1995 - present

Photography and digital enhancement

Photographer, 1975 - present

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