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Dr David Fraser


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Dr David Fraser

Group Chief Technology Officer Blue Label Telecoms

Born in Johannesburg South Africa

Dr David Fraser is an entrepreneurial businessman and professional engineer by training with considerable international and local experience in mobile, broadcasting, telecommunications and transactional systems. He has founded and currently owns several businesses in the wireless, payments, cellular (prepaid & services) and media environments. Currently, his key focus as Group CTO is on the group technology strategies of the public company Blue Label Telecoms, the leading prepaid and transactional company.

David has operated businesses with interests in over 15 countries and is currently active in South Africa, Africa, India, Mexico, USA & Europe.

David loves being creative and finding innovative solutions for customers' business needs. He enjoys harmonizing ideas and concepts from multiple disciplines and applying these to solutions that encompass both immediate and future technological evolution. David is a believer in the value of open business/technology eco-systems and in a detailed scientific & technical understanding that leads to customer-appropriate end solutions - a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up solution synthesis.

He also enjoyed several years as a university educator and scientific researcher for a high-tech R&D company.

David has authored of over 50 journal, conference and research papers, and holds patents in several technologies.

Contact details

O: +27 11 523 3030

Web presence

Business Address

75 Grayston Dr, Sandton, South Africa, 2057

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Director | Mobilitrix
2011 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Mobilitrix is South Africa's leading provider of digital coupon, loylaty and survery solutions driven through the mobile channel. As a Blue Label Telecoms company, Mobilitrix plus BLT's abilities create an end-to-end eco-system that operates from brand owner, through campaign management, to mobile deployment, retail integration and analytics, which are then fed back to the brand owner. Mobilitrix boasts several major customers and brands, and is expanding into new territories with Blue Label.

Director | Cellfind
2009 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Cellfind is South Africa's premier provider of location based services through Vodacom and MTN. It is also one of the top-5 aggregators of wireless mobile services.

Group Chief Technology Officer | BLUE LABEL TELECOMS LTD
Sandton, South Africa | 2008 - present

ICT and Telecommunications


Director | Khetha Media (Pty) Ltd
2006 - present

Broadcast Media, Multimedia and Film

Khetha Media was formed to provide converged media services using digital platforms to markets in South Africa and Africa. Khetha Media combines industry executives with experience in media, broadcasting and IT to create services that are attractive, affordable and technically advanced. Khetha Media is based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Director | Blue Label One (Pty) Ltd
2005 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Blue Label One (Pty) Ltd trading as The Mobile Services Company, is the mobile services division of the JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms Limited group. The Mobile Services Company is providing innovative mobile services to the South African and international market. It has brought several novel mobile solutions to the market including mobile wallets, banking, NFC, merchant services etc. MSC operates a PaaS/SaaS mobile services environment for the rapid deployment of both horizontally and vertically integrated mobile services.

Executive Director | The Prepaid TV Company
2005 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

The Prepaid TV Company provides turnkey services in the prepaid TV & NFC markets. It is a joint venture between Cerulent & Blue Label Investments, a large diversified holdings telecommunications company. The Prepaid TV Company is active in several technology innovation areas including prepaid TV and near-field communications systems (NFC). It is based in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Executive Director | Cerulent (Pty) Ltd
2004 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Cerulent is a provider of technologies for low-cost transactional technologies including NFC and prepaid TV in developing world markets. Cerulent has created end-to-end solutions for NFC solutions as well as digital satellite and terrestrial TV including unique prepaid systems (SMS-based, virtual vouchers & PINless). Cerulent is based in La Lucia Ridge Office Estate, Durban, South Africa.

Previous Position(s)

Director | Content Connect Africa (Pty) Ltd
2007 - 2012

Broadcast Media, Multimedia and Film

Content Connect Africa (Pty) Ltd is the key provider of mobile and other content to the South African mobile industry. It also operates in Africa and Australia. CCA has relationships with the majority of independent labels as well as most of the majors for the aggregation and distribution of content. CCA is a group company of JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms.

Director | iBurst (Pty) Ltd
2005 - 2012

ICT and Telecommunications

iBurst is a leading provider of broadband wireless services in South Africa. Operational in first and second-tier cities, iBurst offers nomadic and fixed broadband wireless services in a modern all-IP network. iBurst is also licenced to provide WiMAX services and has rolled out both a national WiMAX network and a super-fast metro wireless network to round out their offerings. iBurst is a privately held company headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. iBurst is currently owned 25% by Vodafone subsidiary Vodacom.

Senior Lecturer | University of KwaZulu-Natal
1994 - 1996

Academia, Education and Training

Lectured in Advanced Communications, Electromagnetic theory, Electronics, Design, RF Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Business

Lecturer | University of KwaZulu-Natal
1992 - 1993

Academia, Education and Training

Lectured in Advanced Communications, Electromagnetic theory, Electronics, Design, RF Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Business

Junior Lecturer | University of KwaZulu-Natal
1991 - 1991

Academia, Education and Training

Lectured in Design and Artificial Intelligence

CEO | Skye Advanced Technologies (Pty) Ltd
1990 - 2004

ICT and Telecommunications

David resigned his CEO position in Skye in August 2004 to start a number of different ventures. He still retains his directorship and holdings in Skye.

-Business development and technical design of the first 3G network in Africa for national network operator Sentech.
- deployment of Skye's T-Base™ Solutions.
- Analysis of telecommunications businesses in several African countries & deployment support for new services.
- Technical, modelling, deployment and decision-support services for broadband wireless in several European countries.
- Swiss 3G licence consortium founder member.
- Radio network software and services for nationwide DECT deployment.
- GSM work in several European and ME countries.
- Co-ordination of wireless high-site brokership, ownership, management and operations in Germany.
- Advanced petrochemical process control, telecoms and electricity management using AI.
- Technical analysis of financial indicators using AI techniques.

Educational history


Newcastle High School, Newcastle, South Africa (1983)
Carter High School, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (1980)


University of KwaZulu-Natal

Durban, South Africa | 1992 - 1994

PhD - Space physics, AI, meteor-burst comms, electronic eng

Title: "Neural Networks in Meteor-Burst Communications"
Key Elements: Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Radio Communications, Data Communications

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Durban, South Africa | 1989 - 1991

MSc Eng - Meteor-burst comms, Physics, AI, RF, electronic eng

Title: "Phase-effects in Meteor-Burst Communications Systems"

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Durban, South Africa | 1984 - 1988

BSc Eng - Telecoms, AI, RF, electronic eng

Final Year Thesis Title: "Meteosat Weather Satellite Receiver"
Major Subjects: Communications, Microwaves, Micro-electronics, Acoustics
Undergraduate subjects: Science, Mathematics and Engineering subjects, Specialty Engineering and Professional subjects, Economics



Best Lecturer Award | 1994

Best Lecturer Award | 1993

Best Lecturer Award | 1992

Salbu (Pty) Ltd Research Grant | 1989

Academic Achievements

Foundation for Research & Development (FRD) Scholarship | 1989

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Scholarship | 1989

Transtel scholarship | 1984

Society of Post Office Engineers Prize for the best results in 3rd and final year communications related subjects | 1988

Society of Post Office Engineers Prize for the best results in 3rd and final year communications related subjects | 1988

Top Final Year Student in Communications | 1988

(Communications, Microwaves, Electromagnetic Theory)

Grinel Prize for the best final year design project | 1988

Top Final Year Design Project | 1988

Altech Prize for the best academic achievement in final year | 1988

Top Final Year Student | 1988

Winner - SAIEE Student Paper Contest (National) | 1988

Title: "A Weather Satellite Receiving System"

Winner - SAIEE Student Paper Contest (Provincial) | 1988

Title: "Meteosat Satellite Reception"








Senior Member

Engineering Council (UK)

Chartered Engineer


Dr Ray Nettleton

"Dr. David Fraser is one of the most skilled and principled engineer / businesspersons I know. His range of understanding in wireless and telecommunications is substantial and impressive. His dealings with clients and employees is driven by his ethical desire to "do the right thing" for all stakeholders. I heartily recommend David to anyone wishing to associate with him in any business capacity." - 2006

Angus Brown

"David is an enthusiastic and innovative partner to work with. I have seen him develop working POS technology at a fraction of the cost of competitors, that will revolutionize the market. This shows his ability to think outside of the box and actually create fully-functional hardware and software devices. I found him to be a pleasure to work with." - 2012

Casey Klimasauskas

"It was always a pleasure to work with David. He was quick to see the potential in technology and the path to solutions in applications. In all of my discussions with him, he readily grasped the details and implications. His questions always went to the core issues critical to the project success - both technically and economically." - 2010

Richard Ballard

"The good Doctor is one of the warmest and wisest people I have ever met. He was the mind behind much corporate expansion, leading business and technology planning projects in Europe as our US-based start-up grew into a $1.2B broadband wireless operator." - 2004

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