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David Jacobs


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David Jacobs

Nickname: 'FearlessDave'

Cape Town based Entertainment Manager

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born in Cape Town South Africa

I’m a vibrant individual, who goes as a mild mannered David by day.
At night, I don a form fitting costume and leap over chairs and crush ice with my bare hands.
I’m a respected Coca Cola supporter who’s managed to redesign old Rock n Roll lyrics with great efficiency. I am able to understand the ramblings of Jacob Zuma and interpret graffiti art for whatever it is. I re-write movies in my mind.
I court and hypnotise women with my amazing and legendary skills in playing the musical triangle. I can manipulate frying eggs into whichever shape I desire and cook Maggi 2 minute noodles in 1 and a half minutes. I am an expert in Star Wars, a veteran in love and an outlaw on work dress up days.
Armed with an orange peel and a blunt toothpick, I once single-handedly defended a caterpillar from a horde of evil army ants. I am the subject of numerous TV advertisements and McDonald documentaries. When I’m bored at home, I practise my planking skills. On off days, I fix pensioners’ computers free of charge. I remove USB memory sticks without disconnecting it properly.
I am an abstract thinker, an odd question analyst and a ruthless creator. Fashion magazines swoon over my incredible line of T-shirts and jeans evening wear. I don’t sweat. Much. I’m incredibly private, but often receive fan SMSes from excited princes trapped in Nigeria ready to offer met heir fortunes. I’ve been in queues, and once won a TV set for being there.Last week, I explored the canals of Panama on Google Maps. I scored a try against New Zealand on PS3.
Children trust me.
My prank pictures have earned me office renown in laughing circles. I can toss shoes at moving objects in the dark with great accuracy. I once read Oliver Twist. I know exactly where to find pot noodles in Pick n Pay and I’ve performed several covert top secret operations for the FBI. I once negotiated with a group of Americans who were ready to consume the oils at my local fast food restaurant. I've been known to run with scissors.
I dodge and duck and dive, I bob and weave and manage to pay my bills on time. The Laws of physics do not apply to me. On weekends, I let off steam by full contact Origami. I once discovered the meaning of life, jotted it down on a tissue, but lost it when I discovered it’s ruins in my wet laundry. I make exotic foods.
I grow massive mielies in my yard and odd shaped carrots in my soil. I won the Miss Solar System beauty pageant and spelling bee competition at my kid’s pre-school event. I’ve starred as a tree in my crèche play, performed open heart surgery on a gecko and I once saw a tokoloshe.

Contact details

M: 0829901261

Web presence

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Published in the USA

in New Cartoons published in the USA

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Team Manager | O2 (Telefónica UK)
2014 - present

• Monitored and conducted trend analysis associated with call loads and agent productivity
• Managed team of 15 advisors
• Resolved escalations
• Reporting and Administration
• Track and accurately update operational performance files for Agents on a weekly basis
• Compiling and sending reports as required by the business for relevant updates
• Drive improvement of campaign performance and successes in regard to target market, Quality of data, relevance of offer, customer experience, and customer requirements
• Contact prospective clients and sell appropriate banking products in order to achieve Team targets.
• Provision of an efficient administration service through careful and timeous planning, reporting and updating of all related information
• Comply with governance in terms of legislative and audit requirements
• Ensure efficiency of service productivity and performance in Call Centre
• Achieve agreed Call Control, Call Quality and Call Protocol assessment ratios
• Improve customer satisfaction, experience, and insight through call analysis
• Report on required Call Centre activities and deliveries to improve business results
• Manage own development to increase own competencies
• Plan and manage performance, skills development, employment equity, talent and culture of team in order to improve innovation, achieve efficiencies and increase competencies

Senior Member | 5D Entertainment
2000 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Created and launched cartoon in daily newspapers, ie: Afronuts. Artist for TV shows such as Our Beautiful Country on SABC1 (Caricatures). Scriptwriter, Comedic Entertainment. Web designer, Graphic editor, Animations. Recently completed Ouma en Oupa as well as Strip! TV Shows promotional posters for KKNK and Kyknet

Senior Member | 5D Entertainment
2000 - present

Created and launched cartoon in daily newspapers, ie: Afronuts. Artist for TV shows such as Our Beautiful Country on SABC1 (Caricatures). Scriptwriter, Comedic Entertainment. Web designer, Graphic editor, Animations. Recently completed Ouma en Oupa as well as Strip! TV Shows promotional posters for KKNK and Kyknet

Previous Position(s)

Social Media & e-Forum Manager / Graphic humourist | VODACOM GROUP LTD
2006 - 2014

ICT and Telecommunications

Real Time Analyst - Workforce Management, Online Support Guru: Received the most amount of gratitudes from customers for 2 consecutive years as well as the covetted CEO Award
Data Specialist: On all platforms, ranging from various OSs to Hardware advice
Brand development, web site traffic growth. Assisted in developing brand strategy and statistics systems.
Social Media and eForum manager - advising, assisting and marketing

Social Media & e-Forum Manager & WFM RTA | Vodacom
2006 - 2014

Social Media E-Service
• Managing the Social Media and eForum Services
1. The duties included Telephonic interaction with Influential Customers, Celebrities and Heads of State who contacted Vodacom
Online Support
1. Webchats, E-mail support etc- helps customers find resolution to their problems on certain websites such as HelloPeter
Online Brand Marketing
1. As both a front end and back end support department, the brand
had to be marketed in a positive manner
Data Specialist
1. With the technical background, I took additional courses to aid customers with difficult problems (such as working on Linux devices). I also assisted IT with apps and implementing them into our systems. I designed a Flash apps which aided agents by centralising data bases into one collective pool, increased communication between departments, increased efficiency by an average of 30% and aided in Trend monitoring for any problems on the Network
1. Due to structural changes within the company, staff were shuffled around. I coached the staff members into departments
Report Writing
1. As I worked in back office, WFM and the Real Time Analysis department (and Social Media trend monitoring), excel sheets, power points and certain programs were used to capture events, situations, work management, etc – and forwarded to HODs, Directors and the CEO.

Workforce Management RTA OPs
• Managed Real time analysis
• Monitored Social Media Trend Analysis, and the outsourced Call Centres Operations
• I worked with a team of 6 – along with the Business Intelligence divisions
• Managed all the Outsourced Call Centre Teams (approximately 25 teams of 15 members per shift)
• Routed calls according to Commercial agreements between the companies and Vodacom
• Monitored the Network, interacted with Back offices, High level management (via reports, telephone calls, e-mails etc)
• Created IVR voice recordings and alerts


media exposure

Our Beautiful Country, SABC 1 | 2007

Cartoonist for the show

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