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Donnette Davis-Fry


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Donnette Davis-Fry

Donnette Davis-Fry

Nickname: 'Donnette'

Civil, Criminal Law & Arbitration, Reporting & SM

Currently resides in: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Born 31-12-1964 in Johannesburg South Africa

Administration is probably my strongest asset, and passion my driving force!

One of my other hats is that of sub-contracting to Department of Justice, primarily in criminal law, but also involved in Arbitration and civil matters. Legal transcriptionist, proofreader and administrator with SA's official Court Contractor, District Court, Regional Court and High Court as well as Sepreme Court of Appeal.

Prior to going into the legal field I was in property acquisition & development, involving a multi-million rand Parent Company with 70 companies under its umbrella. Self-taught accountancy, human & public relations & marketing within that sphere have held me in good stead with my changeover in careers. I have always been self-employed and so have had to learn the ropes from scratch and develop my own workable systems. From that it was a natural progression into developing systems or "trouble-shooting" for independent organizations who needed "rearranging".

Currently I maintain and host my own websites and blogs, providing marketing services and publicity for a few authors or webmasters whose works are really exceptional. I also author, publish and market educational and homeschool books and resources.

I have recently married Craig, and have incorporated his passion for professional sports into my social media activities, developing a close relationship with both athletes and their sponsors.

My goals and ambitions are simply to be the best I can at all I do and to give back where and as often as I can.

Contact details

M: 027-81 2701747

Web presence

Business Address

3 Carter Drive, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 3201

Professional Portfolios

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Author or Parenting Manuals and Childhood Learning...

in Author of Educational Material

Photography for imprint on Saleable Items Through...

in Author of Educational Material

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Director | Marketing and Communications | Running Matters South Africa
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | May 2013 - present

Sport and Recreation

Public Relations, marketing, promotion, social media integration, research, trends, VPA to Managing Director. Heading up Communications, Marketing, Digital Integration and Social Media.

Social Media Marketing | Marketing | Maritzburg Marathon
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | April 2013 - present

Sport and Recreation

General Marketing, Social Media integration, Photography and videography @InfoPMB42 on Twitter

Social Media Marketing, PRO | PRO | 100 Capital Classic
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | April 2013 - present

Social Development and Community Services

Social Media integration, marketing, public relations.

PR and Marketing | PR/Marketing | Craig Fry Management
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 2010 - present

Sport and Recreation

PR, marketing and social media for elite local and international athletes under this management company, and their sponsors.

Self | Donnette E Davis SMMC
2008 - present

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Social Media Marketing integration, coaching, setup and maintenance of Social Media Sites on behalf of corporates, organisations and individuals. PR & Marketing, Online Team, for a number of authors, artists, actors.

Content Creator, Author Educational Materials | Homeschool / Education Publishing |
San Francisco, United States of America | 2007 - present

Academia, Education and Training

Dedicated to trying to make a difference in the lives of my children and hopefully education, over 2.5 million downloads/reads/readcasts, over 880 published documents/books, compiled or authored by me available for free download.

Owner | Donnette Davis On Lulu
2006 - present

Publishing, Printing and Print Media

Lulu is where my material was first self-published and although I am with a number of other publishers I continue to make use of their self-publishing facilities which are exceptional. I provide free educational material through various other independent websites in addition to this.

Owner | St Aiden's Homeschool
2006 - present

Academia, Education and Training

This started off primarily as an educational website providing free teacher/learner resources for homeschooling families. The site has grown to include adult education, health, careers, college information, African Studies, WAHM and full free curriculum links and resources on almost any subject. I have recently acquired another website focused on Early Childhood Development which has become a focus area of mine.

Director / Shareholder | Senior Management | Davis Alexander Property Holdings cc
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 1985 - present

Property and Real Estate

Management of company portfolio, accounts, procurement of leases, contracts, tenants, refurbishments, upgrades, property acquisition.

Portfolio Head, Social Media and Marketing | Communications | Mandela Marathon
South Africa | 24 - present

Social media setup, integration and implementation. PRO, marketing, media briefing, compilation of press releases. Statistics, reports, photography, videography.

Previous Position(s)

Director | Marketing and Social Media | The Global Book Agency
New York, United States of America | 2009 - 2010

Publishing, Printing and Print Media

Social Media coaching, marketing and Integration

Social Media & Marketing Specialist | Global Book Agency / Strategic Book Publishing
2009 - 2009

Publishing, Printing and Print Media

My focus here is to work with Authors and Artists who do not have time or energy *smile* to set up social profiles and market themselves or their product. I will set my clients up on any number of relevant Social Media and Business Networking Sites and connect them with like-minded individuals, goups, and interlink all sites. I will undertake SMM coaching and training if required, or merely just recommend and set up basic profiles on any requested or recommended number of SM sites, between 10 and 100 :)

Very hands-on position. My success with my client and his or her SM profiles and marketing is dependent on my close interaction with them. So far so good :)

Owner | Research and Development | Child Development Spot
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 2008 - 2009

Academia, Education and Training

This is a site I recently acquired after commissioning a top internet name to format and set the site up. Although it is optimised and sees a fair amount of traffic the site has been developed in such a way as to enable me to expand further as I research on Early Childhood Development. This is an exciting project that also forms the basis of some of the more recent books I have published.

Legal Administration, Transcription and Recordings | High Court, Regional Court | Sneller Recordings PTY Ltd
KwaZulu Natal | 2001

Law Practice and Legal Services

I rejoined this Nationwide organization at the beginning of 2012 after a 5 year absence, while I focused on homeschooling my children, writing books and setting up the websites and blogs. While I will always have the passion and drive for writing and publishing, and ensure that my social media does not take a back seat, the callback from the CEO of this company to this line of work was irresistible, given our current economic and social climate in South Africa.

Owner | Donnette E Davis
1995 - 2007

Law Practice and Legal Services

This position was primarily Legal Admin Contracting Services to various NGO's and Government Departments such as Department of Justice, Insurance Companies, firms of Attorneys, systems managements, transcription services, appeals and reviews on criminal & civil legal cases, also involved working closely with Hansard (S A Parliament). I acquired inter alia - as was necessary - a knowledge of the Criminal Procedure Act of South Africa and Civil Practice in the lower & higher courts. This business ceased to operate prior to my relocating from South Africa in order for me to focus on Education in South Africa.

Director / Shareholder | Managing Member | Mask Tracing Agency and Investigations CC
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 1990 - 1995

Law Practice and Legal Services

Financial investigations, liquidations, tracing of debtors, asset investigations. Executing warrants of arrest, and detention, working directly with law enforcement.
Staff of +- 20

Director / Shareholder | Property Acquisition and Maintenance, Accounts | Farnham Properties
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 1989 - 1995

Property and Real Estate

Acquisition of property, procurement of tenants, collection of rentals. Property negotiation.

Manager | Managing Member | Lyndon Mews Close Corporation
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa | 1987 - 1995

Property and Real Estate

Property acquisition, tenant procurement, lease negotiation.

Educational history


Girls High, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa (1981)



1977 - 1980

PG - Language

Frank Johnson

1970 - 1977



Mandela Marathon Marketing, PR, Social Media | | 100727

Social media award, PR, Marketing 2013 Mandela Marathon, including working directly with SABC, MECs, elite athletes and their managers, and re ording and updating the event prior, during and post

The Endangered Species of Africa, The Giant Eland | 2009

An activity book and training manual centered around conservation of our natural resources and saving endangered wildlife.

Scribd Hot List Award | 2008

Educational Halloween Parent/Teaching Guide and Activity Book

Scribd Hot List Award | 2008

Cameroon Student Activity Book

Scribd Hot List Award | 2008

Countries of Africa, Benin, Fact Book

Scribd Hot List Award | 2008

Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook Award


Scribd Hot List Award | 2008

Zebra Mini Fact Book, African Wildlife

Shortlist and nomination

The 5th Shorty Awards | 2012

Honoring the best in Social Media - again I did not win.

The 2nd Shorty Awards | 2009

Honoring the Best in Social Media - No, I didn't win

media exposure

All Things Jabu, South Africa | 2011

The three times consecutive winner of the world’s hardest marathon, the runner of the second fastest Comrades ever and the Jabu Sports Star of the Month, Stephen Muzhingi agreed to an exclusive interview with All Things Jabu. And here it is... website | 2011

South African based website, with insight into EVERYTHING!

Sharing thoughts and ideas on business, security and photography.

An in depth analysis of South Africa's Top Twitter Users by followers and impact/reach.

Bandwidth Blog - BWB | 2011

Top 20 Followed South Africans on Twitter

ZAGossip Website | 2013

Expose: Donnette Fry has just opened a can of worms regarding the athletics club, Bluff Meats Formula 1 Athletics Club. She was responding to an article from a Zimbabwean newspaper that seems to suggest that Stephen Muzhingi is a spent force. Donnette Fry emphasized that Stephen is and will always be considered one of the greatest long distance runners of all time.

Readers' Digest | 2007

As an outspoken advocate on homeschooling in South Africa, I was featured as an A+ parent in an interview together with my daughter, and featured in the South African edition of Reader's Digest.

Ezine Expert Author | 2008

I achieved expert author status on my research and work on education, homeschooling and parenting.

Competitive Accomplishments

PR/Social Media, Photography, Craig Fry Management | Talbot Maweni KZN Trail Running Series KZNTrailrunning | 2013

Some amazing images taken for and on behalf of Craig Fry Management, manager to Munyaradi Jari, and uploaded to various social media websites real time during this 15 km trail run in the wildlands of KZN bush, in the series of Talbot KZN Trail Running. Munya Jari again won this race, as he has each of the races in the series that he has entered since 2011. Images of participants during the races (15km and 6 km) were distributed to KZNTrailRunning, as a portion of the proceeds of this series is donated to various schools and charities in and around the PMB/KZN Midlands area.

PR/Social Media | Comrades Marathon | 2013

PRO/Social Media for Craig Fry Elite Management, and ToyotaSA Athletics Club. 2013 saw Claude Moshiywa of Craig Fry Management achieving 1st position, and Stephen Muzhingi of Craig Fry Management achieving 10th position. Photographs were distributed to inter alia Nedbank Running Club, Bonitas Running Club, Maxed Elite Athletics Club.

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Maritzburg Marathon, Pietermaritzburg | 2011

Achieving a 1st place in 21 KM and a brilliant 2nd in the full marathon, it was a great day at the invitation of Race Organizer John Hall

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Saints Thorntree Challenge | 2011

Craig's Kenyans athletes dominated both the 10 and 15 km races winning podium in both and age category.

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Pick n Pay Greater Edendale R10000 10km Race | 2011

Top performances by our athletes from South Africa and Kenya, sadly no win!

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Natal Witness Capital Climb 15km | 2012

Video of Munya Jari winning Natal Witness Capital Climb 2012, on a new course.

PR/Social Media | Natal Witness Capital Climb | 2011

Our Munya Jari achieved 2nd position.

PR/Social Media | Natal Witness Capital Climb | 2010

4th position went to our MUNYARADZI JARI

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Inaugural Gauteng Marathon | 2012

Thrilled to have our winner from Kenya, Timothy, plus another 3 in top 11, plus a Gold in the ladies.

PR/Marketing/Social Media | Inaugural Gauteng Marathon | 2012

Thrilled to have our winner from Kenya, Timothy, plus another 3 in top 11, plus a Gold in the ladies.

Athlete Manager | ING New York Marathon | 2011

I accompanied Comrades Champion, Stephen Muzhingi, to run in his first new York Marathon, in the capacity of his manager and agent. I was (independently) tasked with photographing the event and transmitting results to South Africa.

Accredited Media and VIP | Comrades Marathon | 2012

Once again I was (independently) tasked with interviewing athletes and their managers pre- and post- race, being at the start and on the finish line. Working closely with Comrades Marathon Association, my functions included social media, marketing and promotion of certain sponsors, athletes and their manager. We were accompanied by ETV's Eye Witness News throughout the race, which has been broadcast nationally.

Accredited Media | Comrades Marathon | 2011

In support of certain athletes, I was tasked with the photography, videography, social media and marketing for this event, which saw close friend, Stephen Muzhingi winning the race for the 3rd consecutive time.

Accredited Media | Maritzburg Marathon, Pietermaritzburg | 2012

As invited guests to this event, I was privileged to be in a position to interview, photograph and film the entire race, which in 2013 saw Zimbabwean Munya Jari smash the record in a time of 2.22.04

Media and Marketing Inaugural Mandela Marathon | Mandela Marathon, Pietermaritzburg | 2012

I was privileged to be a part of this historic event, that on the day gained the description of "the world's toughest marathon".

Accredited Media Two Oceans Marathon 2013 | Two Oceans Marathon 2013 | 2013

Media accreditation, photographer and videographer for Craig Fry Management, elite athletes.

Academic Achievements

Your Student News Best Website Award | 2008

An award received for an outstanding website

SA Best Award | 2007

An award I received for the homeschooling website, nominated as one of the best in South Africa

Other Achievements

1000+ reads on article I wrote about Unschooling/Homeschool on Wikihow | 2013

An email I received from Wikihow, where i am expert author/editor:

Hi Donnette,

We wanted to let you know that the article Unschool Your Child that you started on wikiHow has been read more than 1,000 times. Having your article read by so many people is a great accomplishment. Congratulations!



Comrades Marathon Association


Member of CMA

Soldiers' Angels NPO, United States

Verified Angel, 2009 - present

Volunteer led 501(3)(c) with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families

Activist, 2008 - present

The World's Petition Platform... changing the world one signature at a time...


Editor and Expert Author, 2007 - present

Writer/author for Wikihow, a website that explains in detail "how to" accomplish your goals, create activities, or write about your expert knowledge. In fact "how to" do anything. These Expert rticles are available for embedding n websites and on blogs. I am also an editor for this organization.

The Sanctuary Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Centre

Marketing, social media, promotion and fundraising, 2011 - present

With a focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of African wildlife, abandoned, injured, trapped and hunted, I use this platform to try and raise awareness (and hopefully funds) for the plight of our endangered (and other) African wildlife.

I use this platform also to inform the public about current events in and around the KZN area, where our wildlife and our environment are at risk.

Outreach Africa

Founder, 2009 - present

I focus on raising awareness (and hopefully funds) of the plight of AIDS orphans, and other socially unacceptable situations in which many African people and countries find themselves in.


Partners in Health

Volunteer, 2013 - present

Start your own online fundraising campaign in just a few clicks. Donate your birthday, wedding, or other occasion to public health, or just spread the word about the vital work done by nurses around the world.

The Animal Rescue SIte

Donor, 2009 - present

Click the links to provide vital food and care for animals in need.

The Hunger SIte

Donor, 2009 - present

Click to donate sponsors poverty-stricken communities and provides food and feeding programs.

Books for the Barrios

SOcial Media/Fundraising/Blogging, 2009 - 2010

BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc. is a not for profit California corporation run by volunteers that collect school English reading books and educational learning aids in the United States and deliver them to remote barrio public schools throughout the Philippines.

BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc. has developed an efficient organization of volunteers who turn each dollar of financial support into 100 dollars worth of educational materials placed directly into the hands of the teachers and students most in need.

Little Dresses for Africa

Donor, 2013 - present

Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit 501c3, Christian organization, which provides relief to the children of Africa.

Little Dresses for Africa

Donor, 2013 - present

Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit 501c3, Christian organization, which provides relief to the children of Africa.

Operation Gratitude

Volunteer/Donor, 2009 - 2011

Operation Gratitude annually sends 100,000+ care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind and to Veterans, First Responders, Wounded Warriors and their Care Givers.

Soldiers' Angels NPO, United States

Approved Soldiers' Angel, 2009 - present

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families

Activist, 2008 - present

Keeping abreast with developments around the world and fighting injustices, prejudice, cruelty and discrimination of all descriptions.

Care 2 - Causes

Activist, 2009 - present

My causes and interests: Animal Welfare, Womens Rights, Violence against Women, Violence against Children, Religious Tolerance, Peace & Nonviolence, hunger, Human Rights, global warming, Freedom of Expression, Endangered Species, environment, education, Civil Rights, Children's Welfare

Squidoo Charities

Fundraising, awareness and research, 2007 - present

Squidoo donates a large portion of their income to various charities. We are encouraged to support these charities, and even donate any earnings from our own web pages to official Squidoo Charities, but we are able to use this platform to raise awareness and funds for any reputable charitable organization.

Other Activities

Tribe Sports Challenges

Challenge Yourself, 2013 - present

Set daily, weekly or monthly challenges to assist with your well-being, and encourage others to do the same.

Health and Well-Being, Personal Achievements and Goals

Pushing the envelope, 2013 - present

Taking on physical and mental challenges, joining "tribes" of like-minded individuals and groups, all in the name of health, personal achievement and well-being

Content-Creation and Sharing of Valuable Information

I write, often with instruction, to provide free information and resources, 2007 - present

As a Mammoth Squid, a Squid Angel and Alumni Rocketmoms content creator, I use this platform to raise awareness for a number of causes, including child abuse and welfare, animal abuse and welfare, t share free teaching resources, to provide up to date information on events and people. My role as a Squid Angel is a privilege bestowed upon me, to enable to me to "bless" lenses written by other members of the Squidoo Community, and thus give them a "boost" in rankings. Many members of Squidoo earn their sole income from this forum, and so it is vital that we - and they - adopt a hands on approach in order to uphold the integrity of this highly Google-ranked community.

Photography and videograpahy

Amateur but enthusiastic photographer of anything and everything, 2003 - present

I use this platform to upload videos relating to our work with wildlife and the environment, and also as a platform for paying tribute to those persons or organizations that have made a difference in the lives of others.

I am very involved with the marketing and promotion of African elite athletes, and often film TV interviews, informal interviews, or videos of official races or training.

This platform is also one I use to share with my family overseas, to keep them in the loop.

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