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Dr Craig Peck


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Dr Craig Peck

Craig William

Dental Surgeon/Supervisor/Educator & Artist

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born 06-03-1972 in Cape Town South Africa

I am a professional academic with my roots in the medical, para-medical and dental sectors of the academia and experience in the manufacturing and retail sectors of commerce in South Africa. I obtained a B.Med.Sc. Degree (Medical Virology and Medical Physiology, 1994) and a B.Ch.D. Degree in Dental Surgery (1997) from Stellenbosch University, as well as several post-graduate certificates for minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures (Botox and Dermal Fillers) from the UK and RSA.

I have traveled extensively (both internationally and within my own country), being fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to practice in London for approximately 8 years, until relocating back home in 2004. Since then until 2011, I took a hiatus from clinical practice to further my knowledge and experience of business, as owner of several companies in the manufacturing and retail sectors. I maintained my clinical knowledge and stayed abreast with current thinking and trends within the medical and dental professions, by acting as Dentistry expert for the non-profit web helpline 'AllExperts Questions & Answers', where I answer patients' questions daily. This break proved vital for my personal growth and is responsible for creating an all-together more well rounded and grounded individual, capable of achieving more than I thought possible and boldly prepared to head into new and undiscovered territories. It was during this break that I discovered my talents for creating abstract art.

I am believed to be a good listener with broad shoulders to offer others support in times of need. My logical approach to issues and my inability to leave any task incomplete have created a convergent thinker within myself. I believe in the power of the human spirit and in the ability of everyone to be able to effect those changes which they feel are vital in their own lives. I believe in the power and advantage of effective compromise over unilateral decision making, especially when the livelihood of others are affected by the process. I am both spiritual and religious, believing in the importance of maintaining the universal balance. No man shall be able to receive more than he gives and this action must be done selflessly, without the expectation of reciprocation of action. I do not condone personal revenge of any kind and approach everyone with respect, integrity and dignity.

I believe in the power of education and uphold its importance in any society, because education is a truly movable asset that can never be lost, stolen or taken away. Education instills hope, create dreams, unifies and protects, ensures growth and prosperity and grounds society by setting norms and values that are based on factual realities of modern times. Education does not discriminate on any grounds and the process teaches one to complete that which one starts. Education sees the relevance of history but strives for improvement through understanding and gained knowledge of the present in order to better the future.

Contact details

O: 021 937 3000

Web presence

Business Address

Rm D4 Tygerberg Hosp - U W C Dental School, Cape Town, South Africa, 7500

Professional Portfolios

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Taking a Look at Modern Teaching & Learning Approa...

in Taking a Look at Modern Teaching & Learning Approaches, Concepts and Perceptions

Management of necrotic pulp of immature permanent...

in Publications

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Full-time Clinical Supervisor/Lecturer | Conservative/Restorative Dentistry | UWC Dental Faculty
Cape Town, South Africa | January 2017 - present

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Dental Surgeon | UWC Dental Faculty
Cape Town, South Africa | 2014 - present

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Dentistry Expert | Dentistry | AllExperts Questions & Answers
Online web help site, South Africa | August 2009 - present

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Respond daily to patients' questions about their oral health, dental treatment, expectations to treatment, billing disputes, malpractice claims and any aspect of Dentistry for which they feel better clarity.

Abstract Artist | Self-Employed
Cape Town, South Africa | 2009 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment


Previous Position(s)

Sessional Clinical Supervisor | Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics/Oral Medicine, Restorative Dentistry | UWC Dental Faculty
Cape Town, South Africa | January 2016 - December 2016

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Freelance Property Management Consultant | Graaff Estates
Cape Town, South Africa | April 2013 - September 2013

Consulting and Project Management

Owner | Picture Framing Business
Cape Town, South Africa | April 2010 - March 2012

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Business was run from a home studio.

Co-owner | Liquor Ranch Hout Bay
Cape Town, South Africa | 2006 - 2011

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Controlled all aspects of the management and functioning of this liquor store. During the last year, we bought into the 'Blue Bottle' franchise.

Co-ownder | Cascades Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa | 2004 - 2006

Manufacturing and Industrial

Started a company which manufactured garden water-features and pots from a cement/oxide mix. Controlled all aspects of the business - from finance and deliveries, to negotiations and sourcing new business. Sold as a going-concern to a large garden centre chain.

Associate Dental Surgeon | SmileCare Dental Clinic
London, United Kingdom | 1998 - 2004

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Busy family dental practice, servicing large portion of the media sector (TV and radio personalities). Mainly cosmetic dental procedures and periodontal treatments.

Assistant Dental Surgeon | West Drayton Dental Centre
London, United Kingdom | 1997 - 1998

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

General Dental Surgery and oral health promotion

Educational history


Fairmont High School, Cape Town, South Africa (1990)


Stellenboch University

Cape Town, South Africa | January 2017 - present

M.Phil in HPE - Health Professions Education

Masters Degree


Cape Town, South Africa | 2016 - 2016

Certificate - Immediate Implantology (MIMI) and Dentine-Bone Grafting course

Champions Implants and Kometa-Bio


Cape Town, South Africa | 2016 - 2016

Certificate - Dental Lasers (Waterlase and Epic)

Sci-Vision (hands-on course)


Cape Town, South Africa | 2016 - 2016

Certificate - Short Dental Implants

Bicon (hands-on workshop)

University of the Western Cape (RSA)

Cape Town, South Africa | 2015 - 2015

Certificate - Forensic Dentistry, Victim Identification and Facial Reconstruction

Prof V Phillips (hands-on workshop)


Cape Town, South Africa | 2011 - 2011

Cosmetic Dermatology - Dermal Fillers

Held by Dr Alek Nikolic


Cape Town, South Africa | 2011 - 2011

Cosmetic dermatology - Botox

Held by Dr Alek Nikolic


London, United Kingdom | 2001 - 2001

CPR and CPR-Advanced courses - Healthcare



London, United Kingdom | 2000 - 2000

Post-graduate certificate/workshop - Botox

Clinical post-graduate hand-on workshop for Botox application

Stellenbosch University

Cape Town, South Africa | 1991 - 1994

Bachelors Degree of Medical Science (B.Med.Sc.) - Medical Virology and Medical Physiology

4-year Honours Degree, focusing on research and principles of medical science that govern research-based critique. Passed Physiology with distinction

Stelenbosch University

Cape Town, South Africa | 1991 - 1997

Bachelors Degree of Dental Surgery (B.Ch.D.) - Dental Surgery

5 1/2 year Degree.



Dean's List (Stell. Univ.) | 1994

For academic achievement

Oral Pathology Certificate | 1997

For highest achievement in Oral Pthology

Oral Medicine Certificate | 1997

Highest achievement in Oral Medicine

Dental Materials Certificate | 1997

Highest achievement in Dental Materials

Periodontal Assoc. of South Africa's Medal | 1997

Highest achievement in Periodontology and Oral Medicine

3M Trophy | 1997

For highest achievement in Radiology

South African Dental Assoc.'s Gold Medal | 1997

For highest achievement across all 5 1/2 years of the B.Ch.D. Degree

Shortlist and nomination

University Class Representative | 1993

University Class Representative | 1992

University Class Representative | 1991

media exposure

A Walk into abstraction Vol 4 | 2011

Art works published in book of same name by Sue St John.

Academic Achievements

Certification (Stellenbosch University) | 1997

For highest achievement in Oral Pathology

Medal: Periodontal Assoc. of South Africa | 1997

Highest achievement for subject Periodontology

3M Trophy | 1997

Highest achievement for subject Radiology

Certification (Stellenbosch University) | 1997

Highest achievement for subject Oral Medicine

Certification (Stellenbosch University) | 1997

Highest achievement for subject Dental Materials

DASA Gold Medal | 1997

For highest achievement across all 6 years of my Bachelors Degree of dental Surgery

Dean's List | 1993

Made the Dean's List for academic achievement

Other Achievements

Art work published in "A Walk into Abstraction, Vol 4" | 2012

by Sue St John

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery Representation | 2011

Invited to exhibit my art and have the gallery represent me.



EC Dental Science Journal

Editorial Board Member, 2016 - present


Registered Member, 1997 - present

Dental Practitioner

Dental Phobia Forum

Member, February 2010 - present

World Dental Hygiene Forum

Member, April 2013 - present


Member, April 2013 - present

Dentist Network

Member, April 2013 - present


Member, 2011 - present

Elite Abstract Art

member, 2010 - present

Art World

member, 2010 - present

Professional Speakers, Writers and Consultants in Dentistry

member, 2011 - present

“AllExperts Questions & Answers” (web helpline)

Dental Expert, 2009 - present

AADR: American Association for Dental Research

member, 2011 - present

ADEA: American Dental Education Association

member, 2011 - present

Academy of General Dentistry

member, 2011 - present

UK Aesthetics Group

member, 2011 - present


member, 2011 - present

World Dental Federation

member, 2011 - present

British Dental Assoc.

Registered Member, 1997 - 2004

Dental Practitioner


member, 2011 - present

Aesthetics & Beauty

member, 2011 - present

ARC - Aesthetic Professionals

member, 2011 - present

IAPAM - International Ass. for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine

member, 2011 - present


'AllExperts Questions& Answers'

Dental Expert, 2009 - present

Non-profit, web helpline for patients with dentally-related quesions and problems.

Hout Bay Business Development Forum

Member, 2006 - 2010

Focussing on the growth and development the of Hout Bay business sector - for local inhabitants and for the international market.

Mobile Dental Unit, UK

Dental Surgeon, 1997 - 1998

Started a mobilre dental service for frail, aged, immobile and incapacitated patients who required dental care.

Other Activities


External Examiner/Moderator, 2017 - present

For Dental Assistant's Diploma course

EC Dental Science Journal

Editorial Board Member, 2016 - present

Peckasso Art

Abstract Artist, 2009 - present

Self-taught abstract artist, focussing on multi-medium and textured art.



"I appreciate your time and attention to my question. Two other dentists here were 'unable to answer' my question.....thanks!" - 2013


"Thank you so much for being so nice. I must say you are so knowledgeable and so polite." - 2013


"Dear Dr Peck, Thank you so very very much for your wonderful, caring reply - and very fast response. The news is also so reassuring. I very much appreciate your willingness to give your time to this wonderful service. Many many thanks again and best wishes." - 2013


"Hi Craig, Thank you so much for your very kind email. It is very reassuring. And thank you again, so much, for your all the great amount of advice and support you have given over the last month! " - 2013


"Thank you. I received several answers from the DDS's I wrote to directly, but yours was the most helpful reply that I received." - 2013


"Thank you, Dr Peck, for your great advice. I rated you ten (10) in all categories because that is how I have "seen" you to be, a true expert! Thanks again." - 2009


"All I can say is this doctor is one of the most well informed about dental issues and so kind and spiritual which is so needed for the doctors here in the USA! If he lived near me I would dump my dentist for him!!" - 2009


"I have never had a doctor say it like it is and with so much passion, pity that there is only one of him. THANKS DOC" - 2011


"I appreciate his honest, professionalism and advice he has given me. Highly recommend his honest expert opinion..." - 2010


"Dr Peck was genuinely concerned about answering my questions with not only expertise but also humanity. He was very heartfelt and knowledgeable. Thank you so much Dr Peck!" - 2010


"Thank you, Dr Peck. An extremely kind and comprehensive answer! I wish you were my dentist! Thank you very much!" - 2011


"I'm amazed and delighted by the depth and conscientiousness that is evident in Dr Peck's response. No "boilerplate," form-letter-type prose in his finely detailed and unmistakably personalized -- though necessarily preliminary -- diagnosis. What a boon to have such expert input so readily available in an extremely timely response -- and of especially unique availability without charge! I'd have to consult my thesaurus to find enough superlatives to describe this site and Dr Peck in particular. Bottom Line: WOW!" - 2011


"I can't speak highly enough for Dr Peck, whose expertise, conscientiousness, and good will are unparalleled. Five Stars!" - 2011


"Dr Peck is the best. I always look forward to his answers. People that do have him as their doctor should be very thankful." - 2012


"You are so wondrously thorough! I don't think I have had the pleasure of knowing a doc that cares so much without sounding soapbox preaching" - 2010


"I can't speak highly enough of Craig Peck, whose "bedside manner" and consummate professionalism have resulted in, not only an astounding amount of valuable guidance and education, but also such a delightful level of amicability that I now consider him a valued friend. You will receive no boilerplate responses from this specialist; his feedback and recommendations are as close as possible to actually sitting with him in his office, though he's always first to admit that his professional input is always absent the crucial element of his being able to do a hands-on examination of the problem area. In short, I was quite sceptical about the possible benefit of seeking long-distance advice regarding a moderately serious periodontal malady; and I've been truly blown away by the quality of his responses, which in my experience have been far superior to any input I've received from any other specialist, face-to-face. " - 2011


"I am totally amazed at the wonderful, thoughtful answer I received. I have never gotten such a thorough and thought out answer from any doctor - ever. I can't believe this service is free and I can't believe how quickly I got a response. I am overwhelmed and this exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Thank you very, very much." - 2011


"Thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant answer. You have answered all my concerns and questions perfectly. ...Thank you for your time and expertise you put into helping people here, you are absolutely wonderful. We need more people like you in the world" - 2011


"Most impressed with the clarity, detail and honesty in the answer. Thank you so much. " - 2011


"Having had the unfortunate opportunity to seek Craig's sage counsel several times recently because of oral problems, I can report without reservation that this dear man is the archetypal Expert. His depth of wisdom, understanding, compassion, and conscientiousness unceasingly outdoes itself; and I am absolutely certain that anyone else who is lucky enough to choose him for medical feedback will feel the same as I. Bravo!" - 2010


"The Best! I couldn’t recommend him more highly!" - 2010


"All I can say is WOW to your response! It was phenomenal! I think I learned more from your response than I have from my own dentist! My dentist never mentioned ANY of those issues to me, what causes the pain, and what procedures would be needed to fix it, outside of a root canal. Too bad you aren't my dentist! I really appreciate your prompt and lengthy feedback as it gave me much needed insight as to what is going on with my teeth! Kudos to you and your dental practice!" - 2011

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