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Duncan Moeketse


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Philanthropist (Silver)
Associate (Silver)
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2013
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2014
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2015

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Duncan Moeketse

Duncan Japhta Khothatso

Nickname: 'Taste'

Aspiring Social Entrepreneur & Philantropist

Currently resides in: Free State, South Africa

Born in Trompsburg South Africa

Duncan, an aspiring social entrepreneur and a philanthropist, is social activist who strongly believes in the strength within every individual to make a difference in the lives of others. He has done some coursework in public health and community development practise and his passion for sustainable development has seen him to be an inspiration for change and he continues to strive for social justice and to promote social entrepreneurship and philanthropic initiatives throughout South Africa and the world.

Duncan is a member of numerous local and an international organizations and networks amongst others, Youth Leadership Working Group, the co-chair of Y+ Leadership (GNP+), he is the member of the the International Young Professionals Network, Global Youth Coalition of HIV/AIDS (GYCA), City Year Alumni and he is the Founding Director of Global Developmental Corps (GDC) and Global Sefika Setsoto. He has actively participated in a number of international civil society activities and events including the World Youth Foundation, World Trade Organization’s Ministerial, Oxfam International Youth Parliament, ICASA and City Year Cyzygy.

He shares extensive experience on Reproductive & Sexual Health, Human Rights, HIV/AIDS and youth programming, strong personal experience with HIV/AIDS, in-depth knowledge of HIV/AIDS in terms of treatment, care and support and other core issues and a working understanding and experience of advocacy and campaigning across many different levels (local to international).

Contact details

O: 0783495539

M: 0733093734

Web presence

Business Address

57 6th Rd, Sandton, South Africa, 2196

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Board Member | Advisory Board | GNP+
Amsterdam, Netherlands | June 2013 - present

Social Development and Community Services

Key Correspondent | Media | AIDS Alliance
United Kingdom | 2011 - present


The Alliance hosts a citizen journalism programme called Key Correspondents (KCs). The KC team is a vibrant network of more than 250 community-based writers from more than 50 countries.

Co-Director | Management | Setsoto-Sefika Global Projects
Roodepoort, South Africa | 2011 - present

Consulting and Project Management

Bound at common law by a separate and distinct fiduciary to the company. Directors owe their fiduciary to the company as corporate being in its own right and not to the members individually, not even to a member who is a majority shareholder.

Founding Director | Management | Global Development Corps
Bloemfontein, South Africa | 2005 - present

Social Development and Community Services

Determining the feasibility and implementation of short and long term organizational objectives
Formulating policies and procedures for operations
Constructing optimal organizational structure for maximum efficiency
Accountable for the overall leadership and operation of the organization, while executing on the Board’s vision and mission for the
organization. Within policies established by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director supervises the Deputy
Director and any subsequent personnel additions.

Previous Position(s)

Researcher | Health Sector Research | Smile Foundation
Hyde Park, United States of America | 2011 - November 1930

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Marketing & Fundraising Executive | Fundraising | Conquest for Life
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2007 - 2007

Social Development and Community Services

developing new and imaginative fundraising activities, often events-based
working with media outlets to promote, market and advertise forthcoming events
building and maintaining long-term fundraising relationships
organising traditional fundraising activities such as flag days and house-to-house collections of donated goods and monies
increasing funds through researching and targeting charitable trusts sympathetic to the charity
raising awareness of the charity at both local and national & international level

Advisory Board Member | Oxfam | Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS programme
Durban, South Africa | 2004 - 2005

Social Development and Community Services

Advise on organizational oversights
Organisational strategic planning
Support Oxfam activities

Youth League Branch Chairperson | African National Congress Youth League | ANC
Trompsburg, South Africa | 1999 - 2000


Public Representative of the youth league to the community
Aware of and sign all documents that set out policy or have financial implications for the group
Ensure that all member adheres to the policies of the organization
Consults and acquaints with any reports, correspondence, business etc, which is to be presented the meetings

Educational history


Trompsburg High School, Trompsburg, South Africa (2000)


University of the Witwatersrand

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2005 - 2005

Teacher Development Course - Education and Curriculum Overview

To develop the necessary skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes needed to facilitate effective learning in the classroom setting.

WITS University, Boston College, Harvard Medical School

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2001 - present

Health - Public Health

University of the Witwatersrand - Wits Business School


Community Development Practice - Community Development

Facilitate learning in the Development Practice
Monitoring budgets related to community projects
General Business Planning and entrepreneurship
Coordination of projects’ life cycle for control purposes



Certificate of Attendance: International AIDS Conference | 2012

The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic. It is a chance to assess where we are, evaluate recent scientific developments and lessons learnt, and collectively chart a course forward.

Purpose Award | City Year | 2005

Every year City Year recognises young people with the purpose to serve their communities with this award. This award is to honour those who have made an immense contribution in the lives of their fellow citizen and who demonstrates the 'purpose' to serve their people.

National Community Shaper | Daily Sun & Take 5 | 2005

The National Community Shaper is an initiative by the Daily Sun Newspaper and SABC's Take 5 sponsored by the Independent Cash 'n Carry to identify young people involved in community development and working tirelessly to make a difference in the communities.

media exposure

The Sowetan | 2009

Duncan writes about Climate Change

Die Volksblad | 2005

Duncan meets President Bill Clinton in Arkansas, United State at a convention

Die Volksblad | 2009

Duncan attends a Climate Change Conference in Korea in the lead up to Copenhangen COP17

Die Volksblad | 2004

Duncan Moeketse joins 300 young leaders from all over the world at the Oxfam International Youth Parliament in Sydney, Australia

City Year Newsroom | 2005

Duncan Moeketse delivers a speech at the first City Year graduation attended by Madame Graca Machel

Contributor | Case Study Collection: Behavioural Change Strategies | 2005

Contributed in a collection of case studies for the Behavioural Change Strategies collection outlining HIV/AIDS interventions in South Africa

Other Achievements

Activate! Leadership and Public nnovation | 2013

Activate! is a leadership and public innovation incubator that develops skills, builds opportunity and connects a network of young leaders from across South Africa over the next five years.
The Activators! attend a three-year packed programme that blends intense residential input with a range of enriching practical experiences in their communities that stretch and challenge them.
Activate! promotes public innovation through developing a network of 5,000 young leaders tackling South Africa’s toughest challenges.

Certificate of Attendance: IAC2012 | 2012

The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic. It is a chance to assess where we are, evaluate recent scientific developments and lessons learnt, and collectively chart a course forward.

Facilitated the civil society Activities at the KlimaForum | 2009

The People's Summit at the UNCCC (COP15) in Copenhagen

Completed the Project Management e-Course | 2011

The Project Management Course provides people with both the skills and resources needed to effectively plan, monitor, evaluate and manage local projects. Participants learn how to conduct a needs assessment, create a baseline, manage resources and identify long-term desired outcomes.



ICPD Youth Leadership Working Group (UNFPA)

Member, March 2013 - present

Youth advocacy Group of the UNFPA

International AIDS Society

Member, July 2012 - present

The International AIDS Society is the world’s leading independent association of HIV professionals.

We connect. By convening the world’s foremost international conferences on HIV and AIDS and specialized meetings, we provide critical platforms for presenting new research, promoting dialogue and building consensus to advance the global fight against HIV.

We promote. By promoting dialogue, education and networking, and providing access to best practice, professional development and skills building, we help build capacity and close gaps in knowledge and expertise at every level of the HIV response.

We mobilize. By advocating for the right to an evidence-based response to HIV and for a concerted research effort to build that evidence base, we contribute to continuous improvement of the global response to HIV.

Oxfam International Youth Partnerships

Action Partner, 2004 - 2006

Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) is a global network of young people, aged 18-25, known as Action Partners, working with their communities to create positive, equitable and sustainable change.

Global Coalition on HIV/AIDS

Member, 2004 - present

GYCA is a youth-led global network of over 5,000 young leaders and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AIDS in over 170 countries world-wide. GYCA's mission is to empower young leaders with the skills, knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to scale up HIV/AIDS interventions amongst their peers

International Young Professionals Foundation

Member, 2004 - present

IYPS is a global community of Young Professionals creating a better world for current and future generations through local and global action. Our mission is informing, inspiring and equipping young professionals as sustainability practitioners and social change agents.

Young Professionals are people in developing and developed countries with a professional attitude and a capacity through their skills, knowledge and emerging careers, to effect positive global change.

City Year Alumni

Alumni Member, 2006 - present

City Year Alumni are leaders all across the globe. We are social entrepreneurs, non-profit and for-profit leaders, and community activists. While we pursue many different career paths, we are united in our passion for social change


Global Fund Communities Delegation

Communities Delegation Member, 2012 - present

The Communities Living with HIV, Tuberculosis and affected by Malaria Delegation of the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, is a group of forty individuals living with HIV, TB and affected by malaria from every region in the world.
The Communities Delegation works closely on policy and advocacy at Committee and Board levels, and is committed to being accountable to the constituencies that it represents. The work of the Communities Delegation is coordinated by a leadership comprising of the Board Member, Alternate Board Member, and Communications Focal Point; who formally represent the Delegation to the Global Fund Board.

ActionAid International ACTIVISTA

ACTIVISTA, 2012 - present

Activista is a global youth movement. We create large events, music festivals, global campaigns and capacity build youth to be spokespeople for a HungerFREE world. By acting together we can end poverty. Presently, Activista takes part in ActionAid’s global campaign for a HungerFREE world.

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV

Member, 2010 - present

The MSMGF is a coalition of advocates working to ensure an effective response to HIV among MSM. Our coalition includes a wide range of people, including HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men directly affected by the HIV epidemic, and other experts in health, human rights, research, and policy work. What we share is our willingness to step forward and act to address the lack of HIV responses targeted to MSM, end AIDS, and promote health and rights for all. We also share a particular concern for the health and rights of gay men/MSM.

To advocate for equitable access to effective HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support services for gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), including gay men and MSM living with HIV, while promoting their health and human rights worldwide.

Taking It Global

Member, 2004 - present is the social network that connects you to the global issues that affect us all.

City Year

Service Leader, 2005 - 2005

National Youth Service Program

Other Activities

Oxfam Internation Yout Parliament (now Partnerships)

Action Partner, 2004 - 2004

OIYP program is a global network of young people who share a vision of a just world and are committed to working for peaceful, equitable and sustainable social change within their communities.

Every three years, the program introduces another 300 young men and women, aged 18-25, from around the world to the OIYP network. Since the program began in 2000, OIYP has worked with over 1150 young people, known as Action Partners, from 98 countries.

Throughout the three year cycle, the OIYP program focus’ on building skills and knowledge, supporting action and facilitating networking. In addition to networks amongst Action Partners, members of OIYP are given opportunities to network and form partnerships with many other organisations and communities around the world to support them in their work.
The first year of the OIYP cycle introduces selected members to the network and focus’ on supporting Action Partners to identify the support they need and the strengths they bring to realise their plans to contribute to positive change in their communities and regions.
New members of the OIYP network are invited to come together at an 8 day forum to launch this first year of the OIYP cycle. This event is called Kaleidoscope, meaning ‘a complex pattern of continuously changing sequence of bright and interesting visions’.

During Kaleidoscope, 300 Action Partners live, learn and work together to deepen relationships, share values and enhance mutual understanding across economic, cultural, thematic and geographic boundaries. Formal and informal workshops and discussions bring about ideas for creating positive futures in communities.

The second and third year of the OIYP program are focused on learning and action support. These include E Workshops (online forums), Grants Program, Face to Face Workshops, program support, skill shares, cultural exchanges and more.
Throughout the 3 years Action Partners continue to support, challenge and inspire one another in the implementation of their vision of change through face to face, online and other initiatives driven by the members themselves, and supported by Oxfam.

Diplomacy Training Program

Learner, 2005 - 2005

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) is an independent NGO which seeks to advance human rights and empower civil society in the Asia Pacific region through quality education and training, and the building of skills and capacity in non-governmental organisations and for individual human rights defenders and community advocates.

The DTP was founded in 1989 by HE José Ramos-Horta, 1996 Nobel Peace Laureate and current President of Timor-Leste, and Emeritus Professor Garth Nettheim. Since January 1990, the DTP has conducted an 'Annual Regional Human Rights and Peoples’ Diplomacy Training Program'. This three week program has been hosted in Australia, Timor Leste, Thailand, the Philippines, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Nepal and New Zealand. Since 2003, the Diplomacy Training Program has also conducted shorter, specialised, thematic training programs in Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Fiji. DTP also occasionally conducts specialised programs in response to a particular issue or to assist a specific community, in addition to occasional country-specific training when requested.

Project Management e-Course

Student, 2011 - 2011

Project Management course offered by GYCA, New York.

Participants are selected based on their experience in HIV/AIDS, their commitment to transfer skills gained to local peers, geographic location and gender. Each course emphasizes proficiency in monitoring and evaluation methods, and is designed to provide youth with skills, knowledge and the opportunity to discuss their work with their peers.

Participants complete the course with a final project plan, grant proposal, or advocacy campaign they then put into practice.

International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa

Delegate, 2011 - 2011

Serve as an advocacy platform to mobilize African leaders, partners and the communities to increase ownership, commitment and support to the response.
Provide a forum for exchange of knowledge, skills and consolidation of experiences and best practices in Africa and around the globe to scale up evidence-based response on HIV/AIDS/STIs, TB and Malaria to achieve the MDGs.
Use as a forum to link and hold accountable political and national leaders, the scientific community, practitioners, communities, civil societies, the private sector and partners to scale-up and sustain the response.
Create opportunities to define priorities and set policy and program agenda to enhance mobilization and effective utilization of resources.

Choral Music

Tenor Singer, 1995 - present


Spinner, 2010 - present


City Year Graduation

""In a year, you have learned to give back value and it could have been easy to sit back and complain. You have been empowered and have empowered us.”" - 2005

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