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Eric Michot


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Eric Michot

Professional Coach, Director at The Idea Processor

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born in Strasbourg France

Performance coach and company director experienced in operational management for large organisations, specialised in personal development and peak performance for teams and individuals. Graduated from the Consciousness Coaching Academy Master Curriculum and qualified Professional Consciousness Coach (ACTP). Expert Consciousness Coach (ECC) and 6CS Coach Trainer by the Consciousness Coaching Academy and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Contact details

O: 021 448 3206

M: +27 834293294

Web presence

Business Address

28 Lytton St, Cape Town, South Africa, 7925

Professional Portfolios

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Performance Coaching for Team Programme

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Performance Coaching for Management team

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Professional details

Current Position(s)

Director | The Idea Processor
2015 - present

We provide an integrated service to clients focused on generating processes which will help unlock creative potential for groups, organisations and individuals. This service provides situation appropriate support based on real needs and linked to desired outcomes. The focus of our work is working towards tangible results that build on existing successes and strengths, leaving clients with a sense of ownership and momentum.
Services: Facilitation, Customized learning solution and Coaching.

Previous Position(s)

Operations Manager / Factory manager | Management | In2food Group (Pty) Ltd
Cape Town, South Africa | October 2010 - June 2015

Manufacturing and Industrial

General operations management duties (Planning and manufacturing national products for Woolworths SA)

Production Manager | Management | Nibbly Bits
Wellington, South Africa | February 2008 - August 2010

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

General management duties (Planning and manufacturing national products for Woolworth SA)

Educational history


Academy of Strasbourg (France) Brevet de Compagnon Professionnel, Strasbourg, France (1992)


Strasbourg, France | 1988 - 1992

Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnel - Hospitality



IMEA Awards (USA) | 2014

Rock Song Of The Year

Shortlist and nomination

IMEA Awards (USA) | 2016

Record Label of The Year

IMEA Awards (USA) | 2016

Alternative Album of the Year

IMEA Awards (USA) | 2015

Record Label Of The Year

media exposure

Rock Revolt Magazine | 2015


Four Culture | 2015


CNN | 2016

Academic Achievements

Inspiring Leadership With Emotional Inteligence | 2016

Successfully completed course on Inspiring Leadership With Emotional Intelligence.

Other Achievements

6 CS Coach Trainer | 2017

Coach trainer for soon to be consciousness coaches

Expert Consciousness Coach | 2017

Level up from Certified Consciousness Coach accreditation.




Member, 2014 - present

Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Elected Member, 2016 - present


Baha'i Faith

Chairman of Central Feast Area - Cape Town - South Africa, September 2016 - present

The Baha’i Faith is an independent world religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh in the mid-19th century in Persia, present day Iran. Baha’is are the followers of Baha'u'llah, Who they believe is the Messenger of God for today. Throughout history, God has revealed Himself to humanity through a series of divine Messengers. When these Messengers appear, they each usher in a new age of greater love, hope and progress for humanity. Their teachings guide and educate us, providing a strong basis for the advancement of society. These Messengers have included Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Bahá'u'lláh. All these religions come from the same Source and are in essence successive chapters of God's eternal revelation. Their purpose is to continually inspire, uplift and educate the entire human race.


Karon Wiercx

"I have known Eric for almost 2 years and have been lucky enough to have studied along side him as well as be coached by him individually and in a group context. Eric has the gift of really 'getting' me and my stuckness and vulnerability, and allowing my own insights to unfold naturally as a result of his powerful questioning and his non-judgmental holding of space. Eric displays exuberant enthusiasm for my achievements, no matter how small, which is heartening as a solo-entrepreneur. His professionalism and integrity are exemplary, and his manner is always compassionate. Eric's grounded energy and practical yet heart-based context setting is reflected in his practice of coaching with excellence. I can thus highly recommend Eric as a Consciousness Coach, Leadership Coach and mentor." - 2017

Jade Fedder

"Eric's drive and passion for coaching and performance shines through in all his interactions. Drawing from his years of business experience and his commitment to transformation, he facilitates a very unique coaching experience which leaves you motivated and empowered to go out and achieve your goals.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Eric and always leave with invaluable insights.
I highly recommend Eric, specifically if you're looking to improve and enhance your or your team's performance!
" - 2017

Michele Hinds

"I have observed Eric Michot in action of coaching and I am impressed with his ability to create rapport with his clients
as he easily facilitates them through the coaching protocol. His love for coaching and making a difference in another
person’s life is evident throughout the client interaction. He speaks the awareness creations from having gotten them
and integrating them in his own life so that he comes across as authentic in what he is doing. I have observed him
coaching at an expert level and sincerely recommend him for the Expert Consciousness Coach accreditation.
" - 2017

Sibylle Sharon

"I would like to thank you the most uplifting and inspiring experience of having you as my coach.
I actually cannot thank you enough for your unconditional support and non-judgement. I feel safe in our coaching space and feel that I can trust you. There is never
anything wrong, even if I arrive at my session with you in a bit of a state or a total mess. Absolutely no judgement on your side whatsoever, but rather the impeccable
and efficient facilitation of a shift in me. You are supporting me to get out of my story and to achieve the goals I want to create in my life.
My professional progress and personal growth have been mind-blowing to me since you started coaching me. I have achieved things I didn’t dare to dream of.
And I managed to let go of personal stuff, which I actually also never dared to dream of. You are truly the taxi driver who makes sure I reach my goals safely and efficiently.
I am deeply grateful and know that your clients are blessed to have you as a coach. I most certainly will recommend your services unreservedly .
" - 2016

Lianne Holt

"Your coaching has opened my world up to opportunities which I knew were there but wasn't
entirely clear on how to 'access'.
In our sessions together I gained clarity on how to take control of my life at work and at home and I have never felt as empowered and at ease and clear about my steps
forward. I wish for all my family to have the opportunity to be coached so effectively.
Thank you for helping me to see the whole and be a key player in my own life.
" - 2016

Marijke Botha

"Had no idea what to expect when we started this journey, but I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions." - 2016

Kyle Hickman

"I have truly enjoyed this experience and gained priceless life lessons from it!
Here’s to living in the isness!
" - 2017

Keke Mapena

"Thank you for waking me up! It has been a challenging and exhilarating experience. I am thrilled to witness where this journey is going to take me.
I feel so liberated and empowered to know that my success and happiness are dependent on how I choose to arrange my mind. I can influence my environment by being present and connected to what is.
" - 2016

Natasha Claassen

"How does one put in to words how grateful I am for the life strengths you have enabled me with! I will never stop asking myself "What becomes possible when...", I will live now, be present, be mindful and always speak from my truth! Acknowledge, decide, let go.......let's go!!" - 2017

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