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Erica Makings


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Erica Makings


1. For many years was actively involved in my own research programme and presented scientific papers at both local and international conferences. The outcome of one of these meetings was the establishment of a recognized threshold level of nitrous oxide pollution in operating theatres, thus decreasing the health risk of exposed personnel based on the research that I had done.
2. Following the concern about the effects of residual levels of anaesthetic gases in operating theatres on staff working in them, research was conducted over a ten year exposure period to trace concentrations of nitrous oxide and its affect on male and female fertility. This research subsequently made operating theatre personnel aware of the environmental hazards and scavenging systems were installed in operating theatres and dental surgeries.
3. Related to the above investigation into the effects of this anaesthetic agent on the intrauterine development of fetuses, further studies also included growth studies of the offspring.
4. Following this research regime it became clear that Vitamin B12 Deficiency can be induced by daily exposure to nitrous oxide. This lead to the research for my PhD. Following onto this I was invited to attend the One-Carbon-Metabolism Meeting for Experimental Biology in 1990 at Vermont Academy, Saxton’s River.
5. Invited by Dr. Jeff Lipman of the Baragwanath 50th Anniversary Committee to spearhead a symposium on humidification and its related hazards (related to Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of patients)
6. Have given seminars to pregnant women and female sports women on the following:
• special nutrient needs of women
• Vitamin B6 in treatment of pre-menstrual tension
• Diet and vitamin supplementation in female gymnasts and sportsmen and women
7. At present involved in education and a member of the Siyavula Volunteer team authoring text books for Natural Science and Life Science. These text books are freely available to all learners and educators.

Contact details

M: 0720281505

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Educator | Education | Private Practice
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2012 - present

Academia, Education and Training

Natural Science, Life Science, Physical Science Educator

Previous Position(s)

Department of Haematology - Research Scientist | University of the Witwatersrand
1986 - 1990

Academia, Education and Training

1. To complete research for PhD.
2. To participate in the Department Lecture Programme for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students whilst completing research
3. Usual administrative duties were also part of the portfolio

Department of Anaesthesia - Research Scientist | University of the Witwatersrand
1983 - 1985

Academia, Education and Training

1. Instructed, demonstrated and taught anaesthetic registrars in training, technicians and nursing staff attached to special units within the Department
2. Participation in training and teaching at all levels
3. Personnel evaluation utilized in determining personnel promotions and salary increases
4. Assisted in the preparation of the annual budget with particular reference to the Laboratory and the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Laboratory.
5. Established policies and procedures for the Laboratory and technical staff
6. Established a work schedule for the Technicians and supervised that this was adhered to as much as possible.
7. Evaluated all equipment used in research programmes and equipment in the department
8. Allocated responsibilities to subordinate technicians with supervision to ensure effective performance
9. Ensured satisfactory maintenance and security of equipment with particular attention to safety and relevant legal requirements
10. Assisted in discussions with the Academic Staff, for forward need for the Department in respect of general equipment and the integration of this within existing facilities.
11. Maintenance of expenditure records for the Laboratory
12. The provision and maintenance of records of projects and possible costs incurred by these projects
13. Responsible for the development, testing and maintenance of equipment for research and teaching purposes.
14. Advice and assistance to academic and technical staff on research and experimental methodology, the use of equipment, purchase of apparatus and equipment etc.
15. the liaison with other department and maintenance units within in the University and other bodies
16. Involved in my own Research Programme
17. Haemodynamic Monitoring of patients in theatre, post-operative units and the Surgical Intensive Care Units.

Dental Research Unit - Research Scientist | University of the Witwatersrand
1978 - 1983

Academia, Education and Training

1. Research into the effects of trace concentrations of nitrous oxide on male and female fertility and the prenatal and post-natal growth rate of their offspring. Master of Science Degree on this subject – Effect of low concentrations of nitrous oxide on developing rat fetuses.
2. Responsible for the Department’s Animal Facility (monkeys, rats and quails). Duties included the treatment of sick animals, supervision of diet and feeding. Performed all the animal anaesthetics for the operations on these animals. Care of these animals pre- and post operatively.
3. Department’s Representative on the University of the Witwatersrand Animal Users Committee
4. Assisted and supervised 26 Undergraduate Research Projects
1977 – Student awarded the Johnson and Johnson Dental School Research Grant
1982 – Students awarded the Colgate Middleton Shaw Prize for best Undergraduate Research Project and presentation at the Annual Dental Conference.

Educational history


McAuley House Convent, Johanesburg, South Africa (1976)


Accredited by :ETDP Seta,

2009 - present

SAQA Assessors Course

McAuley House School

1986 - 1990

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Biochemistry and Haematology

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Master of Science (Dentistry)



Four Young Outstanding South Africans (FOYSA) | 1998

Made the top fifteen for two consecutive years.

Van Den Burgh and Jurgens Research Award | 1988

The Nutritional Society Research Award for the best original research paper

Colgate Research Prize | 1977

Awarded for the best original research for person under the age of 35 years.

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