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Horses for Causes Charity Race Day

Posted by Vuyelwa Ntshuntshe 1880856

Start date: 11-02-2017
End date: 11-02-2017

Get to Horses for Causes Charity Race Day 2017 Family fun for a good cause The 2017 Horses for Causes Charity Race Day will be held on Saturday 11th February at Kenilworth Racecourse and is expected to be hugely popular with the public. Not only does the 2017 event promise to be bigger and better than the 2016 inaugural event, it also promises to greatly benefit the 12 participating charities by bringing awareness to their causes as well as the actual donations they will receive after the event. The Horses for Causes Charity Race Day is packed with activities for all ages and promises to be a fun-filled day the whole family can enjoy. In its second year, the Horses for Causes Charity Race Day is expected to become even more popular as its affordable, offers a day packed with entertainment and benefits a good cause. There will be eight excitement-filled horse races with spectacular entertainment programme highlighting the work of the NGOs at intervals between races. Wheelchair dancing displays, mini rugby, mini soccer, mini cricket on an inflatable field, craft activities, musical acts, a fashion show and much, much more. Treat yourself to delicious craft beers in the new craft beer tent or have a relaxing wine tasting. Corporate hospitality tables are on offer in three upmarket rooms in the Kenilworth Grandstand, so be sure to book your spots to rub shoulders with some of SA’s sporting heroes and celebrities as well as get your bids in for auction items. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact should your business wish to get involved in this great initiative or donate items to auction. Participating NGO beneficiaries: The Chaeli Campaign- JAG Foundation – Kronendal Music Academy – The Sunflower Fund – Lucky Lucy Foundation – JP21 Project – Sporting Chance- Cart Horse Protection Association - Thrive Hout Bay – Santa Shoebox Project- SA Jockey Academy – The Western Cape Grooms School Trust Tying in with the month of love, the theme for the day will be Rocking Red so whip out your red clothes and accessories and get down to Kenilworth Race Course. Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @horses4causes


Visit | 021 424 5843 | Venue: Kenilworth Racecourse, Cape Town


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