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Gauteng Provincial Government

Governments have both a political arm, made up of elected officials, and an administrative arm, made up of administrators. Elected officials are responsible for making national, provincial or local policies - the laws that govern us. Administrators are career officials who have to implement these policies. As an example, a national Minister of Transport could propose in Parliament that no heavy duty trucks should be allowed drive on South Africa's roads over weekends. Parliament would debate it and put it to a vote. If the vote was in favour of the idea, it would be promulgated and become national law. Career officials in the Department of Transport would then have the job of making it work practically. None of this could happen without the involvement of every South African of voting age. Government - local, provincial and national - is made up of elected officials. Every citizen has the right to vote in a local, provincial or national election.

Gauteng Provincial Government's PEOPLE