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Hansa Pilsener

While most of the brewing world consists of ordinary lager brews, Hansa Pilsener offers styles of beer beyond the obvious. In keeping with the Hansa promise to brew beer styles beyond regular lager, Hansa Pilsener first challenged regular lager rules with the launch of South Africa's first Pilsener style beer, Hansa Pilsener, in 1975. Unlike other beers, Hansa is brewed with a key differentiator, the kiss of the Saaz hop, which serves to make the beer bracingly crisp and refreshing. In the Hansa tradition to venture beyond the ordinary, May 2007 saw the launch of a new variant, Hansa Marzen Gold. Hansa Marzen Gold is brewed with the glow of slow-roasted amber malt to impart a rich brewhouse flavour that's exceptionally drinkable.

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Hansa Pilsener

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