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Jason Drew


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Jason Drew

Let's get busy repairing the future now!

Born in London United Kingdom

Jason Drew is an international business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author.

He chairs a number of organisations including, his latest green venture.

Born in London, Jason studied at the European Business School and has lived and worked all over the world before settling in South Africa in 2004.
He has held leadership roles in a number of international businesses from General Electric to BUPA and Egg, before leading the start up of Africa's leading outsourced services provider with over 3 000 staff.

His latest green ventures and investments include waste nutrient recycling using fly larvae , urban wind energy generation and disease vector control using genetically modified mosquitos and conservation estate development.

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Professional details

Current Position(s)

The Story Of The Fly And How it Can Save The World |
2011 - present

Publishing, Printing and Print Media

The fly exists on every inhabited continent, yet few if any of us understand its importance and use. Fewer still realise how it could be at the core of a new industry. This is a fun, yet businesslike look, at an insect that most of us regard as an unwanted and disease ridden pest.

The Story of the Fly and how it could ultimately, save the world, will take you behind the pesky reputation, and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly. It investigates the insect as a pest, and how man has tried (tirelessly, often unsuccessfully) to kill it - exploring everything from how it walks on ceilings to how it survived Ice Ages, and outsmart all manner of fly swats, toxins and traps. The book also reveals how, throughout history, innovative humans - including Napoleon Bonaparte's surgeon, NASA, various forensic entomologists and the UK National Health Services - have harnessed and researched the fly to help mankind. But ultimately, it introduces the fly as a future hero that could help save the world. How? In a nutshell, by recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein on Earth. That's a story worth telling. And it’s one worth reading, too.

Launch 18th September 2012
Available from Retailers and Online from:

Amazon UK

Kalahari RSA

Shareholder | Oxitec Limited
2011 - present

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

The company now export nearly 20 million mosquitoes a month to half a dozen countries - with these and other sterile insect programmes Oxitec are targeting the (excessive) use of pesticides which kill all insects not just the target pest species.

Shareholder | Smart Carbon Controls
2011 - present

Manufacturing and Industrial

SCC deliver efficiency savings and carbon reduction through real-time building energy management. Day and night, our proven technology automatically manages energy usage and enables compliance with carbon legislation

Shareholder | RL Technologies
2011 - present

Manufacturing and Industrial

The company's unique tyre tread management solutions allow companies to safely use less tyres per 100,000KM driven. Saving money and the environment.

Shareholder | Sustain our Africa
2011 - present

This is Africa's century. Sustain Our Africa is a unique pan African initiative that is driving awareness, change and sustainable development
across the continent.

Shareholder | EWF Energy
2011 - present

Environment and Conservation

A design inspired by nature to deliver ultra efficient and lightweight turbines for our cities rooftops. Urban windfarming - helping cities power themselves.

Shareholder | Edenhof Estate
2011 - present

Environment and Conservation

A unique and integrated sustainable property development in the beautiful Tulbagh Valley in South Africa.

Shareholder | Sigma Solar Africa
2011 - present

Environment and Conservation

Sigma is leading large scale renewable power solutions for businesses in South Africa Tanzania Kenya and Ghana. Reducing large industries reliance on carbon based power generation - greening heir businesses and the continent.

Chairman | Agriprotein Group
2010 - present

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Agriprotein is leading the creation of a new industry in nutrient recycling to create sustainable sources or protein for the mono-gastric animal feed industry. This new industry will not only reduce hazardous waste from industrial farming but make currently unsustainable farming industries, such as fish farming, sustainable.

Non Executive Director | Dialogue Group Holdings
2009 - present

Consulting and Project Management

Non Executive Director

Director | Agriprotein

Environment and Conservation

AgriProtein is leading a new industry called nutrient recycling: using organic waste to create protein. This protein will supply the increasing demand for animal feed, as current sources are limited. It is a global project focused on fish and meat farming catering to the growing world population.

Director | Edenhof Conservation Estate
Tulbagh, South Africa


The Edenhof Conservation Estate is a remarkable property investment opportunity, nestled in one of South Africa’s most beautiful and historic valleys.

This one thousand hectare Conservation Estate, under the permanent stewardship of Cape Nature, comprises just 50 development stands, each with magnificent, panoramic views over the Estate.

Located within easy range of all amenities, residents will enjoy the benefits of secure country living without compromising on privacy, security and convenience.

Motivational Business Speaker | London Speaker Bureau

Environment and Conservation

Creativity Strategy
The business of the environment
Repairing the future

Author | The Protein Crunch

Environment and Conservation

As resource depletion and environmental destruction drive food prices ever higher - can science come to the rescue or will we revert to our traditional approach and fight over our remaining resources?

We wasted billions regulating the financial markets that gave us the credit crunch. Yet we spend practically nothing on planning, regulating and caring for the Earth on which we all depend.

The rich have already consumed the water of the thirsty, eaten the food of the hungry and burned the fuel of the cold. The poor as usual will suffer most - do they really deserve the protein crunch?

Do we have time to repair the future? Read this book and find out

Previous Position(s)

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2003 - 2010

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Leading the start up of the company to a listing on the JSE a business with over 3,000 staff in five countries in Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2003 - 2010

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Leading the start up of the company to a listing on the JSE a business with over 3,000 staff in five countries in Africa

CEO | Dialogue Group
2003 - 2010

ICT and Telecommunications

Took this start up business from a small contact centre and outsourcing start up business with 40 staff in January 2003 ,focussing on the South African marketplace to a mid sized and fast expanding international contact centre services group with over 3700 staff and operations in four countries in Africa.

Managing Director UK, Main Board Director France | Zebank (Now Egg Group Plc)
2000 - 2003

Accounting, Banking and Finance

MD of Zebank in the UK before joining the French operation. Took a number of operational roles in France during its rapid expansion from a strat up to a fully fledged banking and broking operation from and its eventual sale to Egg Group Plc.

General Manger Corporate Consulting | BUPA
1986 - 2000

Accounting, Banking and Finance

General Manager of Corporate Consulting - led the turnaround of the corporate and then led the borker introduced book of busiess for BUPA, with a turnover of circa 400 Million GBP

Educational history


European Business School (EBS) - London

1984 - 1988

Bachelor of Science - European Business Administration


media exposure

The Sun UK | 2011

“Fascinating links between seemingly unconnected things” - The Sun

Getaway Magazine | 2011

If ever there was a book that smacks you into global awareness or drives you into denial, this is it.



Val de Vie Polo Club

Member , 2010 - present

Cape Town Club

Member, 2006 - present

Other Activities

Polo (equestrian)

player, 2008 - present

I play polo at home in Tulbagh and at Val de Vie



"Have just finished “The Protein Crunch” – and much enjoyed it!

It provides an excellent summary of all those systemic linkages regarding food, energy, water, land use and population, with plenty of pointers as to how to change course even at this very late stage. I can only hope that it will “seriously affect the way people see our world”!

Good to see the Earth Charter highlighted as one of those core processes to which we should now be turning for guidance.
" - 2011

Sue Grant – Marshall, Radio Today

"“Jason Drew is a Renaissance Man…deeply knowledgeable - and passionate about saving our world” " - 2011

Leadership Magazine

"“One of our most inspiring green leaders” - Leadership Magazine" - 2011

Dr E Lazlo - Founder of the Budapest Club

" The Protein Crunch is extremely timely and important, and it is also clear and convincing. It should be read by everyone who is concerned about the sustainability of the situation we have created on this small planet.
" - 2011

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