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Joyce Mwangi Nauyoma


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Joyce Mwangi Nauyoma

National Project Coordinator, at NCCI

Currently resides in: Khomas, Namibia

Born in Kenya

I have over 20 years of experience in Trade marketing activities, project coordination, process and system development, product development, as well as consumer market identification and development. I have an analytical mind, and identify opportunities and resources for development, as well as put in place processes and systems within which these resources could become economically sustainable.

Contact details

M: +264855934647

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Project Coordinator, Women Desk & Special Projects | Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2012 - present

-Development and promotion of women entrepreneurs.
-Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development, systems of operations, developing of new consumer markets
Advising new businesses on formation of business structures, drafting business plans and structuring commercial systems of operations
Generating new development ideas for the chamber. Harnessing opportunities and resources within regions, capitalising on these resources to develop projects with magnitude benefits to the communities, and ensuring high stakeholders participation. ( ensuring that the projects have a high ROI).

National Project Coordinator | Women Desk and Special Projects | Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Windhoek, Namibia | October 2012 - present

Social Development and Community Services

Develop the Women Desk, and Special Project, as a new help desk, within the NCCI with an initial aim of promoting women entrepreneurs in Namibia.
Identification of idle resources in the regions, with value addition opportunities with an aim of mobilization of resources, to create a critical mass for the development of a foundation of industry development. This includes and is not limited to: Agro Processing Business management and development training needs, changing subsistence production to cash production.
Involvement in the transformational change at the Chamber, with an aim of corporate brand repositioning: Internal Process formulation, development, testing & implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
People and enterprise development, from subsistence to commercial production, formulation of the infrastructure and foundation thereof, to support the growth of infant industries
Development and formulation of a dual system of business training, that incorporates vocational or industry specific training: includes development of training outlines, material, processes, logistics, facilitations, monitoring, evaluation processes.
Formulation and development, facilitation of a mentorship and coaching program
Product developments, trade marketing activities & stimulation of consumer markets
Fund raining activities, and Budget management
Contract and trade relations negotiation
Negotiation of terms of reference, and terms of contracts
Capacity Building and Training Facilitation,

Previous Position(s)

Training and Development Manager | Training and Skills Development | Independent Consultant (Self Employed)
Windhoek, Namibia | January 2006 - September 2012

Academia, Education and Training

Developed training materials and facilitated training for several government ministries including: Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the President.
Participated as a consultant project coordinator in a program that seeks to improve Maternal and child health, in Namibia, through creation of dialogue with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The program identifies blocks and blind spots within the system and together with stakeholders assists to create delivery initiatives, and mechanisms. (Erongo, Hardap, and Omaheke Regions). This program is called Regional Delivery Unit.
Participated in identifying the causes of the frustrations and overflow of the Tamariskia Clinic in Swakopmund, and created a process flow of the whole function, and within their massive service deliveries mandated to the clinic.
Created and utilized rooms that were otherwise idle, using the same available resources, and together with the members of staff, proposed a training program for the nurses in order to be able to handle the workload and pressure.
Participated in a mobile Maternal and Child Clinic development for Erongo Region, and actively involved stakeholders like Sea Woks, Erongo Red, and Local Authorities among others in the process. The clinic is currently operational at DRC area in Swakopmund. This clinic reduced the pressure that was in Tamariskia clinic.
Participated in the Ambulance Committee meetings whose aim was to come up with an efficient and effective way of the day to day operations of the ambulance system in the country, as well as the Regional Development Unit meetings at Central Hospital whose aims were to come up with a delivery system.

Accounts Manager | Operations | Instore Promotions East Africa
Nairobi, Kenya | 2001 - 2002

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Strategy and development of the business.
Setting up of budgets, controls, and procedures,
Staff development, motivation and training,
Planning and budgetary controls in terms of income and expenses.
Attainment of operation targets, respect of the contracts and Accounts as well as control of payments, and Prospecting and negotiation of terms of contracts.

Trade Marketing Representative | British American Tobacco
1996 - 2001

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Educational history


Pangani Girls School, Nairobi, Kenya (1988)


University of Nairobi (UON)

Nairobi, Kenya | 1989 - 1992

Bachelor of Arts Degree - Economics and Sociology

Macro and Micro Economics, Economic theory,
African Economic problems,
Agricultural Economics, Economic Development,
Economics mathematics and statistics.
Rural Sociology,
human growth and development,
Sociology of family and child welfare,
sociology of work and industry.

University of Nairobi

1989 - 1993

Double major; agri economics, micro and macro economcics & sociology of child and family welfare


Other Achievements

developed the women desk, within one year and it has now become one of the Chamber's Services to the public | 2012

As part of the first activity of the Women and Special project desk, which is Business Start Up model for women entrepreneurs is promoted using best practice processes a cooperation between NCCI and Tampere Women Association in Finland
Formulated a Voluntary Steering Committee for the Women and Special projects desk and Developed their terms of reference. This committee includes three senior Directors of line ministries, like Ministry of Gender Equality, and Child Welfare, Ministry of Trade and Industry, as well as Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, CEO of Namdeb, Tampere Women Association, Embassy of Finland, among others, and meets on a quarterly basis to ensure that the women desk is in line with its objectives and to ensure active stakeholder participations on the day to day operations.
Active participation in the suggestions, deliberations and possible review of the document of the Enterprise development policy and Act of 1997, with Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Cooperative policy of 1992,and Act of 1997, with Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.
Currently kick starting the work program for the Enterprise Development Committee, a standing committee within the Chamber, and duties include, and are not limited to: Formulation of Terms of reference, agendas, and driving issue based decisions that will change the face of enterprise development in Namibia, as well as women participation in business.
Have managed to have stakeholders’ participation in the day to day operations of the women and special projects desk. This includes meetings, to deliberate on issues on the ground, funding activities and creation of program ownership.
Completed a study on changing the face of enterprise capacity building program, and this has been accepted as the way forward in this sector. This program study outlines the current challenges that small business face, in the context of current changes in the environment, proposes a change in the current training program to include a dual system that trains in business, industry specific skills development, coaching and mentorship, product research and development, consumer market identification, financial resources identification, accesses progress with time.
Completed several commercial proposals on rural resource mobilization and value addition, with an aim of creating a sound and sustainable infant industries development in Namibia. Study done in Karas region and Oshana region.
Currently starting a feasibility study existing financial resources and funds for womens’entrepreneurship in order to ensure that Women specific financial support systems for entrepreneurs are built. This is the second activity on the Women Desk Agenda.
Completed registration for a masters degree program on developmental studies at University of Free State. This program is to assist develop personal capacity on the above program.

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