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Justice Malanot


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Justice Malanot

Nickname: 'Justice Radio Callsign Juliet Mike'

South African Agro Forestry Venture Capitalist

Currently resides in: Free State, South Africa

Born in Potchefstroom South Africa

Justice Malanot is a South African Silvopasture Pioneer and the worlds foremost seed owner and breeder of Treelucerne cultivars. He has pioneered Bushmail HF Email in dozens of countries in Africa, founded Wireless Internet industry, has innovated Biotech Treelucerne Terra Preta for small scale farmers, Bio-tag Animal tags and Russian Grass remote Livestock Projects.

Justice Malanot has also worked with the commercialisation of Military data technology in a design engineering environment and has put up the largest private HF antenna station in Africa comprising of no less than 19 Rhombic antennas at the RX1 Signal Center.

He has a love for breeding African Hair Sheep and fodder trees, with use of the Bushveld eco type Meatmaster sheep in various Agro Forestry Silvopasture Projects in countries such as Mozambique and Zambia. He also breeds locally adapted Russian Grass seed for summer rainfall areas, with two trademarked cultivars. The plant breeding rights are in process of being registered for these two F1 Russian Grass hybrids.

Justice Malanot is well known as a strategic innovator well ahead of his time able to synthesize commercial realities across a range of technologies and disciplines which then pioneer new Industries.

He is a outspoken opponent of racism in South African Agriculture and has shown willingness to take a moral stand against conservative opposition and to suffer public derision for his independent convictions. He has managed to have the local forum of the ultra national right-wing Israel Vision sect closed down in South Africa, and is also well known for taking on corrupt officials with strong party political links.

Independant thought runs in his veins with the staying power to pioneer new Industries and Technologies.

Justice Malanot is divorced with two sons and is a outspoken born again Christian with a strong prophetic bent, and a soft spot for orphans. Justice is a founding pioner member of the "So help me God" foundation which assist wrongly convicted people in jail.

Contact details

M: +27 823245982

Professional details

Current Position(s)

CEO | Franchise and project Partner | Russian Grass Seed
Kroonstad, South Africa | 2008 - present

Mining, Energy and Natural Resources

Large Scale Projects

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