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Kahla's is the home of handcrafted art and accessories, digital design and photography. Kahla Creates: Handmade stuffs such as fashion and decor accessories, beaded and resin jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, lariats, etc.) Pieces are uniquely handcrafted with natural and/or recycled materials. Kahla Designs: Graphic design, web and logo design, photography, painting, sketching, photo-manipulation. New avenues we are experimenting with: Bold and daring Infographic CV designs Pyrography - also known as "painting with fire." New resin techniques. Please also visit Cheryl Writes (on FB @shackledmuse) for: Freelance writing, creative writing, copy-writing, or just to keep track of our blogging endeavours, social justice awareness and geekery stuffs.

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