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Kalushi Mkhonto


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Kalushi Mkhonto

Founder and COO TMKAY Properties, Umkhonto Farming

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Polokwane South Africa

Kalushi Mkhonto is a serial entrepreneur who is the founder and COO of TMKAY Properties, Umkhonto Couriers, and uMkhonto Farming and Logistics. He is also the president of the NGO group: Knowledge of Self Project (KOSP) which he founded in 2015 aimed at empowering young black people in South Africa in an attempt to strengthen their academic, entrepreneurial, and social position in the world through innovative, practical means. He is a certified ESL educator with an extensive record and knowledge; and a former part-time trainer in Muscat, Oman.
He serves as the operations, finance, and projects manager in all three entrepreneurial start-ups and also handles the general day-to-day running of each.
He is also a speaker with an interest in agriculture, property development, logistics, and entrepreneurship at the hands of young black people as a driver of economic independence and empowerment of Africans.
In his academic sphere, he is a full-time student at UNISA, studying towards a baccalaureus in Education and he is also a Master's Degree candidate, studying with the prestigious Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University) towards a Master's in Business Administration.

Contact details

M: +96879097350

Web presence

Business Address

Bosloerie St, Midrand, South Africa, 1688

Professional Portfolios

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TMKAY Properties Phase 2 Development

in Financial Officer, and Project Manager

Financial Officer, and Project Manager

in TMKAY Properties Phase 1

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Radio Station Host | Broadcast and Operations | Grrab
Polokwane, South Africa | September 2017 - present

Broadcast Media, Multimedia and Film

Grrab! With Kalushi Mkhonto is a brand new online radio station that serves as a platform to share ideas and spark aha moments. It is a live, online streaming radio station targeting innovators, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, game changers and the driven individual. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from entrepreneurial motivation & mentorship, advice, economic affairs, financing, innovation and a platform to engage through an interactive call-in service and real-time social media response.
I'm currently responsible for the program broadcast, as well as content preparation.

Founder | Operations and Management | Umkhonto Farming and Logistics
Polokwane, South Africa | June 2016 - present

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Umkhonto Farming and Logistics is a large farm located in Limpopo which is produces a range of fresh-products ranging from cabbage, to spinach, beetroot, butternut, and sweet pepper.

I am currently responsible for general infrastructure management, financial management, as well as day-to-day operations relating to logistics and distribution.
This initiative features a very innovative and unique element which integrates technology and agribusiness in its delivery services.

Professional Speaker | Independant
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2016 - present

Academia, Education and Training

Kalushi Mkhonto is a professional speaker with a focus on business development, start-up management, economic integration, as well as career advancements moves which take more of an entrepreneurial approach.
Having speaking at several events in over 6 different countries including the UAE (Dubai), Kenya, Ethiopia, and Oman, Kalushi Mkhonto has built a credible profile on his name with several private entities and has also spoken in his capacity to university students in preparation for the work-environment and post-university reality.

Founder, COO | Operations and Finance | tMKAY Properties
Midrand, South Africa | 2015 - present

Property and Real Estate

TMKAY PROPERTIES (PTY) LTD is a construction and real estate management company established in 2015 by Kalushi Mkhonto. We pride ourselves in reliable construction, renovation, and alterations to meet any needs from home development to industrial complex construction. Our construction crew, together with its management have over 25 years of experience in construction spread between them giving you assurance that your needs are in capable hands.
I am currently responsible for the real estate management aspect which stretches across 18 properties in Gauteng and Limpopo, with four of those properties owned by myself. I oversee the general construction aspects, but my specialty lies in all aspects of real estate management, pre-construction planning, construction management, as well as project management with a unique customer-focused approach that ensures both tenants, and property owner are satisfied and happy.

President | Operations | KOSP
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2015 - present

Social Development and Community Services

The 'Knowledge Of Self Project' abbreviated as: KOSP was founded on March 2015 and aims to restore a sense of confidence among black South African youth through historical references, entrepreneurship empowerment and awareness, agricultural and social initiatives. This is done in an attempt to strengthen their academic, entrepreneurial, and social position in the world through innovative, practical means and platforms. KOSP acts as a catalyst in the assistance of the realization of black people’s true potential and awareness of the confidence in themselves;; and then, empower them with this rediscovered concept of self to establish Businesses, Commercial and Private Farms, Practical Educational Facilities and Institutions, Media Groups and Logistics- contributions to the entrepreneurial, agricultural and industrial development of Africa; realizing the concept of an independent, self-reliant, self-sustainable and dominant people. In this sphere, I serve as the organisation's president, entrepreneurship mentor, and educator on the socio-economic realities of Africa and what the youth can do to improve it.

Director of Operations | Operations | tMKAY Properties
Johannesburg, South Africa | May 2015 - present

Property and Real Estate

As founder of the start-up, I currently handle the operational functions of TMKAY Properties and this involves implementing and overseeing all financial, project, and operational functions of all property investments. Since TMKAY Properties is a start-up, I handle all aspects of the business in order to insure operational efficiency.

Previous Position(s)

Digital Marketing Consultant | MGi Modern Gulf Institute
Muscat, Oman | 2015 - 2016

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Currently designing video promotions, interacting with consumers and potential clients and marketing the services and products of the institution to the public.

Part-Time Lecturer | MGi Modern Gulf Institute
Muscat, Oman | 2014 - 2017

Academia, Education and Training

As part of my duties at Modern Gulf Institute entail devising stimulating lessons using IT, course books and my own materials, setting tests and planning course material as well as assessing and moderating tests.

Founder, Station Manager and Host | Gutech On Campus Radio
Muscat, Oman | 2014 - May 2016

Social Development and Community Services

G.O.C.R, which stands for GUtech On Campus Radio, is an on-campus, 24/7 live broadcast radio station launched on Tuesday 18 November and reports the latest news, concerning the university's academic, sport and social affiliations and as well as general news in the Oman region. It is located at the main University building (GUtech in Oman, Mabela).

Educational history


Rhodesfiled Technical High School, Kempton Park, South Africa (2013)



Pretoria, South Africa | 2015 - present

BEd - Senior & FET Phase

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh, United Kingdom | 2015 - present

Masters of Business Administration - HR & Marketing


Muscat, Oman | 2014 - 2014

CELTA - English Teaching to Adults

American TESOL Institute

Bangkok, Thailand | 2014 - 2015

Advanced Diploma (BETT) - Business English Teacher Training



Community Development (German University of Technology) | 2015

For innovative contribution to community development and research

media exposure

The Entrepreneurial Approach | 2017

A brief, informative documentary into the life of Kalushi Mkhonto that looks into the entrepreneurial approach as a viable solution to black economic inactivity. The documentary also attempts to capture Kalushi in his zone.

Sowetan | 2017

Kalushi Mkhonto was identified as an impact maker in the economy in an article about youth under 35 in business.

Alex News | 2015

Kalushi Mkhonto was interviewed on his organisation: KOSP and what its objectives and mission are.

Other Achievements

Guest Speaker at FOREST (How to motivate Young Students in Oman) | 2014



Cambridge English Teacher

Member, 2014 - present


Knowledge of Self Project

President, COO, 2015 - present

As part of fulfilling the mission and vision of KOSP as a mobilized organization, Kaushi's roles are to Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality.
• Ensure team members receive timely and appropriate training and development.
• Set objectives; establish priorities; and monitor and evaluate results.
• Upgrade and implement an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, accounting standards, and procedures.
• Liaise with the Marketing Director to plan, coordinate, and execute the annual budget
• Ensure that KOSP is adhering to the strategic plan, delivering status reports to the board.
• Provide analytical support to KOSP’s internal management team including development of internal management reporting capabilities.
• Maintain continuous lines of communication
• Evaluate and advise on the impact of long range planning, introduction of new programs/strategies and regulatory action

Other Activities


DJ, 2015 - present

DJ for South African Embassy and South African Social Groups in Oman


South African Embassy in Oman

""Your generous contribution went a long way to making this valuable project a resounding success"" - 2015

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