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Kyle Ferguson


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Kyle Ferguson

Freelance videographer, video editor, storyteller

Here's a story for you:
Once upon a time there lived a little boy. This little boy used to look out at the world and wonder, "what the hell's going on?" What the hell is going on? I don't think that little guy really found too many answers before the time he reached an age where he stopped referring to himself in the 3rd person, became a man, and thus had to start finding ways to put that wonder to work.

Crowley once wrote, "The oracle of the gods is the child-voice of love in thine own soul..."
I like that. I try never forget the way that little me looked at the world, amazed, confused, sagacious? Whatever that ruminative quality was, it's here to stay.

Anyway, I have been working as a freelance cameraman and editor for the last few years. Telling stories for me is a driving force. Having worked with artists, educators, athletic trainers, and business people to name a few, I find that it doesn't matter what project I stumble onto it's always the same thing, it's storytelling. You're taking someone's vision, someone's message, and you're working with them to tell their story as best you can. It's a beautiful, amazing thing to be able to do.

Whether I'm filming a wedding or shooting a documentary I enjoy working closely with my clients.
My rates are reasonable and I work to meet deadlines.
Come, let's tell stories together!

Web presence

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Freelance Video Producer | Architects Collective
2013 - present

Considering South Africa's past, it's history of segregation and inefficient government structures, systems that are still running to the detriment of the majority today, how can architects involve people living in developing areas in constructive conversations about the future of their neighbourhoods? This question lead to the creation of City Futures.

"City Futures" is an attempt to create an industry standard participatory process. I began by editing previously shot footage of the 2-day City Futures workshops into short methodology videos for Architects Collective, the firm challenged with handling the media side of this project. But was soon brought on to take over the videoing side of things as well.

The workshops took place in 5 neighbourhoods; 3 in Johannesburg, 1 in Cape Town and 1 in Port Elizabeth. More information and links to the videos can be found at their website

I am currently working on a 30-min documentary of the overall City Futures project. Aiming for completion by the end of March 2015 this documentary will then go onto screen at several architecture conferences.

Video and Editing - Back to the Verse | Em.Khi Media
2013 - present

A friend of mine, a poet, had the great idea of putting together a platform for poets to showcase their work. We came up with Back to the Verse.

Check out our youtube channel for more:

Previous Position(s)

Video and Editing | Luckie Entertainment now LuckyRadio
2014 - 2014

Last year Luckie Entertainment came into being. I hosted a show on their online streaming platform called The AltRead. I have subsequently moved on and they are now LuckyRadio. Some of my fondest memories and experiences from last year. What a great learning experience.

I also documented a few events for them.

Here is a link to the Avril Elizabeth Family Fun day they hosted in 2014.

Videographer | University of the Witwatersrand
2014 - 2014

The theme was:
"Texts, Modes and Repertoires of Living In and Beyond the Shadows of Apartheid"

I documented the conference and edited it into a 10-min video still to be put up online.

Video and editing | Homemade Installations
2014 - 2014

Homemade Installations and Back to the Verse are collaborating on a series of videos that aim to explore poets' thought processes as well as showcase some of their work.

More interviews and performances to come.

Freelance Video Editor | OPEN Architecture
2014 - 2014

OPEN Architecture is an online based architect school.
I edited together this short video that explains how the online campus works.

Videographer | ASP Sports Science
2013 - 2013

I shot and edited a promo video for ASP's Speed Holiday Clinic in 2013.
This clinic aimed to improve young people's agility, speed and their understanding of their potential.

Junior Assistant Writer | Freelance
2012 - 2012

Transcribing and some voice-over writing for "It's My Biz" on ETV.

Online research for various small publications

Camera work and sound | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
2012 - 2012

A two week shoot with a very small group of young filmmakers working on a documentary titled "Gran Horizonte". The film which is currently in the editing phase looks at how informal settlements, conventionally seen as hindrances and water-marks for poverty, are in fact informing a more modern inclusive approach to architecture. In other words, there is this idea that people know how to build their own homes. They just need the infrastructure to hold it all together. The filmmaker's travelled to Caracas, Bangkok, Hong Kong, India, South Africa and several other places, to the slums and townships of the world, in order to find proof of people's ability to survive and thrive within the "fringes" of urban environments, and how this must be considered by the global architectural community.

Freelance Video Producer | Keleketla! Library
2011 - 2012

I have shot and edited several of Keleketla! Libraries events. Inspired, creative educators with big hearts and lot to share.

I shot a 20-min documentary about their work with the inner-city school Freedom Community College and how they used music, specifically songs written during the Apartheid struggle, to inspire critical thought in young people concerning their current day situations. Link below...

Videography | Black Focal Lens
2011 - 2012

The Hope Project EPK. Looks at the theater production Rise and the release of the Hope Project vol. 1

Educational history


University of the Witwatersrand

2006 - 2009

Bachelor of Dramatic Arts - Screenwriting, TV Studies

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