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Winners Huisgenoot Tempo Awards 2014

This is the list of the winners of the Huisgenoot Tempo Awards 2014


Jacques de Villiers

Joshua na die Re├źn, Newcomer of the Year

Jan Hoogendyk

Jan Hoogendyk (Elvis Blue), Contemporary Album of the Year

Karlien Van Jaarsveld

Karlien van Jaarsveld, Music Video of the Year

Bobby van Jaarsveld

Bobby van Jaarsveld, Song of the Year

Pieter Koen

Pieter Koen, TV Presenter of the Year

Ivan Botha

Ivan Botha, Actor of the Year: Movies, Drama, Sitcom.

Donnalee Roberts

Donnalee Roberts, Actress of the Year: Movies, Drama, Sitcom.

Theodore Jantjies

Theodore Jantjies, Soap Actor of the Year.

Annelisa Weiland

Annelisa Weiland, Soap Actress of the Year

Rian van Heerden

Rian van Heerden , Radio DJ of the Year

Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer, Afrikaans Book of the Year