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Martin G Britz


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Martin G Britz

Martin George Britz

Nickname: 'Marty G'

President & Founder -

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Alberton South Africa

Author of the book pioneering book "South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art" - Martin G Britz is the leading international authority on the artworks created by a group of 28 South African black male artists who lived and worked in Soweto, South Africa during the height of apartheid. The "Soweto School of Art" has received international recognition being acknowledged as the first black "School of Art" to emerge from the African continent. In addition to the master volume he has written an additional 28 volumes extending on each of the individual artists within the group. Soweto Fine Art Gallery is the oldest South African art gallery which has specialized exclusively in black fine art. From its humble beginnings in 1996, representing the art of ten friends rather than artists in the true sense of the word. Through determined effort the Soweto Fine Art Gallery has expanded its wings to well beyond South Africa's borders. Presently the gallery represents more than 60 of the greatest 20 and 21st century black fine artists in Africa, evolving to become the largest international hub representing black fine artists from across the African continent" - Martin G Britz

Contact details

M: 27(0)79-754-2174

Web presence

Business Address

335 Jan Smuts Avenue, Randburg, South Africa, 2196

Professional Portfolios

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2014 June - Definition of the "Soweto School of Ar...

in Soweto Fine Art - DVD Biography Series

2012 - Peter Sibeko - Gumboot Dancer

in Soweto Fine Art - DVD Biography Series

Professional details

Current Position(s)

CEO | Marty G Productions
Fourways, South Africa | 2012 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

CEO | All | Marty G Designs
Johannesburg, South Africa | January 2008 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Design, create and manufacture unique hand crafted furniture pieces in the "Marty G" range as well as other interior accessories to match specific needs of the client.

President & Founder | CBEEP - Community Based Economic Empowerment Project | Soweto Fine Art Gallery
Soweto, South Africa | 2002 - present

Social Development and Community Services


President & Founder |
1996 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

I specialize in South African Fine art. In particular in the work created by a group of artists that have become known as "The Soweto School". Over the last fifteen years I collected, exhibited and documented their work. I have also written a book, South African Fine Art - "The Soweto School" that defines this group of artists.

Previous Position(s)

COO | Director | TracKid Bio-metric Holdings Pty. Ltd
Pretoria, South Africa | September 2004 - August 2006


Development and implementation of a national security system, using a bio-metric and DNA sample database in the tracking of missing children / persons.

CEO | ISAS Biometric Systems
Germiston, South Africa | January 2003 - January 2005

ICT and Telecommunications

Managing Director & Auctioneer | Art Auctions | Trust Liquidators
Kempton Park, South Africa | January 1996 - January 2002

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Vice President | Art Afrique
Beltsville, United States of America | January 1996 - January 2001

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Detective Sargeant | Crime Investigation Services | South African Police Services
Bedfordview, South Africa | January 1991 - June 1994

Government, Public Administration and Defence

Operations Officer, Lieutenant | Group 41 HQ, Operations | South African Defence Force
Germiston, South Africa | January 1989 - December 1991

Government, Public Administration and Defence

Educational history


Hoërskool Goudrif, Germiston, South Africa (1985)


Haggai Institute

Hawaii, United States of America | 2008 - 2008

Certificate in Advanced Leadership - Christian Leadership

SMI School of Ministry

Pretoria, South Africa | January 2005 - January 2006

Diploma in Ministry - Ministry

Teamwork Bible College

Durban, South Africa | 2004 - 2006

Diploma in Theology - Theology

Oxford Institute of Estate Agents

Johannesburg, South Africa | May 1997 - September 1997

Estate Agents Board of South Africa - Certificate - Real Estate

SA College Of Auctioneers

Kempton Park, South Africa | 1995 - 1995

Diploma in Auctioneering - Auctioneering

Goudstad Onderwys Kollege

Johannesburg South, South Africa | 1986 - 1988

Diploma HOD - Art, Biology

Witwatersrand Technikon

Johannesburg, South Africa | 1986 - 1987

Diploma In Interior Design & Fine Art - Interior Design & History of Fine Art



"Suiderkruis Vol Gisters" - Written by Martin G Britz | 2014

Share this special moment with me marking a milestone in my life as we launch my first anthology of poems - "Suiderkruis Vol Gisters" ISBN 978-1-920668-80-8 on the exciting e-book platforms across the spectrum of apps. It will be available as an e-book or a hardcover -A4 size from Amazon or Kalahari within 48hrs.

SANDF - General Service Medal | 1992

The medal was awarded to a member of the SADF or the Auxiliary services of the SADF, who has since 01-01-1983 been employed, within the borders of the Republic of South Africa, in the prevention or suppression of terrorism, or in internal disorder in the Republic, or in the preservation of life, health or property, or for the maintenance of essential services, including the maintenance of law and order or the prevention of crime I co-operation with the South African Police.

First US Based - "Soweto School of Art" Distributor Signed On | 1997

Signed on the first US based gallery to sell the "Soweto School of Art" works exclusively. Based in Alexandria, VA, USA.

First Int. Trade Exhibition of the "Soweto School of Art" group | 1999

Exhibited and introduced the "Soweto School of Art" group to the international trade at ArtExpo March 1999.

First International Export Sale - US 20 000 | 1996

Concluded the first international export sale of paintings exclusively by the "Soweto School of Art" to Art Afrique, Beltsville, MD, USA

First Exclusive Black Fine Art Auction - "Soweto School of Art" | 1998

First specialist fine art auction to be held in South Africa, exclusively auctioning off works by the "Soweto School of Art" only. Phutuma Nhleko attended the sale held at WinstonS Art Gallery in Rosebank.

First Founding Meeting - SAFAC - South African Fine Arts Congress | 2002

Established SAFAC at the first founding meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Attended by Joe Maseko, David Mbele, Godfrey Ndaba, Speelman Mahlangu, Martin Tose, Speelman Msimango, Mvemve Jiyane & Isaac Hlatswayo.

First International Art Exhibition - Wilma Shein & Peter Sibeko | 1997

Washington, DC, USA - First International art exhibition post apartheid to be held, contrasting the art of a white South African female against that of a black South African male.

World Specialist - Exclusive Right of Authentication | 1998

I am the only fine art specialist alive, who has been given the exclusive right and authority, in writing and signed, by the "Soweto School of Art" artists individually, authorizing me, based on my specialist knowledge of the artists work, gained over a minimum period of 2 years, physically working with the artist, to produce a certificate of Authenticity & Valuation in the assessment of any artwork presented to me for such purposes. No other fine art dealer / academic can ever acquire these rights, as the artists have passed away.

I have also been given the authority to assign these rights when and if I am satisfied that the recipient of such assigned rights has to my satisfaction completed a period of practical and theoretical training and teaching in the identification of these artists works.

Largest Online "Soweto School of Art" Specialist | 2014

Soweto Fine Art Gallery - - holds the most extensive database of Images, Recorded samples of Signatures, Printed articles, Government documents and correspondence, Register of awards and achievements of the artists, Video biographies, Photographic evidence and hand written recorded interviews with the individuals in the "Soweto School of Art"Group.

First Complete Collection of the "Soweto School of Art" | 2008

Donated the first complete internationally acclaimed and exhibited collection of 26 artworks representing each individual artist in the group, to Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.

First South African Black Fie Art Specialist - Online Gallery | 1996

Opened the first and largest specialist black fine art online gallery in South Africa, trading exclusively in the work of the "Soweto School of Art".

First South African, Specialist Black Fine Art Gallery | 1996

Opened the first exclusive black fine art gallery, specializing in the work of the "Soweto School of Art"in specific.

Produced and recorded - First video interviews with "Soweto School" Group | 1998

Recorded the first live interviews with the members of the "Soweto School of Art" Group.

Wrote the first formal paper identifying - "Soweto School of Art" | 1998

In 1998 I wrote the first formal paper to document the existance of a "School of Art" inside Soweto. I delivered this document to the Smithsonian Institute, Museum of African Art, Washington, DC in 1997 with two works of art by Winston Saoli (1950-1995) a leading figure in the group, to be considered for inclusion in the Museums permanent collection. In 1998 I received confirmation that the works were accepted as part of the permanent collection.

Acceptance of manuscript - Morehouse College, Atlanta,USA | 2008

My manuscript - "South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art" is accepted for moderation and editing by Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. The pioneering work describing the first black "School of art" ever to be defined on the African continent.

SAPS - 1991, Runner Up - Best Graduating Student | 1991

Awarded runner up as best graduating student in my year group 1991, South African Police College, Pretoria, South Africa.

SANDF - Certificate of Completion, Military Endurance Vasbyt 2 | 1998

Successfully completed Vasbyt 2, over a period of 3days and 90km during which military leadership, physical and mental endurance was tested to the utmost.

SANDF - Sharp Shooter Gold Class | 1998

Received the distinction as sharp shooter above 95 per cent average during Officers training, Infantry School Oudtshoorn

SANDF - Certificate Of Distinction | 1990

For the design and implementation of the OPS Room at Group 41 HQ, Germiston, South Africa.

SANDF - Appointment as Commisioned Officer, Luitenant, OPS Specialist | 1992

Appointed as Commissioned Officer, Lieutenant, OPS Room / Command Post Specialist

Shortlist and nomination

Nominated for the best internet start up company | 1998, designed by myself and Yellow Lizard Web Designs, Port Elizabeth, was nominated as the best new internet start-up in the arts and culture division.

media exposure

American Psychologist Today - National USA Magazine | 1998

Winston Saoli (1950 -1995), Cover Illustration, article on Back inside cover.

The Star - Newspaper | 2012

Apartheid Era Art - London Olympics

Baku Travel Magazine | 2013

Personal Attention at Soweto Fine Art Gallery

Engineering News - South Africa | 2004

Biometric Security Fence

Hillayer Art Space, Washington, DC, USA - Online Newsletter | 2007

Exhibition of works by the "Soweto School of Art" group. Presented by Gallery Patalouth and South African Fine Arts Congress.

Morehouse College, Atlanta, USA - Inside Morehouse News | 2012

Previev of the "Morehouse College - Soweto School of Art" Art collection - Donated by Ps. Martin G Britz from Soweto Fine Art, Johannesburg, South Africa.

eTV - Morning Live - TrackID Biometric Tracking System | 2005

Interview with Martin G Britz, COO of TracKID Biometric Solutions.

eNCA - Morning News Bulletin - | 2013

29th April 2013 - eNCA Morning News Bulletin, Importance of the Soweto History and culture in the new South Africa.

eTV - Sunrise Breakfast Talk Show | 2014

Collecting affordable contemporary South African Black Art.

World Footprints Media - USA Based Travel Radio Talk Show | 2010

Importance of "Soweto School of Art" in the history of South Africa.

TrackID - Biometric Profiling System | 2005

The Star, Dec 2005 - Ground-breaking technology in recovery of missing children, Martin G Britz - Director TrackID Biometric Holdings

TV Documentary - "The Rainbow Warrior" | 2014

Produced the video documentary the "Rainbow Warrior" capturing the story of the talented Zulu artist, Ndabuko Ntuli from Kwa-Zulu, Natal.

eTV Morning Live - Interview | 2014

As South Africa continues on the road of democracy and freedom the emerging young black middle class income group has expanded significantly. Where can they find affordable black fine art, and how do they determine which artists to purchase?

Soweto TV - Lifestyle | 2013

An interview with Soweto TV's lifestyle channel. Discussed is the topic of black fine art in Soweto and the historical as well as cultural value thereof. Where should young black art buyers start when considering an art purchase. What are the key factors they should look for.

eNCA - Morning News Live | 2013

Interview on the morning news African news channel with regards to the current awareness of black fine art emanating from Africa. The impact thereof on a global scale.

Competitive Accomplishments

Advanced Open Water Diving Course | Advanced Open Water Diving - Navigation | 2003

Advanced Open Water Diving Course | Advanced Open Water Diving - Deep Dive | 2004

Amateur Golf - Personal Best Club Game | Personal Best Round ever - 72 on Royal Oak Golf Course | 2006

Played an incredible game of 72 on the Royal Oak Golf course.

Amateur Golfer - 12 Handicap | Germiston Country Club | 2005

Reached my personal best ever - 12 handicap

Amateur Golfer - 14 Handicap | Germiston Country Club | 2004

Brought my handicap down to a consistent 14

Amateur Golfer - 16 Handicap | Royal Oak Country Club | 2003

Maintained 16 handicap

Amateur Golfer - 16 Handicap | Royal Oak Country Club | 2002

Brought my handicap down to 16

Academic Achievements

"Suiderkruis Vol Gisters" - Anthology of poems | 2014

Share this special moment with me marking a milestone in my life as we launch my first anthology of poems - "Suiderkruis Vol Gisters" ISBN 978-1-920668-80-8 on the exciting e-book platforms across the spectrum of apps. It will be available as an e-book or a hardcover -A4 size from Amazon or Kalahari within 48hrs.

"South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art, Vol v, Eli Kobeli - The Black Chagall" | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-05-1 - Public Release Date - Feb 2015

South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art, Vol iv, Peter Sibeko - The Gumboot Dancer | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-04-4 - Public Release Date - Feb 2015

"South African Fine Art The Soweto School of Art, Vol iii, Ndabuko Ntuli - The Rainbow Warrior" | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-59-4 - Public Release Date - Nov 2014

"South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art, Vol ii, David Mbele - The Gentle Giant" | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-02-0 - Public Release Date - Feb 2014

"South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art, Vol i, Winston Saoli - Black Son Rising" | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-01-3 - Public Launch Date Feb 2015

"South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art" - Publication | 2014

ISBN 978-1-920668-00-6, Launch Date November 2014

Other Achievements

Completed a TONFA ASP 24 Expandable Baton Course | 1991

South African Police Services - Training

Completed a TONFA ASP 24 Expandable Baton Course | 1991

South African Police Services - Training

Founded East Rand Haggai Chapter | 2008

I am an alumni of Haggai International. After successfully completing the Advanced Leadership training in Hawaii, USA, I returned to South Africa and founded the East Rand Haggai Chapter.

Completed Advanced PADI Scuba Diving course | 2003

Completed an advanced PADI Scuba diving course at Sodwana Bay with Martin Prest Diving School from Boksburg. Diving is one of the most amazing experiences one can have.



The Foundation for the Development of Africa

Member, July 2014 - present

Currently we are focused on two projects aimed at the stimulation of trade at local level. We know that local trading will ultimately lead to job creation, thus wealth creation.

The “Products and Services Serving Africa” project is mandated to determine what products and/or services are available in any given local community and ultimately throughout Africa. From a local perspective, knowing what products and services are available, in any given community across the continent, will enhance and encourage local support for these listed products and services. Knowing what’s available will also highlight products and services not available – revealing opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs

PMMC - Accra, Ghana

Licensed Gold Buyer, February 2011 - December 2011

Awarded my accredited gold buying licensing from PMMC, Accra, Ghana. - Nakmet Company Ltd.

Licensing Commercial Art

Member, 2014 - present

Sotheby's Institute of Art, London

Member , 2014 - present

Group conceived to stablish a network between all the alumns and former alumns of the MA in Contemporary Art, at Sotheby's Institute of Art, London

Society of African American Interior Designers, Beverly Hills, CA

Member - Specialist, January 2010 - present

Society of African American Interior Designers, Beverly Hills, CA

Member - Specialist, January 2010 - present

Society of African American Interior Designers, Beverly Hills, CA

Member - Specialist, January 2010 - present


Soweto Fine Art Gallery - Social Economical Empowerment

President & Founder, January 2002 - present

I have designed and developed, a community based, business model, using all the various income producing secondary aspects present in the trade of the original fine artworks, to develop an economically viable, sustainable model based on skills development, education, community participation and the empowerment of disadvantaged communities.

The assets owned, or licensed to Soweto Fine Art Gallery are the key factors behind the project. The most important of these being the exclusive copyright agreements acquired from the artists to reproduce their artworks as illustrated in the "Soweto School of Art" series of publication.

Laerskool Elspark - Elsburg, Germiston

Rugby Coach - Entry Level, January 2006 - September 2006

I coached the "Lion Cups" U/7 rugby team teaching the basic skills to enter primary school rugby

Elspark Laerskool - Elsburg, Germiston

Rugby Coach - Entry level, January 2005 - September 2005

I coached the "Lion Cups" U/7 rugby team teaching the basic skills to enter primary school rugby

Soweto Fine Art Gallery

Fascilitator, January 1996 - present

Helping up and coming young artists to find their -
"Artistic Identities",

New Beginings Care Center, Boksburg, South Africa

Donar / Sponsor, 2007 - 2008

Sponsored the interior decorating ie; Carpets, Lights, Curtains, Tiling, Painting, wall cupboards, reading material, and audio equipment for the prayer and meditation room to be used by the people staying at the care center.

New Beginings Care Center, Boksburg, South Africa

Donar / Sponsor - Various projects, 2008 - 2009

Sponsor - Various projects

Christen Sentrum Elspark, Germiston

Youth Pastor, September 2008 - September 2009

New Beginnings Care Centre

Associate Pastor, January 2008 - December 2010

New Beginings Care Centre, Boksburg

Counsellor - Drug Addiction, September 2007 - July 2010

Taught Advanced Leadership - Elsburg Hoërskool

Teacher / Fascilitator, April 2008 - September 2009

Taught Advanced Leadership - Afrikaans Hoërskool

Teacher / Fascilitator, January 2004 - December 2006

Taught Advanced Leadership - Elsburg Hoërskool

Teacher, January 2004 - January 2006

Other Activities

Writing - Afrikaans Poetry

Author, January 1988 - December 2012

A Volume of Afrikaans poetry - "Suiderkruis vol Gisters"
ISBN 978-1-920668-80-8

Writing - Fiction

Author, January 1988 - present

I completed my first fictional book, in Afrikaans, - Winterson - ISBN 978-1-920668-79-2


Photographer , 1985 - present

Photography is the one thing in which I can loose myself for a few hours or days and completely relax and renew my mind.

Soweto School of Art - Art Collection

Collector, 1985 - present

My love affair with the original art from the Soweto School artists began in 1985 when I bought the first of my collection from Eli Kobeli personally. (1932 - 1998)

Soweto School of Art - Represented in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, USA

Philantropist, September 1997 - September 1998

Donated two works of art from my personal collection by the artist Winston Saoli, (1950 - 1995), to the Museum of African Art, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, USA. The works were subsequently accepted in the museums permanent 20th century art collection.

Soweto Fine Art Donation - Morehouse College, Atlanta, USA

Philanthropist , November 2008 - present


World Footprints Media - Tonya Fitzpatrick

""Martin Britz is President and Founder of Soweto Fine Art. He has been working and specializing in the art produced by the fine artists of Soweto since the 1980’s. Martin’s commitment to promote and manage the culture and historical resources of the region, and expose its hidden treasures to the world, led him to resign from the South African police service, long before Apartheid ended. He devoted his life to cultivating relationships with the artists and their families. He joins Ian and Tonya to talk about his own personal journey, and the treasures he has worked so hard to preserve."" - 2010

Dr. Robert Franklin, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

" "Martin: Thank you for persisting against the odds with this important project. We respect the artists of Soweto and need to 'hear and see' them."
" - 2014

Johnson Challis, Co-Owner of Koffeekulture, Indonesia

""I have the privilege to work and study with Martin in Haggai Institute. He always show a strong leadership and passion on everything he does. His wide experience in life and business has proven to be an extraordinary assets in whatever He does. His humbleness towards serving God has lead an example for all of us. Trustworthy, hardworking, God-loving and a lot of fun to be with."" - 2010

Ted Pindell, Art Afrique, Beltsville, MD, USA

""Martin Britz is a keen professional of the arts. Coupled with his forward thinking and astute business skills, he is an inspiration to work with. He represents many of South Africa finest artist and his voice echos across continents. As he passionately educates the world on the stories and visions of his countryman."" - 2013

Myrtis Bedola, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD, USA

""Martin Britz is an expert in the field of South African Art. He possess over 25 years of experience as an international art dealer, author and consultant. As the president and founder of Soweto Fine Art he has successfully placed the works of black South African artists in numerous corporate collections in the United States, South Africa and the French and Peruvian embassies of Pretoria, and in private collections across the globe. He has played a principal role in raising awareness and bringing understanding to the critical role black South African artists have in portraying the cultural,social and political landscape of their country. Their artworks serve as historic documents of a dark past and hopeful future.

I have had the honor of Martin's tutelage, and for this am I eternally grateful."
" - 2013

Elaine Ligellis, Owner, Gallery Petalouth, Alexandria, VA, USA

""Martin is an authority on the art of South Africa. His comprehensive collection of original works by the Soweto School of Artists, is unrivaled."" - 2013

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