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Mushambi Mutuma


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Mushambi Mutuma

Tech entrepreneur & multiple venture founder

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born 27-10-1985 in Harare Zimbabwe

It’s impossible fitting my life into the cocktail party 30-sec summary. Listing job titles feels limiting and "serial entrepreneur" is interpreted as "unemployed dreamer."

From political science to global health to business development across the US to Africa I can't easily sum up my professional career. In managing the wildest assortment of situations I’ve developed a passion for trying to identify the "user" in everything, answering the seemingly stupid but most challenging questions, and actually "actualizing" goals and targets.

While I've succeeded in few avenues of life I don't consider myself an "expert" by any means. However, my experiences have taught me invaluable lessons to help anyone else along their journey.

A few points learned along the way:
- Be a nerd! Bury your nose in books and learn everything you can.
- I love teaching and sharing knowledge. Nothing like watching that "aha moment.” Whether it’s a student finally “getting it” or a client seeing why your strategy is worth it. Don't stop learning or teaching.
- Sometimes hard work trumps bigger, stronger competition. Simply working longer and harder can yield spectacular results. When we faced a seemingly better team an old coach yelled out, "If you can't beat them, out work them!"
- Timeliness is directly linked to professionalism and respect! To quote Coach Porter again: "To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be unforgivable."
- Essentialism is key! Cutting out the noise in life and business is the only path to success and real happiness. (Greg McKeown's Essentialism will change your life)

In addition to my entrepreneurial spirit my diverse skill set includes: personal and business strategy & development, lecturing, leadership training & mentorship; entrepreneurship & innovation; and digital strategy.

Contact details

M: +27769270540

Web presence

Business Address

20 Van Beek St, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2094

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Board of Directors | Gift of Sigh
Las Vegas, United States of America | May 2016 - present

Social Development and Community Services

The Gift of Sight, Inc. is a 501c3 vision charity that was officially formed by Las Vegas based ophthalmologist Kenneth C. Westfield M.D. in 2012, after 20 years of organizing medical mission trips. The GOS and its volunteer medical staff have provided eye care, surgery, eyeglasses, medicine and medical supplies to communities that lack them in the United States, Haiti, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Kenya. The organization has also offered education and equipment to local medical practitioners. Our volunteer surgeons are some of the world’s best and contribute to the innovation of the field, thus their ability to teach and advise these communities is invaluable.

The Gift of Sight’s biggest impact has been in the rural town of Lascahobas, Haiti. The annual visits to the community have spanned decades and transformed the lives of people who live in an area where a single doctor used to make one annual visit to an area that is home to 50,000 people. GOS has worked hard to create opportunities for patients to have follow-up and routine care administered by Haitian doctors and staff and has been instrumental in the building and sustainability of Hôpital St. Gabriel de Lascahobas, which to date is the only healthcare facility in Lascahobas and surrounding areas. The Gift of Sight is improving the standard of care available in such areas of focus.
Our Impact:
- 42 medical mission trips
- Over 20,000 patients examined
- Over 10,000 eyeglass fittings
- Over 2,500 surgeries performed
- The building and preservation of Hôpital St. Gabriel de Lascahobas, a life saving hospital.
- An anesthesia machine, operating microscope, power generator, wifi and telephone have been donated to St. Gabriel, increasing the standard of care and efficiency of the facility.

Radio Host | The Opportune Time | Jozi Maboneng Radio
Johannesburg, South Africa | February 2015 - present

Broadcast Media, Multimedia and Film

The Opportune Time is a show dedicated to telling the stories of Jozi’s entrepreneurs.

Why this show?

Well even though its easier than ever before for anybody to be an entrepreneur, the truth is its actually harder than ever before to be an entrepreneur. The Opportune Time is here to unpack insights, share innovative ideas and highlight stories of entrepreneurs that are making it in a world of ever increasing stakes!

The show is hosted by local entrepreneurs and business partners, Nthato Malope and Mushambi Mutuma who hold a shared desire to help entrepreneurs identify their why, understand their stories, communicate it and sustain it all to go out and be their own dragon slaying heroes!

Tune in as we tell Jozi’s story to the world!
Every Wednesday 4-6pm CAT

Advisory Board | Global Enterprise for Medical Advancement (GEMA)
Boston, United States of America | July 2015 - present

Social Development and Community Services

The Global Enterprise for Medical Advancement (GEMA) is a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts, whose mission is to bring cognizance and solutions to African healthcare issues that has recently merged with SentryBlue's Initiatives for Africa division.

GEMA's mobile health app focuses on empowering Africans in remote rural areas to gain access to health content that will empower them to recognize, mitigate, and prevent diseases. SentryBlue provides the global resources, key stakeholders, funding, etc. necessary for developing, marketing, and delivering our solution to the Market.

Creator of the New and Destroyer of the Old | Kairos - The Opportune Time
Johannesburg, South Africa | June 2014 - present

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Business is always evolving.

And there are 2 powerful lessons that are changing the game on how to be an entrepreneur in this current evolution.
#1 The Paradox of Abundance
Even though its easier than ever before for anybody to be an entrepreneur, the truth is its actually harder than ever before to be an entrepreneur.

Why? In a large part because we are over saturated with an abundance of every variation of every product & service you can think of. And in the era of abundance having the hottest, smartest, coolest, most promising idea is simply not enough anymore.

#2 Innovation destroys dreams
Many “traditional business models” are being challenged so much that they risk becoming obsolete. (Traditional Startup Funding vs KickStarter, MoneyGram vs Mpesa)

Both lessons serve as a reminder that regardless of industry & maturity, entrepreneurs have to do & be more to thrive in today’s ever evolving environment.

In a world of ever increasing stakes, we need a different kind of hero entrepreneur, who can differentiate in the face of infinite abundance & offer real value in a world where innovation is now the proverbial grim-reaper waiting to kill your next idea.

The entrepreneur of the future is a designer, empathizer & storyteller (we'll unpack this when we meet of course!)

We believe that this combination of skills, for any entrepreneur, is KING!

Our interactive programme helps entrepreneurs tell better stories:
1. Let’s understand why your business matters & why it would inspire a purchase decision
2. Let’s design a story that will allow you to engage & excite your customers over & over
3. Let’s create a powerful ending to help you convert your story into real business

In Greek, Kairos means the "opportune moment" the "supreme moment" & we believe that now is that moment for small businesses to rise up.

So what do we do?

We help entrepreneurs tell powerful stories that allow them to be their own heroes, so they can go forth & slay ever bigger dragons.

Chief Opportunity Creator | SmartPrac
Johannesburg, South Africa | February 2012 - present

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

As a medical practitioner in South Africa, it is very difficult to run a functional and successful business and difficult to deliver high quality patient centered care and support. Day to day management is difficult due to various factors, including time, bandwidth, resources, energy and so forth.

Currently medical practitioners operate on separate and multiple systems for general admin businesses processes such as patient filling, scheduling, billing and stock management. This disjointed approach limits efficiency, decreases the quality of patient care and negatively affects cashflow and revenue.

SmartPrac allows comprehensive practice management in one enhanced system. From billing to scheduling, patient EHR management, stock management to financial reporting this cloud based system is accessible anywhere. The responsive design is not limited to PC or MAC hardware and allows access from any web browser, tablet or smartphone. Core elements of product quality, functionality and ease of use allow management to operate without the need of IT teams. The secure and backed up cloud based system also ensures customers always have the latest version automatically every time they log in.

Benefits to our clientele include streamlined business processes and administrative tasks leading to a renewed and improved service to patients care and ongoing support.

Our enterprise solution for hospitals and clinics will be launching shortly!

SmartPrac simplifies your day to day.

Co-Founder & Managing Director | Altivex Creative Foundry
Johannesburg, South Africa | August 2010 - present

Online Media, Internet and E-Commerce

At Altivex, we provide digital solutions to clients around the world to maximize their growth and success through innovation and comprehensive strategy. Simply put: we build better businesses through digital executions.

Running Joburg since 2010, we’re a group of creative thinkers, gadget addicts, sports lovers who love everything digital. Just like a metal foundry we are constantly discovering new ways to conceptualise, design, build and create new projects and ideas. We love the process of taking raw ideas through the creative journey to come out beautifully polished pieces.

We work with individuals and companies that believe the same things that we do. Creating beautifully designed and impactful experiences. We are led by our desire to produce great work and to uplift the standing of whoever we’re working with. Our greatest pride is in the account managers who’ve gotten promotions due to our work or businesses who’ve scaled up incredibly. Our 360 approach allows us to work with our clients throughout their entire product and business lifecycle. Your growth and success is really what it’s all about for us and leads to many office fist bumps

Previous Position(s)

Regional Programme Manager: Health and Business Development | University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States of America | May 2013 - June 2014

Social Development and Community Services

The UCLA Center for World Health's mission is to restore the health of people and communities throughout the world, with our partners, through education, research, and service. We guide the next generation of leaders to use their vision, talent, and commitment to transform the practice of world health and make a sustainable difference. The goals of this program include creating a comprehensive global health undergraduate and graduate educational program, fostering a vibrant research portfolio, and building a national and international reputation for excellence in global health.

As Health and Business Development Manager Mr. Mutuma is responsible for developing and implementing the long term strategic health and business development plan for the Centre for World Health in the region. He will develop and maintain professional relationships with all collaborators in Africa and support the development and expansion of new partnerships.

Responsibilities also include developing and maintaining current donor relationships and exploring next generation grants; supporting the development and expansion of partnerships in southern Africa; identifying Africa regional business development opportunities and to develop strategic action plans and proposals; guiding newly awarded programs through project implementation, successful completion, impact evaluation and submission of scientific publications; and fostering and maintaining positive relationships with collaborators, co-workers, field sites, and funders.

Program Coordinator | University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States of America | August 2007 - May 2013

Social Development and Community Services

The UCLA Program in Global Health partners with academic institutions in developing countries to advance prevention, policy, and clinical research for HIV/AIDS and other diseases in all regions of the world. We work with our developing-country partners to integrate treatment and prevention of HIV, implement innovative prevention programs, stimulate the implementation of beneficial policies and laws, address gender inequity, and train the next generation of U.S. and developing-country scientists and advocates to continue this essential work.

Educational history


Brentwood Christian School, Austin, United States of America (2003)


Pepperdine University

Los Angeles, United States of America | August 2003 - April 2007

Bachelors of Arts - Political Science

Pepperdine University

Los Angeles, United States of America | August 2003 - April 2007

Bachelors of Arts - Studio Art


media exposure

Next Billion | 2015

It Pays to Pay Your Own Way: Three reasons self-funding helps lead to a successful business

Disrupt Africa | 2015

SmartPrac's healthcare management softwareSmartPrac self-funding its way to regional expansion 0

White House | 2007

Mrs. Bush's Remarks at Pepperdine University Commencement Ceremony

MentorFeed | 2016

Entrepreneurial lessons from the boxing ring

Disrupt Africa | 2015

African accelerators see the potential in e-health startups 0

Destiny Man | 2015

Getting to know business-minded radio hosts Mushambi Mutuma and Nthato Malope

Destiny Man | 2011

Men Fulfilling Their Destiny

FaraiToday | 2011

Young, African & Fabolous. Meet “Destiny Man Magazine" Mushambi of Altivex Foundry!

KasiBiz | 2014

Mushambi Mutuma - Entrepreneur to Watch

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