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O.E.N. Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

OEN ENTERPRISES Ltd was founded in 1970 as a privately owned company and was, at that time, based on various Thorn EMI agencies. OEN represented these and other high technology companies from UK, Europe and the USA. The customer base included industrial, process and mining industries as well as medical facilities, research institutions and defense Industries. OEN continues to specialize in high technology services and solutions; however, has expanded the product base to meet the growing needs of the client base. OEN continues to support the product footprint via a dynamic technical team. Since 1998, OEN has acquired a number of new agencies. The new agencies are synergistic with both the historical product and current customer base. OEN remains committed to maintaining high levels of technical expertise. Customer support is the key to OEN’s success and sustainability. OEN Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, due to its ownership, is now a level 3 BBBEE contributor.

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Office: +27 11 675 4447

Fax: +27 11 675 4448

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15 September 2015


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