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Philip Van Staden


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Associate (Silver)
Philanthropist (Silver)
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2013
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2014
Tomorrow's Leader Nominee 2015

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Philip Van Staden

South African Politician Provincial Government GP

Born 05-12-1975 in Pretoria South Africa

The leader of the opposition,Freedom Front Plus,Pretoria since 2009 to 2014
Community Activist MPLGauteng Legislature since May 2014

Contact details

O: (012) 665 0564

Web presence

Business Address

Highveld, Centurion, South Africa

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Member of Provincial Legislature Gauteng | Provincial Government | VF Plus
Johannesburg, South Africa | May 2014 - present

Government, Public Administration and Defence

Previous Position(s)

Councillor | Local Government | City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
Pretoria, South Africa | May 2011 - May 2014

Government, Public Administration and Defence

Managing Director | Public | RST
Pretoria, South Africa | January 1995 - May 2011

Transportation and Logistics

Educational history


Pretoria North High, Pretoria, South Africa (1994)



The National Government Masterclass on Rural and Urban Housing Strategies | 2012

Upgrading of Informal Settlements and Delivery of Low Cost Housing

Independent Electoral Commision | 2006

Candidate during elections on Local,Provincial and National.

Freedom Front Plus | 2006

Hard work and dedication during political campaigns.

SALGA | 2011

South African Local Government Association course completed.

Laerskool Genl Nicholaas Smit | 2010

For helping the community in need

CPF Sector 1 | 2008

Dedication to community policing to make the community a safer place.

Shortlist and nomination

Freedom Front Plus | 2013

Elected as a member of the FF Plus' Federal executive.

Freedom Front Plus | 2013

Elected deputy leader in Gauteng

Economic Development and Spatial Planning Committee City of Tshwane | 2013


Dispute Resolution Appeals committee City of Tshwane | 2013


Petitions committee City of Tshwane | 2011


Housing committee City of Tshwane | 2011


Freedom Front Plus | 2013

Elected Leader of the opposition in council

Freedom Front Plus | 2011

Running for Mayor in the City of Tshwane,Local Government Election

Freedom Front Plus | 2009

Candidate in Local,Provincial and National Elections.
Elected Pretoria Leader of the Freedom Front Plus.

Freedom Front Plus | 2008

Candidate in by election ward 55 Pretoria, Local Government

Freedom Front Plus | 2006

Candidate Logal Government Election

media exposure

Die Voorblad | 2014

Land claim against Union Buildings and Voortrekker Monument is absurd.

Die Voorblad | 2014

VF Plus kap ANC oor hul beveiliging van woonbuurtes verhinder.

Die Voorblad | 2014

FF Plus: Tshwane Metro must apply it's own by-laws

Die Voorblad | 2014

FF Plus warns that new housing policy may fail in Tshwane

Die Voorblad | 2014

Tshwane Metro should rather look at services

Die Voorblad | 2013

Stop the donation of a erf to the Islam Trust by the Tshwane Metro

Die Voorblad | 2013

New leadership for FF Plus in Gauteng.

Die Voorblad | 2013

Re elected Pretoria leader for the Freedom Front Plus.

Die Voorblad | 2013

Malema verdict on Pretoria name is false and childish.

Die Voorblad | 2013

Tshwane Metro's decision on Museum Park is setback for tourism

Die Voorblad | 2013

Freedom Front Plus expressed disgust over machete attack in school.

Die Voorblad;eNuus | 2013

Mandela statue heading towards new apartheid in Pretoria

Radio Pretoria;Die Voorblad | 2013

Pretoria name change debate sparks again.

Die Voorblad | 2013

Questions about Shabangu's debt to Tshwane

Pretoria News | 2013

Our beloved Mr H to be honoured with civic funeral

Pretoria News | 2013

Gone but never forgotten as tributes pour in for Mr Hlahla

News 24 | 2013

Welcomes President Zuma's announcement that poor whites in Wesmoot are going to get housing. After a battle of five years Zuma handed the homes over to the first residents on July 18, 2013

Die Voorblad | 2013

The FF Plus give the DA a bloody nose in a by-election in Naboomspruit by the DA retained the ward with a majority of only 83 votes. The FF Plus has won one of the two voting stations. Was the main organizer of this election.

Pretoria News | 2013

Tshwane council loses street name battle

Rekord | 2013

Kerksondermure almost given away by metro

Pretoria News | 2013

Name change issue sparks fury in council debate

Die Voorblad | 2013

FF Plus has already warned of street name change in Pretoria.

Die Voorblad | 2013

"We steal electricity": FF Plus calls for arrests

Beeld | 2013

React on the removal of old streetnames in Pretoria.

Pretoria News,Die Voorblad,Jacaranda 94.2fm | 2013

Ramakgopa State of the City address disappoints Veil on Pretoria's name not yet lifted.

Radio Pretoria, Die Voorblad | 2013

Welcomed the mayor of Pretoria's announcement that prepaid electricity meters will be free to residents but the FF Plus wants to know who will be responsible for the cost of R7 million

Die Voorblad | 2013

ANC action on Pretoria's name underhanded

eNuus,Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria,Rekord | 2013

FF Plus wants to go to human rights commission about Wendy houses and squatter camps in Pretoria.

Beeld, Die Voorblad,Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2013

Warns that the Mangaung conference of December 2012 is taking its toll in Pretoria after it came to light that Tshwane mayor, Kgosiento Ramokgopa, will possibly be replaced because he openly supported the Motlanthe camp at Mangaung.

Die Voorblad | 2013

FF Plus is concerned about services accounts in Pretoria due to the post office strike.

Pretoria News, Die Voorblad | 2013

Reacts strongly to the government and Lulu Xingwana in the metro council during a debate that dealt with the murders and rapes of women in South Africa.

Die Voorblad,The Centurion | 2013

Welcomed the new councilor in Pretoria caucus, Awie Erasmus.

Philip Se Spoeg Blog,Facebook,Twitter | 2013

Submit a request to residents of Pretoria to inspect the new valuation rolls for 2013.

Philip Se Spoeg Blog,Facebook,Twitter | 2013

Hoist Lulu Xingwana, minister of women, children and the disabled over her statements during the first day of the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing in Pretoria.

Rekord | 2013

Direct warning that Mayor of Tshwane will be held responsible for any damage that may occured when city protests get out of hand.

Die Voorblad, Radio Pretoria | 2013

FF Plus warns City of Tshwane on Schubart Park residents

Philip Se Spoeg Blog, Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria,Rekord,Pretoria News | 2013

FF Plus sends warning to Tshwane Metro on Lynnwood Road, Pretoria

Radio Pretoria, Voorblad | 2013

Tshwane Metro damages the international image of Pretoria

Die Voorblad,Jacaranda 94.2,Radio Pretoria | 2013

Warned the Tshwane Metro Council to guard against corruption and theft in the new parking meter system to be implemented in March 2013

Facebook | 2012

Visit 64 towns and citys in South Africa over a period of 27 days and 8000km's

Philip Se Spoeg Blog,Die Voorblad | 2012

Rub salt into the ANC's wounds during the last council meeting of 2012 on November 29, opposition take power from the ANC in the Tshwane Metro Council.

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Report on corruption in Tshwane handed over to the petition committee after a commission of inquiry was launched in July 2012 on the Hill and Groeneveld apartments in Proclamation Hill at the behest of Councillor van Staden. The inquiry and report took two years.

Facebook,Twitter | 2012

Attend the fith internasional congress on Public administration and management at the University of Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2012

Report the Tshwane Metro Police to the Public Protector

Facebook,Twitter | 2012

Attend the SAVF's birthday celebrations in Pretoria

Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Welcomes Supreme Court ruling against Tshwane Metro Police "White bitch" incident in 2011 in Sunnyside. Insists on the dismissal of the members concerned

Die Voorblad | 2012

Welcome metro police raids in Sunnyside

Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Schubart Park ruling warning for government

eNuus | 2012

Attend the Pretoria name change meeting in the City Hall of Pretoria to protest against the change to Tshwane

Die Voorblad,Facebook | 2012

Attend National Housing Conference in Durban where the poverty issue emotions run high

Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2012

Called on all stakeholders in Pretoria to oppose the city's name change to Tshwane

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2012

Warned the ANC that they play with fire after the Pretoria ANC announced that Pretoria's name will be changed to Tshwane

Die Voorblad,Facebook | 2012

Reacts violently against African Tails after the organization announced on Facebook that poor people should be sterilized

Die Voorblad | 2012

Planting trees with the FF Plus, TAU and the Kleinfontein community in honor of farmers murdered since 1994

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2012

Welcomed the prosecution of a daycare in Suiderberg after the daycare in 2011 assaulted an eight-month-old baby

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2012

Tshwane Metro will again be caught with wendys

eNuus,Die Voorblad | 2012

Tshwane Metro Police action is blatant brutality

Die Voorblad | 2012

FF Plus welcomes pre-paid power meters in Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2012

FF Plus announce plan with rioting in Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2012

State of Tshwane metro housing is scandalous

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2012

Unruly students at TUT must be grasped

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Nuus24 | 2012

Mourn the murder of a Tshwane Metro Police Officer. Announces the need for mass action against crime

Die Voorblad | 2012

Bring visit to the Kleinfontein Community

Die Voorblad | 2012

Blamed the ANC in the Tshwane Metro Council meeting of New Apartheid

Die Voorblad | 2012

Warns the Tshwane metro council that they are to create a president after an arrangement with Roux Shabangu incurred R2 million per month to pay off his water and electricity bill

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Blame the ANC after the squatter camp burnt down in Bremer street

Die Voorblad | 2012

Warned the Tshwane metro to seize on the assets of Roux Shabangu after about R10 million debt to water and lights were not paid by Shabangu

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2012

Appeals during public hearing of the demarcation board in the town hall of Pretoria that trial should be postponed because the correct processes are not followed. Request is ignored. FF Plus withdraw from the special meeting

Youtube,Twitter,Facebook,Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Walk Against Violence in Pretoria

Facebook | 2012

Send an official letter to Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld and other artists in support of the June 19 Walk Against Violence march in Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2012

Announces that the FF Plus fully supports artists like Bobby van Jaarsveld, Steve, Pieter Koen and Izak Davel's Walk Against Violence Day on 19 June 2012 in Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2012

Slamned the ANC in Pretoria after it came to light that the City Manager received a salary increase of R3.25milj per year higher than that of the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma. Van Staden urged Zuma to come and rather work for the City of Tshwane

eNuus,Die Voorblad | 2012

Expressed shock at the murder of the five months old Wiaan Botes of Delmas. Describe the criminals as barbarians and appeals to the government for the reinstatement of the death penalty

Pretoria News,Beeld,Die Voorblad,Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2012

Bumping heads with the mayor in a council meeting because 07 speeches were delivered in Afrikaans. Criticising the ANC in speeches on affirmative action, the Schubartpark debacle, unemployment in the city, trampling of the Afrikaans language, economic growth of the city, accusing the ANC of political appointments and questioned two candidates for the board of directors for the Tshwane Housing Company . Bumping heads with the DA and the ANC on the changing of street names in Pretoria. DA abstained and gave victory to ANC on a silver platter

Enews,Die Voorblad | 2012

The mayor tackles 09 of the 12 issues and also announces that Pretoria's name will remain and that the Wesmoot residents will get municipal housing. Interview with Enews about the change of streetnames in Pretoria.

Radio Rippel,Die Voorblad | 2012

Identifies twelve issues that needs the mayor urgent attention in his State of the city address

Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2012

Took an indepth look at the term "human rights" and influence on Afrikaners

eNuus,Die Voorblad | 2012

Support the campaign # agteruitvirafrikaans at the campus of the University of Pretoria,Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2012

Addressed an open letter to former president FW de Klerk over his justification of the negotiation process at CODESA during the 1992 to 1994 period

Die Voorblad | 2012

Welcomed the prosecution of the suspended Tshwane metro police deputy head Jaca,by the National Prosecuting Authority

Twitter,Facebook | 2012

Announces that toll fees will not be paid until taxis also pay toll fees in Gauteng

Facebook | 2012

Put out against certain groups in own Afrikaner circles after it came to light that children as young as 13 attending mini "Kamp staaldraad"

Die Voorblad,Facebook | 2012

Attend the Councillors conference in Centurion

Facebook | 2012

Attend a conference about the water situation in South Africa and also pay a visit at Rand Water's plants in Gauteng

Die Voorblad,Facebook | 2012

The Tshwane metro council suspends 22 staff members at the bus depot after having been threatened by the FF Plus to laid charges against the metro at the consumers commision to complain about poor service delivery to the public. The Pretoria mayor has publicly apologized and announced that the bus services will be reversed soon

Beeld,Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2012

Deliver response to the murder of Sheldean Human's killer Andrew Jordaan at Leeuwkop prison on Sunday, February 12, 2012, exactly five years after Jordaan kidnapped and murdered Sheldean Human

Die Voorblad | 2012

Leave the Tshwane Metro's council meeting after it has been in chaos because the speaker would not allow debates about the ward committee debacle

Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2012

Slamned the DA youth after "Soft porn" poster being

Radio Pretoria,Die Voorblad | 2012

Warned that the illegal squatters at Wallmansthal Pretoria is a result of a severe housing crisis in South Africa

Die Voorblad,Beeld | 2012

Warns that Tshwane's ward committees end up in a circus after R14mil were wrongfully spent

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Radio Pretoria | 2012

Laid charge against Tshwane municipality at the consumers council in regards to poor service from bus services to the public

Facebook,Die Voorblad | 2011

Deliver annual Christmas and New Year Message

Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2011

Ask for the resignation of the President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, after his statements in Natal about Christianity and the Bible. Also insisted that Zuma make a public apology to Christians

Facebook | 2011

Attend the annual Geloftefees at the Paardekraal Monument in Krugersdorp

Google | 2011

Philip van Staden recorded in the online version of the New History of South Africa. Here he is known as a champion of self-determination and community activist. It happened six days before his 36th birthday

Die Voorblad | 2011

Die Voorblad newspaper writes about the person Philip van Staden

Die Voorblad | 2011

Elected to the FF Plus' Research, Administration and organization and local government committees

Die Voorblad,Facebook | 2011

Warned Julius Malema that he is not welcome in Pretoria, as Pretoria not Julius's revolutionary home but Afrikaner region

Die Voorblad | 2011

With an absolute majority elected to the Gauteng executive council and to the Executive National Council of the FF Plus

Beeld | 2011

Support the FF Plus Pretoria youth during a cleaning session of the Kruger statue on Church Square

Facebook | 2011

Rush to Church Square to defend the Kruger statue after false rumors that the statue be removed

Facebook | 2011

Support Pieter Koen during his performance at High Technical School Pretoria Gardens

Die Voorblad | 2011

Accompany the leader of the Freedom Front Plus, Dr Pieter Mulder, to a dinner with the elderly in Pretoria

Facebook | 2011

Support the musical "Tree Aan!" At the State Theatre Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2011

The FF Plus in Pretoria and the office of the Mayor reached an agreement on the wendy houses issue

Die Voorblad | 2011

The Tshwane mayor informed the FF Plus leader in Pretoria, Councillor Philip van Staden, that urgent talks about the violence in the Wesmoot take place on Monday, October 3, 2011. Van Staden agree. Meanwhile, the Metro Council decided not to relocate the Schubartpark residents in the Wesmoot

Die Voorblad | 2011

After harsh debates and battles of eight hours within the council meeting in the Tshwane Metro Council, the FF Plus' urgent motion were dismissed. As a result, violence broke out in the Wesmoot

Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria,Jacaranda News | 2011

The community of Wesmoot insurgency because Schubartpark residents in Claremont will be established. The FF Plus announces that they will tabled an urgent motion during the council meeting of 29 Sept to stop the relocation

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Radio Pretoria,eNuus | 2011

Warns that Wesmoot of Pretoria heading for a humanitarian crisis and uncontrolled violence after it came to light that the Metro Council moved residents of Schubartpark to Claremont without the necessary water and sanitasion

Die Voorblad | 2011

Re-elected as FF Plus leader in Pretoria at the party's biennial reorganisation in the city

Facebook,Die Voorblad | 2011

Support the FF Plus TAS students at the SRC Elections at the University of Pretoria and shake hands with former President Paul Kruger

Beeld | 2011

Deliver the controversial September 10 speech at the wreath-laying for victims of crime at the AFM church in Daspoort

Beeld | 2011

Warns on climate change in South Africa during a debate in the Tshwane metro council on a proposed new - law for cleaner air in Pretoria. Law supported

Die Voorblad | 2011

Announced drastic plans to the FF Plus Pta Executive Council called Self-determination in local communities the only option for political survival. The Pretoria Executive Council accepted this plan and its implementation will be completed before the target date of December 2012

Die Voorblad,Beeld | 2011

The FF Plus caucus in the Pretoria City Council walk out the monthly council meeting after it came to light that the ruling ANC appointment of the new city manager will be steamroller after appointment documents a few hours before the meeting was delivered to councilors

Facebook | 2011

Tackle Julius Malema in an article on facebook after Malema announced that farms, banks and mines be nationalised

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2011

Praise the Tshwane emergency services for their quick response time after a passenger bus caught fire on the Mabopane highway Pretoria

Die Voorblad | 2011

Deliver his youngster speech in the Tshwane Metro Council

National | 2011

Elected as councillor in The City of Tshwane

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2011

Final phase start of repairs to the Daspoort tunnel

Die Voorblad,Rekord,eNuus | 2011

Laid a charge against the Tshwane Metro Council at the consumer comission after residents of Mountain View Pta Gardens are for three weeks without water

Die Voorblad,SABC Radio,National | 2011

The FF + launches its election manifesto for the 2011 election

Die Voorblad | 2011

Hold a public meeting at Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees in Pretoria North as part of the FF +'s 2011 election campaign. Draw a full house

Die Voorblad,Beeld,Praag | 2011

Warned the Pretoria Metro Council rather to drop the case against Magdag Stroebel after the Appeal Court gave victory in a similar case to residents of Johannesburg

Rekord,Beeld,Radio Pretoria,Die Voorblad | 2011

Overwhelmingly elected to be the FF Plus Mayoral Candidate in Pretoria

Rekord | 2011

The inertia of Pretoria Tshwane Metro Council condemned because the housing issue has not been completed.

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2011

Hold a public meeting in the Wesmoot 400 residents showed up.

Die Voorblad | 2011

Condemned the murder of Mr Basie vd Merwe and the SAPS member of Hercules killed respectively in Booysens and Claremont.

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2011

Tackle the Metro Council about poor service after bins in Marina Street, Market Street, Pretoria Street and Centre Street not been cleaned.

Beeld,Rekord,Radio Pretoria | 2011

The wendy houses lawsuit takes a new turn after the state's key witness, a building inspector Pierre de Villiers, suddenly resigned. Case postponed to 01 March 2011. Also in the North Gauteng High Court.

Rekord,Beeld,Radio Pretoria,Die Voorblad | 2011

Ask for the prosecution of an unregistered daycare in Suiderberg after they assaulted a-09month old baby

National,Pretoria News | 2011

Announce that the FF Plus is open for coalition with other opposition parties in Pretoria to took control over the city

Rekord | 2011

Newsmaker of the year. End in the 2nd and 6 place

Rekord | 2011

Welcome the work of the SAPS and Metropolice in the west of Pretoria

Philip Se Spoeg Blog | 2011

Taking Preident Zuma on about his poor economic plan for 2011

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2011

Congrtuale matrics on their performance in 2010 end exams

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2010

Hand out Christmas presents to poor children

Die Voorblad | 2010

Deliver a speech at a Geloftefees service

Beeld | 2010

Protest march in front of court. Handover memorandum to SA Government for housing for the poor

Die Voorblad,Rekord,SABC TV News,Beeld,eNuus | 2010

Hand out 24ton food to 2345 poor people in the Hercules area

Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria | 2010

Warned the ANC youth league not to remove the statue of Paul Kruger on Church Square Pretoria

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2010

Welcomed President Zuma enquiry on Tshwane Mayor,Gwen Ramakgopa

Jacaranda News | 2010

Ask for Metropolice officers to be suspended after they tear a Blue Bull shirt apart in front of the court while in uniform

Jacaranda News | 2010

Said that newly appointed chief of Tshwane Metropolice, Brigadier Manganye, do not have the skills or diplomas to be appointed in the position

Pretoria News | 2010

Ask for independent investigation against Tshwane Mayor,Gwen Ramakgopa, after it came to light that she is involved in tender irregularities

News 24 | 2010

Protest against golden handshake of City of Tshwane manager, Kiba Kekana, of R2.5mil

News 24 | 2010

Talk about dismantling of Cullinan and Rayton municipalities

Die Voorblad,Rekord,Pretoria News | 2010

Resigned as ward committee member. DA Councillor show lack of support against ANC in committee

Rekord,Jacaranda News,Die Voorblad | 2010

Ask for probe against Metropolice chief,Jaca

Rekord,Pretoria News | 2010

Said that Tshwane Mayor,Gwen Ramakgopa,visit to the west of Pretoria is of no use

Die Voorblad | 2010

Protest against the changing of the Pretoria shows name to the "T" show.

Rekord | 2010

Taking drastic measures with the Daspoort tunnel

eNuus,Die Voorblad,Beeld | 2010

Hand out food to poor people with Dr.Pieter Mulder on 18th June

Die Voorblad | 2010

Ask for probe against Tshwane Mayor,Gwen Ramakgopa,for wasting R600 000-00 of taxpayers money

Rapport | 2010

Elected as Pretoria Leader of the Freedom Front Plus

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2010

Hand out 4ton food to poor people

Beeld | 2010

Went to court to stop City of Tshwane to evict poor people from wendyhouses in Daspoort

Die Voorblad,SABC TV News,Rekord,Beeld,Pretoria News | 2010

Discussions with President Zuma about poor service delivery,housing and crime in Pretoria

Rekord | 2010

Issie de Beer of Danville turned 99

Beeld,SABC TV News,Rekord,Die Voorblad,Praag | 2010

Support Dr.Pieter Mulder at Brooklyn Police station for laying a charge agains Julius Malema for singing "Kill the boer"

Beeld,Radio Pretoria | 2010

Erected a squattercamp in front of the Executive Mayor of Tshwane's home,Dr. Gwen Ramakgopa.

Beeld,Pretoria News,Rekord,Die Voorblad,Radio Pretoria | 2010

Launch three week petition against illegal squatters in the West of Pretoria. 6500 residents signed the petition.

Beeld | 2010

After a battle of two years the illegal squatter camp in Bremerstreet Pretoria were removed

Die Voorblad,Rekord | 2010

Launch the Raymond Nortje trust fund

Rekord | 2009

Threaten to took Transnet to court for not rendering services on the Hercules line

Radio Pretoria,Radio Rippel | 2009

Tackle PPC cement again for polluting the environment

Beeld,SABC TV News,Rekord | 2009

Attend opening of SADF monument at Voortrekkermonument in Pretoria.

Die Voorblad | 2009

Attend the congress for the Reddingsdaadbond about white poverty in South Africa

Rekord | 2009

Visit schoolboy in hospital after been attacked by armed robbers

Die Voorblad | 2009

Elected on the Gauteng Executive council and National Executive council for the Freedom Front Plus

Die Voorblad | 2009

Elected as vice chairman of the Pretoria Executive council for the Freedom Front Plus

Beeld | 2009

Poor people houses are transfered to their names

Die Voorblad | 2009

Protest in City of Tshwane housing offices together with 40 other people against the city new policies of evacuating the poor people.

Die Voorblad | 2009

Memorial service for victims of crime

Youtube,French TV | 2009

Produced a documentary about white poor people in South Africa

Beeld | 2009

React on negetive media about alleged corruption in the Sheldean Human Trust

Die Voorblad | 2009

Gave groceries to poor families in West of Pretoria

Rekord,Die Voorblad | 2009

Gave Government only 60 days to change the crime situation in South Africa

Rekord,Jacaranda News,Die Voorblad | 2009

Threatened Government with massaction after the murder of Frikkie Jackson in Pretoria.

SABC TV News | 2009

Speak at National Congress of the Freedom Front Plus about the crime situation in South Africa

Rapport | 2009

Picketing outside Highcourt in Pretoria to protest for South Africans living abroad to be able to vote in the National elections

Die Voorblad,Rekord,SABC TV News | 2008

Hand out Christmas presents and food to children and poor people at Booysens. 600 People were helped on this day.

Die Voorblad | 2008

Held public meeting in Danville and Elandspoort and Hermanstad

Rekord | 2008

Re - elect as member of the ward committee after term of two years

Die Voorblad | 2008

Hand out food to 160 poor people in Danville

Die Voorblad | 2008

Launch the Booysens branch of the FF Plus with 95 members

Beeld | 2008

Lost by-election in ward 55 Pretoria with only 143 votes

Die Voorblad | 2008

Gave food to the poor in Danville

Facebook,Die Voorblad | 2008

Attending the Million man march at Unionbuildings Pretoria

SABC TV News | 2008

The sentencing of Arno Jordaan who murdered the seven year old Sheldean Human

Rekord | 2008

Clean the park in Bremerstreet

Die Voorblad | 2008

Giving blankets to the poor in the community for the winter

Rapport | 2008

Sign the "Bly net" declaration

Die Voorblad,Rekord,SABC TV News | 2008

Anti crime march in Hercules

Beeld | 2008

Step in to keep the peace between different racial groups of Lady Selbourne and Mountain View

Rekord | 2008

Clean the rivercanal in Mountain View

Radio Pretoria,Radio Rippel | 2008

Act against the PPC company for destroying the environment and the community

Rekord | 2008

Thanking the community for their partecipation in the Sheldean Human case

Rekord,Radio Pretoria | 2007

Helping members of community to evacuate their houses after heavy rain fall, help clean streets in Mountain View stop people burning trains

Beeld | 2007

Protest against ANC policy of streetname changes in Pretoria

Beeld | 2007

Protesting against municipality's poor service delivery

Die Voorstoep, Rekord West | 2007

Anti crime protest in West of Pretoria

Rekord | 2007

Launched anti crime forums in West of Pretoria

Beeld | 2007

Wreathlaying for the victims of the Claremont armed robbery

Beeld | 2007

Help people who were shot at armed robbery in Claremont Pretoria

Radio Pretoria,Pretoria News,Rekord | 2007

Campaign against the Putco busdepot in Roseville Pretoria

Radio Pretoria | 2007

Help children in need at the Cullinan Rehabilitation Centre

Beeld | 2007

Came out against the minister of Transport - enatis system

Rekord | 2007

Launch the Wesmoot Ratepayers association

Die Voorstoep, Rekord West | 2007

Launch anti crime march in Pretoria

Pretoria News | 2007

Campaigning against child abuse

Pretoria News,Rekord West,Beeld,SABC TV News | 2007

Launch trustfund for Sheldean Human

Competitive Accomplishments

Runner -up | Athletics | 1992

3000 meters and 1500 meters

Academic Achievements

Matric | 1994

Other Achievements

Helping others | 2012

Philip van Staden was born on 05 December 1975 in Pretoria and after 36 years he is still a resident of the Jacaranda city. His education began in 1983 at the Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees and he completed his matric in 1994 at the Hoërskool Pretoria Noord. He is the youngest of three children and his parents were William and Hester van Staden. His father past on when he was only seventeen years old. His father was also born in Pretoria and his mother comes from Lichtenburg in the North West Province, then the Western Transvaal. Philip already at the age of seven to become actively involved in politics and already at the age of twelve joined the youth wing of the then Conservative Party. There he was actively involved at ground level until 1994 where he was already eighteen and joined him at the Freedom Front of Gen. Constand Viljoen. After completing matric in 1994 he started his own business which was an extreme success. In 2006 he decided to call the business world goodbye and he returned to active politics on the ground. Here he launches various protests and today he is known as an activist in the community.Philip van Staden was elected in 2009 as the Pretoria leader of the Freedom Front Plus and held the post until 2011 where he was again reelected. In the 2011 municipal election, he was the mayoral candidate for the Freedom Front Plus in Pretoria on May 26, 2011 he was sworn in as a councillor of the Tshwane Metro Council. Since his first council meeting regularly care Philip touch for heated debates on issues. He describes himself as a God fearing man and stand for nothing and nobody back. He also campaigned for the Self-determination of peoples in South Africa and is not shy to take his own people if they wander the road. His political views are conservative. He is a big proponent of movies and arts and supports regular performances at the State Theatre, arts festivals and movie theaters. He has a great preference for Afrikaans music and currently has a collection of approximately seven hundred CDs of local artists who he still daily supplement. He is currently busy with studies. He enjoys his time with his friends and family. In 2007, he gained fame after he established a trust fund for the seven-year-old Sheldean Human.



Freedom Front Plus

Elected to the FF Plus' Research, Administration and organization and local government committees, November 2011 - present

City of Tshwane

Member of the Dispute Resolution Appeals Committee, October 2012 - present

City of Tshwane

Member of the Housing and Human Settlements Committee, May 2011 - present

City of Tshwane

Member of the Petitions Committee, May 2011 - present

City of Tshwane

Councillor, May 2011 - present

Freedom Front Plus

Pretoria Leader,Gauteng Organiser,Member of the Gauteng Executive council, Member of the National Executive council, January 2006 - present


Ward Committee

Youth, Roads and Public Transport,Stormwater,Vise Chairman, July 2008 - April 2011

Ward Committee

Roads and Public Transport, May 2006 - July 2008

Wesmoot Belastingbetalersvereniging

Chairman, July 2004 - July 2009

Hercules CPF Sector 1

Management, January 2006 - July 2010

Other Activities

Films,Music and Cultural Activities

Love the film and music industry, 1975 - present


Fighting for the poor, children and against crime, 1994 - present


In party structures locally and interested in international politics, 1987 - present


Like to read anything from politics to drama, 1983 - present


Public interest, 1992 - present

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