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Russell Fox


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Russell Fox

Russell Fox - Magician Insane


Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born in Cape Town South Africa

“The Hottest Mentalist South Africa has ever seen”

Carl Waistee (Good Hope FM)

Welcome to the world of Russell Fox Magician Insane, Africa’s most inspirational, influential and Insane Mentalist, Perceptionist and Illusionist.

As a child Russell was born with an array of life challenges, Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD and when starting his schooling career he was hit with the discovery of mental disorder that declared him ineducable, which stunted his schooling immensely then later in life he would discover he had to live with a mild form of Turrets.

But with the hard knocks of life came a stubborn will and desire to overcome all that fought to stop him and he did. By Russell taking the time to get know himself he has found ways to over come or work around these challenges that would other wise have stopped him from achieving amazing success.

Russell is today a thriving Business man and Internationally Acclaimed Master in the art of Magic, Illusion, Perceptionism’ and Mentalism who has been performing both nationally and international since 1999 and through this motivates and inspires across the globe.

As a versatile artist his abilities take his performances to many different aspects within the field and thus offering a variety of shows, MC, workshops and team builds making him the most versatile and influential artist in terms of the magic arts in South Africa.

Not only does he perform but Russell also designs and creates magic effects and illusions for other magic artists and Companies across the globe.

Russell is an artist and this brings a unique experience to his shows. Since child hood Russell has be musically and creatively inclined dabbling in many genres of art such as Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry and finds himself lost in this wold in his free time.

So you will not be hiring or experiencing your run of the mill magician or mentalist, you will be experiencing a once in a life time moment with Russell in his psychological art. By study, collaboration and fusion of human behavior and psychology with mental-ism he has created a genre of the art that has not only been great on stage but is so effective with breaking mind sets in terms of how people perceive their lives and circumstances that he has been able to help many over come and change their negative perceptions and mind sets of their lives and in this way have break through and advance in their futures.

Russell’s magic has seen him performing nationally and internationally for some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series and people, e.g. The Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Carlo Mac Farlane from Back Stage, Mac Stanley, Arno Carstens, Carol Bauer, Fishy Fashions (SABC3), My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE), Emo Adams JOU SHOW (Mnet) and is sponsored by Primi Piatti international.

Be assured If your looking for a unique entertainment experience, MC or a life altering worship for you your guests or staff then look no further, Russell will leave you and your guests with a phycological experience never to forget.

Contact details

O: 078 155 0752

M: 078 155 0752

Web presence

Business Address

7 Watsonia St, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Africa's Most Insane Magician | Russell Fox
2010 - present

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Welcome to the insane world and magic Africa's most insane Magician Russell Fox, in his world he will drive your mind crazy with insane magic and fill your lungs with gasps for breath as laughter engulfs your being.

With a creative mind that does not stop dreaming and envisioning new insane magic to defy reality and cheat the psychological Russell Fox is Africa's most insane magician.

Keep your eyes on his site and what he is up to in and around Cape Town, South Africa and the world with insane magic on the streets, in homes, and pretty much anywhere you can think of he is their.

Join him on TWITTER, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK and watch his Insanity in magic on his YOU TUBE CHANNEL as he films magic with celebs, muso's and other South Africans around SA as he tours and travels.

Who knows you may just find him blowing your mind on the street or in your home

Join his mailing list so we can keep you intouch with were he is and what he is up to.


Previous Position(s)

Training, Facilitation and Performance | MTV Europe
2011 - 2011

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

"What a fantastic Illusionist.

With out a doubt one of South Africa's top"

Russell Fox came on board with us for the shoot of our South African episode of My Super Sweet World class, to train our two birthday girls to perform an illusion.

Not only did he train them well but we were absolutely dumb founded that he was prepared to share with them an illusion of gigantic preprotion. A Levitation.

We were at first worried that the girls may not be able to pull this off in the time that they had to learn the effect, But with the experience and wisdom Russell has, he guided and trained them in just a few days to bring to stage an incredible act that was as great as any highly professional act.

And then to top it all of Russell blew our minds with his own performance the night of the party and took us on a mind blowing experience. This guy is an artist never to be underestimated.

Once again thank you Russell for being so gracious and sharing with our girls such an amazing grand illusion and performing such an astounding act, making this episode one of the best for the series.

The show will be aired on Cable and DSTV in January and February 2012

Rob Pendlebury. Director - My Super Sweet World Class

Comedy Entertainment | Loud Advertising
2011 - 2011

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality


Top Class Montagu Magic

by Mareletta van Zyl-Wohlfarter

Montagu came alive with Magic and Laughter on a cold Tuesday evening at the Vic Hotel. The Divas of Montagu celebrated the magic in their lives with Magician-Comedian, Russell Fox.
Dressed up Divas and good food was, like always, part of the evening, but the highlight was definitely the Magical antics of the “Fantastic Mr. Fox”; as Russell was dubbed by his appreciative audience before the night ended.

The good news is….. Russell Fox will be back with a full Magic Comedy show and this time the whole town is invited!

Read more about Russell by visiting his website:

2011 - 2011

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Nikita's in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa with assistance of Russell Fox hosted the Comedy Lounge.

A night of comedy that hosted some of SA's hottest comedians, sponsored and supported by a South african Liquor brand from Brand house ( STRONGBOW)

45 min Comedy Show | Light House (Rema Ministries)
2010 - 2010

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

We had the privilege of having russell host our
Evening to celebrate our year end. His show's are
Clean, Classy and hilarious and was well enjoyed
By our congregation. Its so good to know we can
Have an act that is so professional yet so clean.

Russell thank you for being a part of and making our
Year end function such a great event.

Comedy | Bamboo Rocks (Events)
2010 - 2010

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Russell is a talent that breaks barriers with comedy adding a style with magic that is not often seen. Clean, witty, hilarious and mind blowing all I'm one show.

Thank you Russell for joining us at our family event and bringing us to our knees with laughter. The guys have still not stopped talking about you. It was fantastic. It is nice to know that we can still have great clean comedy even at family events that won't be offensive and we need not be concerned about those families that bring their kids know you are a clean act.

We will most definitely be seeing you again


Zaida Domingo
Bamboo rocks events.

Mc Entertainment | Philip Morris ( Malbaro)
2010 - 2010

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Russell Fox was hired for two days to provide his expertise as the host and Mc for their Life Skills training weekend.To uplift and motivate the training activators in between their life skills training using comedy magic to keep the activators minds stimulated and their enthusiasm up.

Durban Comedy Fest | Bruinos only in the Playhouse (Durban)
2010 - 2010

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

It was great to have Russell as one of the comed
Acts in our line-up of comedians at one of Durbans
Top comedy fetivals.

His style of comedy blended with insane magic is
Such a fresh new look for comedy in South Africa.
And it was a side ripping experience. Not only for
The myself but was loved by our Durban Audience

We will definitely have you back Russ you rock.

Carvin H Goldstone.

Close-up Comedy Magic/ Street Magic | East Wood
2010 - 2011

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Close - up comedy/street magic
Entertaining guests in a very relaxed cocktail lounge in Durbanville, Cape Town once a month at one of their fantastic events.

Teambuild Facilitation and Comedy ( A Night of Magic ) | Allan Gray Limited
2010 - 2010

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Allan Gray:

At Allan Gray i facilitated the teams for the team build event offering them the services of teaching the teams the necessary information and explanations needed for them to put together their show presentations they would be performing at the evening event.

Host. Comedian Magician | Prim Piatti ( Fox Central's Primi Comedy Nights)
2010 - 2010

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Fox Central's Primi Comedy Nights is a venue that host comedy and has become one of Fox Central's established comedy clubs in Cape Town, South Africa. Providing a venue for comics to perform at on a regular bases.

This is a part of the vision in creating a platform for comedians to be performing and touring around South Africa.

It is currently one of my venue's i run.

Comedian Magician | Kyknet
2010 - 2010

ICT and Telecommunications

Kyknet is a South African based telivision broadcast company part of the Mnet Group.

I was blessed to be a part of and one of the Comedians selected to be apart of their new series call LAG n BIETJIE and afrikaans comedy show specifically for Kyknet. So my entire english show i rewrote and translated into afrikaans.

Judge/MC and Comedy | Durbanvill AOG
2009 - 2009

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

What a great evening. Thank you Russell for being a part of our AOG's got talent evening in being one of the judges, Mc and then presenting such an astounding show.

You had the audience laughing for your full 40 min show. Their is still talk about the show and the guys still comment on how incredible the magic was.

Your talent of combining magic with comedy is brilliant and I my self am still amazed with the show. A clean comedy act is not something you see often and was so refreshing.

We will be seeing you in the future again.


Warren Binedell ( Youth Pastor AOG)

Educational history


Jan Kriel

1980 - 1991

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