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Saths Moodley


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Saths Moodley


Web presence

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Chairman | The Finland Chamber of Commerce in South Africa
2010 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

The purpose and sole object of the Chamber is to promote the development of bilateral investment and trading relations between South Africa and Finland; and generally, to facilitate and develop such bilateral relations, including the provision of information resources; submission of representations to Governmental authorities; assistance in the resolution of implementation difficulties and disputes; the establishment of a Code of Conduct; the provision of communication channels with respect to commercial issues affecting South Africa – Finland bilateral trade and investments.

Advisor | Urban Poor Fund International (Slum Dwellers International)
Cape Town, South Africa | 2009 - present

Social Development and Community Services

"It's about collecting people"

All Federations in the SDI network are collectives of slumdwellers whose central activity is the operation of savings and credit schemes. As the basic unit of collective action, each savings and credit scheme is comprised of slumdwellers living on the same street. Leaders walk door-to-door gathering small change from neighbors, and conducting daily community needs assessments.

The entire process is designed to maximize the contact that people have with each other, enabling strong bonds to form around their shared identity as poor people. When people interact with each other every day - whether it be over savings and loans or the threat of eviction - their sense of being a community intensifies. As members say, "Daily savings is a ritual that is not just about collecting money, it is about collecting people, collecting information about their lives and learning how to best support them."

Apart from encouraging savings, these women's collectives also offer access to cheap credit by issuing crisis, consumption and income generation loans. The point here is that the urban poor are completely excluded from the formal financial market and are often forced to borrow from moneylenders who charge extremely high rates of interest. This leads to vicious cycles of debt and ever-deepening poverty. Therefore, offering cheap credit fulfils a critical need for the urban poor and is an important entry point for Federations to build united communities.

Chairman: Board of Directors | Webnet Network Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Johannesburg, South Africa | 2000 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Previous Position(s)

Chairman of the Board of Directors | UNIMA South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa | 2010 - 2012

Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Puppetry South Africa (UNIMA SA), the South African association of Puppetry and Visual performance, works to develop South African puppetry through encouraging the exposure of SA puppeteers to international trends and the development of local skills.

Special Advisor | Government of South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa | 2004 - 2009

Government, Public Administration and Defence

Senior Facilitator | National Peace Accord
Pretoria, South Africa | 1992 - 1994

Government, Public Administration and Defence

The National Peace Accord was signed between National Party Government of South Africa, the African National Congress and other political parties to create a conducive climate for democracy in South Africa.

Senior Coordinator | National Housing Forum
Johannesburg, South Africa | 1992 - 1994

Government, Public Administration and Defence

The National Housing Forum was tasked with putting in place a National Housing Policy for a democratic South Africa. Membership included all political parties, business and trade unions.

Managing Director | World University Service of Ireland (WUS Ireland)
1983 - 1990

Educational history


Wharton Business School, USA

1995 - 1995

International Finance

University of St Louis Missouri, USA

1993 - 1993

Conflict Resolution

ML Sultan Technical College, RSA

1972 - 1974

Chemcial Technology

Stanger High School, RSA

1968 - 1971


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