Phumlani Mfeka

African nationalist, Entrepreneur and Scholar

Phumlani Mfeka started off at a tender age to self-develop, being the last born of four siblings; he watched his mother singlehandedly work long hours to make sure that they all at the least get a good education so to have a bright future. It pained Phumlani to watch his mother work so hard to support him and his siblings and thus he took the decision of doing his best to assist in whichever way he could. At the age of 13, he was introduced to the events industry by his school mates’ mother who had an events decoration company. Through doing a few assisting jobs for her after schooling hours, he did well to learn all he could from her and was able to meet a number of business persons through her who liked his zest and confidence, who then started to mentor him about the business world. He then started an event management company called Tweak Leisure International of which he over the years ingeniously built it to become an internationally renowned entity, which changed into LyzonLife International. Through the events that he coordinated, he was able to meet a variety of leaders in the world’s economic, social and political hierarchy which has allowed him to build strong relations with renowned individuals. By extensively reading books and participating in business and economic courses and forums, he significantly developed his knowledge and understanding. Mfeka is the nephew of the late ANC MK Veteran Bapane Mandla Mfeka, who went to exile in 1985 and trained in the ANC camps in Zambia, Mozambique, Soviet Union, Tanzania, Angola and Cuba. He served under the late Chris Hani and moved through the ranks until he became Staff Sergeant in the South African Defence Force before he was mysteriously shot in 1995. Phumlani has been very active in politics as he shares personal relationships with a wide spectrum of politicians in and within the African National Congress and other progressive Pan-Africanist organisations. He is one of the founding members of the Mazibuye African Forum which is an African consciousness and pressure group that is the exclusive platform for Africans to raise their concerns and demands without fear or prejudice. Among other policy directions, the forum is advocating for Land in KZN to be returned to Africans unconditionally, a radical economic transformation that will be in favour of Africans and the de-classification of Indians in BEE, Affirmative Action and Employment Equity effective immediately. The movement is rallying all African people across all political parties to unite above political lines and move to pressurise the government to swiftly address these socio-economic injustices which the African people have been victims of for centuries. Phumlani is a peaceful and affectionate philanthropist who has an amazing sense of humour, also currently the founding President of the Young Business Society of Africa, which is an entrepreneurship development institution that is geared to assist young aspiring entrepreneurs. Although Phumlani is not an attention seeking person, you certainly can feel his presence whenever he walks into a room and notice how he is revered by many high profile leaders within South Africa’s economic, political and social hierarchy.







President | The Young Business Society

2009 - present

Non-Executive Director | Nu-Care Health Group (Pty) Ltd

2008 - present

Non-Executive Director | Umqombothi HR Development

2008 - present

Non-Executive Director | Washesha Connections

2008 - present

Founder & CEO | Tweak Leisure International

2008 - present

Executive Chairman | Tweak Holding International

2008 - present

Non-Executive Director | Phude Investments

2008 - present


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