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Soweto Fine Art Gallery

Soweto Fine Art Gallery was founded in 1996. It has the most extensive database in existence of fine art representative of the "Soweto School of Art" group. Martin G Britz is the President & Founder ho wrote the pioneering book - "South African Fine Art - The Soweto School of Art" ISBN 978-1-920668-00-6, which identifies the group and establishes their validity as a "school of art" by highlighting the key factors commonly present, and influential in the lives and art of the group. It is the first "school of art" to emerge from the African continent.

Soweto Fine Art Gallery's PEOPLE


  • Martin G Britz
    President & Founder: CBEEP - Community Based Economic Empowerment Proje...


2014, 25th April - eTV Sunrise Breakfast Show


Soweto Fine Art Gallery - Head Office

Office: 27 (0) 79 754 2174

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