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Tanya Oostendorp


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Tanya Oostendorp

Nickname: 'TanyaO'

The candidate with the highest level of dedication

Born 11-07-1985 in Klerksdorp South Africa

I have a broad range of professional experience, from administration to training consultant. I've excelled in the positions I filled in the past due to my perfectionist personality - I lend perfection to everything I take on, and expect perfection from everyone I work closely with. Customer Service is extremely important to me, regardless of who the customer might be.

My long term goal is to start up my own successful self-sustaining enterprise.

Contact details

O: 0110469096

Business Address

Sovereign Rd, Roodepoort, South Africa, 1724

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Business Owner | Management | Mission : Impeccable
Roodepoort, South Africa | 2011 - present

Consumer Goods, Fashion and Retail

Management of finances.

Purchasing of stock.

Product production.

Client consultations.


Drafting of quotes and invoices.


Management of website.

Customer contact and public relations.

Human resources.

Scheduling of tasks.

Receiving payment from clients.

Previous Position(s)

Training and Recruitment consultant | Training and Recruitment | KSS Cellular, Roodepoort
Roodepoort, South Africa | 2010 - 2011

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Established a collaborative relationship with relevant shareholders
Discussion of recruiting requirements and restrictions
Advertised available telesales positions in the company
Interview conducting and sifting (telesales consultants)

Conducting of needs analysis (learning outcomes)
Established a collaborative relationship with relevant shareholders
Preparation of skills gap analysis and reporting on results and solutions to shareholders

Design and develop of learning material
Analysis of learning outcomes
Establishing outline of learning programmes and strategy plans
Developing and design of curriculum
Developing of learning material to be outcome-based
Designing and development of assessments
Maintain and updating of learning material
Analyse assessment tools for accuracy, consistency and improvement
Evaluate the value, quality and effectiveness of the learning intervention

Facilitate learning
Implement learning material
Report on learning interventions
Support business units through training and refresher training interventions

Conducting of assessments
Planning and preparation of assessments
Preparing learners for assessments through coaching
Conducting of assessment
Evaluating and judging skills/product knowledge
Evaluate competency of the learners after assessment
Providing feedback to relevant shareholders and business unit managers
Determine further development needs
Review of assessments to ensure adherence to quality criteria

Learner support
Coaching learners during learning facilitation and the assessment process
Counselling learners during facilitation process in the learning environment
Mentor learners in the learning environment
Assist learners in the working environment

Drafting of documents
Compiling of checklists for interviews
Compiling of Personal Information forms for interviewees
Drafting of Informational documents for successful interviewees

Time management
Arrange of training schedules for different training groups. 2 to 3 groups per week, on 4 different campaigns (products)
Arranging of induction meetings, during which learners meet their supervisors
Arranging of equipment setup for learners with IT department
Booking of training centres when needed for larger training groups

Administrative skills
Capturing of New Consultant data on company system
Filing of all documents utilised per learner from conduction of interview to completion of training
Spelling and Grammar checks on scripts and training manuals drafted by colleagues

Telesales consultant | Sales | KSS Cellular, Roodepoort
Roodepoort, South Africa | 2010 - 2010

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Learning a very broad product knowledge of the products our clients had on offer.

Contacting customers on the lead database and successfully interest them in the products our clients had on offer.

Inform customer of legal rights and responsibilities applicable to the specific product sold to them.

Obtain and capture all relevant details of customer, w.r.t. banking details, contact details, legal consent, etc.

Consistently meet or exceed every day's specific sales target, both as a team and an individual, as well as meeting or exceeding your own personal target.

Sales Representative | Sales | DS Max - Horizon Empire
Roodepoort, South Africa | 2010 - 2010

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Learning a very broad product knowledge of the products our client had on offer.

Master the skill of selling face to face.

Going from business to business to successfully interest any potential customer in the products our client had on offer.

Receiving payment from customers.

Consistently meeting daily and monthly sales targets as an individual.

Driver | Delivery | Scooter's Pizza
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2010 - 2010

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Calculating routes for delivery of allocated orders.

Ensuring that allocated orders are delivered in 39 minutes or less.

Receiving cash from customers.

Childminder | Alternative Position | Beef Boys Grill/Fishmonger Restaurant
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2009 - 2009

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Entertaining restaurant patrons' children while patrons are enjoying their evening.

Ensuring that the children are kept safe at all times and not engaging in dangerous activities.

Reception/Floor Management | Management | Beef Boys Grill/Fishmonger Restaurant
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2009 - 2009

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Completion of daily checklist w.r.t. waiter duties (ensuring that all waiter duties have been performed exceptionally well and before commencement of dinner service).

Admonishing of waiters where needed, and ensuring that outstanding duties are completed.

Ensuring that the shop has been prepared for all bookings for the evening.

Receiving patrons at the door, escorting patrons to allocated seats, allocating new patrons to a waiter, ensuring that patrons receive immediate service.

Assisting two kitchens in sending out orders to tables.

Ensuring that all patrons receive exceptional service throughout the evening.

Assisting waiters where needed.

Transferring patrons to alternative waiters services where needed.

Ensuring that all waiter duties are completed at the end of the evening.

Reporting to management w.r.t. events of the evening.

Administrative assistant | Administration | Goldex Financial Group
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2009 - 2010

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Learn a general product knowledge of the products our company had on offer in my division.

General administration - opening files for new clients, adhere to existing filing system, capturing data of new clients on existing data capturing system, develop a new tracking system to monitor my immediate supervisor's new business acquisitions, filing of completed tasks for specific clients.

Submitting medical aid forms (new business/policy amendments) to medical aids after ensuring all documents required for the specific process are included.

Following up on abovementioned applications according to timelines specified by the different medical aids.

Informing clients of the status of abovementioned applications.

Medical aid statement enquiries on behalf of clients; acquiring necessary documents in order to prompt medical aids to remunerate unpaid claims; following up on the status of these submissions.

Contacting with doctors and hospitals for acquisition of documents required to obtain consent for certain procedures from client's medical aid; obtaining consent for certain procedures from client's medical aid after submission of necessary documents; informing client of status of this process, and providing client with reference numbers.

Answering and directing calls; taking and relaying of messages.

Rescissions Administrator | Rescission of Judgments | Liezl Swart Attorneys
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2009 - 2009

Law Practice and Legal Services

Arranging of court dates in various towns and cities in South Africa.

Creating new tracking system.

Capturing of new file data on new tracking system.

Typing of Rescission Orders for every specific new file, including party names, amounts owed to various parties, and court dates and venues.

Printing of Rescission Orders for debtor and Court, as well as copies for every creditor for every specific new file.

Preparing mail packs for every specific new file; filling out waybill forms; mailing copies of Rescission Orders to all parties involved.

Following up on the rescission of judgment process w.r.t. orders rescinded.

Ensuring that debtor administrators receive Rescission Letters.

Keeping track of abovementioned process on new system.

Front of House Receptionist | Reception | Willows Garden Hotel
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2008 - 2008

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Answering of telephones; directing of calls.

Booking arrangements.

Receiving payments.

Completion of daily checklists w.r.t. cleaning of rooms, stocking of rooms, filing, cleaning of front of house, etc.

Administrative assistant | Administration | Van der Linde Engineering
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2008 - 2008

Building, Construction and Engineering

Answering phones, taking and relaying of messages.

Drafting quotes and invoices.


General errands.

Acquiring stock as prescribed in stock list.

Banking duties.

Waitress | Front of House | Beef Boys Grill/Fishmonger Restaurant
Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2005 - 2008

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

General duties at beginning and end of shift.

Receiving patrons at the door and escorting them to allocated seats.

Ensuring that patrons receive immediate service.

Ensuring that patrons receive excellent service for the duration of their evening.

Assisting two kitchens in sending orders out to the tables.

Preparing the patrons' tables before their meals, and cleaning up afterwards.

Receiving payments from patrons.

General duties where reasonably required.

Educational history


Hoër Volkskool, Potchefstroom, South Africa (2003)


North West University

Potchefstroom, South Africa | 2004 - 2008

BSc Psychology/Physiology - Psychology/Physiology

Various Psychology Subjects
Various Physiology Subjects
Basic and Inorganic Chemistry
Basic Physics
Basic Statistics
Entrepreneurial Studies
Life Studies



Afrikaans Expo - Creativeness | 2001

Two Silver medals awarded for Creativeness i.t.o. the Afrikaans Language

Kickboxing Woman of the Year | 2000

Award given to the student showing the most improvement on technique through the year.

Academic Achievements

Distinction | 2003

Distinction - English

Distinction | 2003

Distinction - Afrikaans


Other Activities


Reader, 1989 - present

Reading fictional horrors, detective/crime novels, thrillers and comedies, as well as studying marketing manuals, financial management and technical manuals in my free time, to broaden my horisons and expand my skill base to build my small enterprise successfully.


Cook, 2011 - present

Currently learning new recipes and skills.


Baker, 2011 - present

Currently learning new recipes and skills.


Studying, 2012 - present

Currently learning to play the acoustic 6-string guitar.

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