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Justice Ndou


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Justice Ndou

justice ndou

Nickname: 'mobius'

Creating business and freelancing jobs solutions

Currently resides in: Limpopo, South Africa

Born in Nzhelele South Africa

Justice Ndou.
CEO and Founder of Blue IT Marketing and Freelancing Solutions, also working as a Webmaster of freelancing solutions website and blue it marketing website.

Freelancing Solutions is offering the following services.

Free Freelancing Jobs Portal.
Easy Website Hosting Solutions.
Affiliate Marketing Programs.
Affiliate Partnership Programs.

Justice Ndou is also a seasoned.
Website Developer, SEO and Online Marketing Consultant.

Contact details

O: +27790471559

Web presence

Business Address

South Africa, South Africa

Professional Portfolios

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Freelancing Solutions Easy Website Hosting Solutio...

in Website Development

Freelancing Solutions Freelancing Jobs Portal

in Website Development

Professional details

Current Position(s)

General Manager | Marketing, Sales & ICT | Suprime Insurance Brokers Pty LTD
Thohoyandou, South Africa | July 2015 - present

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Marketing, Promoting and Selling Suprime Insurance Brokers Financial Products.
Creating and Packaging Suprime Insurance Brokers Financial Products in such a way that is easily promotable through Multi Level Marketing Strategies. through online and offline methods.

CEO & Webmaster | Freelancing Solutions
Thohoyandou, South Africa | April 2014 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

Business Planning, Management, Promotional and SEO Article Writing, Website Development, and Online Marketing.

Webmaster, SEO, Online Marketing and Application Developer | IT | Schools and Educational Networks
Thohoyandou, South Africa | September 2014 - present

Academia, Education and Training

Developing and designing a school and educational resource network website allowing teachers, schools, individuals and educational organizations to create learning resources for easy online learning.

CEO | Blue IT Marketing PTY LTD
2013 - present

ICT and Telecommunications

I am involved with business planning and development of Blue IT Marketing PTY LTD Business Strategy.

Previous Position(s)

General Manager | Manufacturing & Retail | Ngwenda Manufacturing Holdings Pty LTD T/A CreteArt
Thohoyandou, South Africa | January 2015 - June 2015

Manufacturing and Industrial

General Manager of Ngwenda Manufacturing Holdings Pty LTD T/A CreteArt & Brick n Decor

Train Driver Assitant | TRANSNET FREIGHT RAIL
2005 - 2009

Transportation and Logistics

Made sure that my train is running smoothly towards its destination, trouble shooting of minor problems in the engine and the train itself.
making sure that the train reaches the intended destination and stopping on all planned and unplanned stops along the route.
checking of braking pipe pressure.
testing of brake pressure at the rear of the train.

Head Computer Technician | MBC College
2002 - 2003

ICT and Telecommunications

Made sure all computers and computer infrastructure are working as intended, making sure all software's operates seamlessly with the intended hardware.
Delegating PC repairs and Maintenance to my juniors and making sure that the work is completed as planned.

Educational history


Thohoyandou Technical High School, Thohoyandou, South Africa (1997)


Koedespoort Transnet college

Pretoria, South Africa | February 2005 - July 2005

Train Driver Assistant. - Train Control

Studying Train Control systems, Signaling, Train Rules, Class 34 Diesel Locomotive, Class 33 Diesel Locomotive

Vaal University of Technology

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa | 2000 - 2002

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) - Computer Science

Studying Computer Systems engineering, started 2000 until 2002

Vaal Univeristy of Technology

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa | 1998 - 2000

Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

Fluid mechanics, Mechanics of Machines, Mathematics, Computer Aided Design, Metallurgy, Manufacturing, and Strength of materials.


media exposure

SEO Strategy The Possibilities | 2014

If one had to liken what is happening on Google SEO Land you can be forgiven for thinking that it is more like having an Earth Quake, Tornadoes and tsunamis all at the same time.

South African Freelancers by freelancing solutions | 2012

A blog for south african freelancers showing exactly how to go about getting freelancing jobs.

How to find freelancing jobs | 2014

an article serving as a guide to finding freelancing jobs online.

Premium freelancing accounts from freelancing solutions | 2014

Premium freelancing accounts from freelancing solutions allowing freelancers to create their own freelancing portfolio websites giving them an opportunity to get better exposure to employers.

Freelancing Solutions Affiliates | 2014

Freelancing Solutions Affiliates Facebook page.

Free Blogs | 2014

Justice Ndou is on the process of creating a free blogging environment for bloggers all over the world.

Freelancing Jobs Articles | 2014

Freelancing Jobs articles on medium by justice ndou.

Creating your freelancing portfolio | 2014

Justice ndou on how to create a freelancing jobs portfolio in such a way that gets you more freelancing jobs.

Find Justice Ndou on About me | 2013

Showing my activities online.

Find Justice ndou on Google+ | 2012

a profile of justice ndou on google+

Freelancing Solutions on Google+ | 2014

Freelancing Solutions on Google Plus, Created by Justice Ndou to update Freelancers on Freelancing Jobs as they become available on any of our freelancing jobs websites.

Freelancing Solutions on Facebook | 2014

Freelancing Solutions Facebook Created by Justice Ndou for freelancers in South Africa and Abroad.
This Page Allows freelancers to get information on the latest information on freelancing jobs and freelance writing jobs.
and it is also used for Quick access to such.

Freelancing Solutions Articles | 2014

A catalogue of articles created by Justice Ndou about freelancing jobs, SEO, SEO Strategy, Online Marketing and many more.

Online Jobs for students Edu Blog | 2014

A Blog created for students who would like to start earning cash online.

Freelance Jobs | 2014

Explaining to freelancers how to start working on freelance jobs for free.

Online Jobs for students | 2014

An Article describing how students can start working on online jobs created for them

Freelance Writing Jobs | 2014

The best way to start working on freelance writing jobs in freelancing solutions

freelancing jobs | 2014

Freelancing Solutions freelancing jobs descriptions of how to start working in freelancing jobs

Blue IT Marketing | 2013

A blog showing freelancers how to start working and get decent freelancing jobs.

Freelance Jobs of 2014 | 2014

A blog on the conditions of freelancing and freelance jobs in the year 2014

easy freelancing jobs | 2014

A blog on freelancing specifically how can one get easy freelancing jobs and also start working easily in the freelancing industry.

easy freelancing jobs | 2014

A blog on freelancing specifically how can one get easy freelancing jobs and also start working easily in the freelancing industry.

Blue IT Marketing Blog. | 2013

A blog about South African Freelancing Industry and how freelancing solutions a susbisdiary of freelancing solutions is offering its services to help with freelancing in SA

Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD | 2012

Blue IT Marketing main website a company behind the operations of freelancing solutions and all its operations.

Easy Website Hosting Solutions | 2014

This website enables business owners who needs their presents online to be able to get access to our website hosting and development services that also doubles as an online business solution and launching platform, allowing any business to quickly promote their services and or products online.

Freelancing Solutions Affiliates | 2014

Freelancing Solutions affiliate marketing program, allowing our clients to own affiliate marketing websites which they can us to promote the services of freelancing solutions, freelancers, and also our affiliate partners.

Freelancing Solutions Information website. | 2014

Freelancing Solutions services and products informational website. this website exists for the sole purpose of giving out information on everything related to freelancing solutions.

Freelancing Solutions Jobs Portal | 2014

A website providing employers and freelancers an opportunity to work together in a free and well managed environment.

Competitive Accomplishments

Member of Limpopo Province Chess Team | South African Chess Championships | 1996

I was a member of the then Northern Province Chess Team for the whole year.

Academic Achievements

Studied Train Driver Assistant Course in Transnet freight and rail | 2005

Studying for a Diploma in Train Driver Assistant

Computer Systems National Diploma | 2002

Studying Computer Systems National Diploma at VUT and also consecutively finishing up on Mechanical Engineering National Diploma.

Mechanical Engineering | 1999

I studied mechanical Engineering National Diploma from 1998 to 2002. and consecutively also studying Computer Systems National Diploma.

Other Achievements

Freelance Writing Jobs | 2014

Justice ndou is also creating a platform for freelance writing jobs so freelancers and employers can work with each other easier.

Personal and Educational Achievements | 1993

A detailed description and achievements of Justice Azwifarwi Ndou is contained within this page.



Trust Cloud

Member, 2012 - present

This social networks showcases my trustworthiness online.

Freelance Writing Jobs Blog

Website Developer and SEO Specialist., 2014 - present

Currently working on launching this blog.

Justice Ndou on Bizz Community

Providing Freelancing Solutions Profile., 2013 - present

Find me and my details on BIzz Community.


Blogger, July 2014 - present

I am presently a Blogger on Forbes. Blogging Community.



Comprehensive Donor, 1998 - present

I donate blood every three months to help save lives. i am blood type O+ so my blood is really helpful

Other Activities

Google Application Development for Freelancing Solutions

Google APP Developer, November 2014 - present

i am busy working on the new freelancing solutions application that aims to make it easier for anyone to find jobs online, either permanent, part-time and freelancing jobs.


Developing a Schools and Educational Network Website, September 2014 - present

Currently busy developing a schools and educational network website to promote online learning and participation by teachers to promote education in South Africa and Southern African Countries.

Silver Website Hosting Solutions

Service Provider, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions silver website hosting solutions allowing small to medium sized businesses to host their website online with a service provider that will also help them promote their services and products online for free.

Bronze Website Hosting Solutions

Service Provider, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions Bronze website hosting solutions for small business and personal websites. this website hosting solutions allows clients to make use of our services to promote their products and services for free online and boost their initial sales on launch and thereby improving their chances of success.

Freelancing Solutions Affiliate Marketing Website.

Service Provider, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions also provides website development and hosting services for affiliate marketing websites, and also provides services to affiliate partners to have their products and services promoted professionally by our affiliate marketing agents.

Freelancing Portfolio Website Development and Hosting

Service Provider, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions Providing Freelancing Portfolio website hosting and development service for freelancers willing to work on a professional freelancing portfolio website.

Freelancing Solutions Website Hosting Forums

Content Creator and Admin, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions Website Hosting forums.

Freelancing Solutions Website Hosting Blogs

Content Creator and Admin, April 2014 - present

Freelancing Solutions Blog for website hosting clients.

Freelance Jobs Posts on ScoopIt

Posting Freelancing Solutions Updates, 2014 - present

Whenever there's an update on freelancing solutions website it will appear here.
including freelance jobs updates

SEO Strategy

Website Developer and SEO Specialist., 2012 - present

I am currently a very active and good Search Engine Optimization Specialist


SEO Testimonials

"Find my testimonial s on while working on SEO Freelance Jobs for international customers." - 2012

Freelancing Testimonials

"Check this website for testimonials on my work as a freelancer and also providing freelancing jobs to freelancers" - 2014

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