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Vincent Kheswa


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Vincent Kheswa

Nickname: 'Simply Vincent'

Model Implementation Analyst at Standard Bank

Currently resides in: Gauteng, South Africa

Born in Vanderbijlpark South Africa

My career in the banking industry has given me an opportunity for growth in the corporate world, enhancing my knowledge and skills in the industry, as well as moulding my abilities as a leader, a logical and innovative thinker, as well as a tactical problem solver. I am a self motivated individual who serves his spare time hosting motivational sessions for high school learners, as well as extra mathematics classes.

I started as a BMI Student Marketer while I was still in university, which gave me an exposure to liaison with clients, make presentations for large crowds as well as executive board members, and worked on my communication skills.

Having to carry the knowledge of Mathematics to a class of College students, I then became a Lecturer at Sedibeng College. I had to work under a lot of pressure during this time and still be able to deliver good results, as the time given to cover the entire curriculum was not enough, and I still had to do all the administration required, planning lessons and organizing marketing events for the college.

My role as a Project Coordinator/Field Trainer at Maths Centre allowed me to use all that I have learned from Student Marketing and Lecturing, taking it further into project management and coordination.

I am a BSc graduate in Business Mathematics and Informatics (BMI). In addition, I am also a Writer, Poet, Songwriter, Musician.

Contact details

Web presence

Business Address

30 Baker Street, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Model Implementation Analyst | PBB Credit | Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Rosebank, South Africa | November 2014 - present

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Previous Position(s)

Credit Risk Officer | Small Enterprise Credit Centre | Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Johannesburg, South Africa | January 2014 - November 2014

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Debt Restructure Manager | Home Loans Credit Customer Assist/ Unsecured Lending | Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Johannesburg, South Africa | April 2013 - June 2013

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Risk and Governance Officer | Fraud Detection and Reporting | Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Johannesburg South, South Africa | July 2013 - December 2013

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Fraud and breach review,
Compliance surveillance,
Gap and strategy analysis,
Investigation consulting,
Investigation support

Card Compliance Officer | STANDARD BANK GROUP LTD
2012 - 2013

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Project Co-ordinator/ Field Trainer | Maths Centre
2012 - 2012

Academia, Education and Training

Uplift the standard of Mathematics in High Schools. Train Teachers to be better teachers in teaching Mathematics. Train and assist Learners in improving their knowledge and standard of Mathemtics and create potential bursary candidates. Project funded by a company (Trudon).

Statistics Student Assistant/ First-year Statistics Facilitator | Department of Information Technology | North-West University
Vanderbijlpark, South Africa | 2009 - 2009

Academia, Education and Training

BMI Student Marketer | Absa/NWU Bursary Committee
2008 - 2010

Academia, Education and Training

Marketing BSc BMI at Secondary Schoools, career expo centres. Recruiting potential learners for bursary opportunities.

First-year Accounting Facilitator | North-West University
Vanderbijlpark, South Africa | 2007 - 2007

Academia, Education and Training

Educational history


Residensia Secondary School, Sebokeng, South Africa (2005)


UNISA - Graduate School of Business Leadership

Midrand, South Africa | January 2017 - present

PGD in Business Administration - Economics for Managers. Accountig for Managers. Leadership and Organisational Behaviour.

North-West University

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa | 2006 - 2009

Bachelor of Science (BSc) - Mathematics and Computer Science



Beyond Excellence for Innovation and Service Excellence at Standard Bank | 2014

Beyond Excellence Award as a CRO at Standard Bank | 2014

1st runner up Overall Performance Credit Management Learner - Standard Bank | 2013

3rd Position for Unprepared Speeches Toastmasters | 2007

I was awarded a bronze medal for the 3rd position in the unprepared speeches category hosted by Toastmasters at North-West University

Shortlist and nomination

Standard Bank Mark of Excellence | 2016

Nominated for being one of the best employees at Standard Bank of South Africa.

media exposure

NWU Newsroom | 2017

Students get CV-smart with the help of alumni.

NWU Newsroom | 2017

There is room to grow outside the box - NWU Alumini

Sowetan Newspaper | 2017

Dreaming beyond stereotypes - Inspiration to the youth

NWU Newsroom | 2016

Life after graduation, alumnus to share his professional career experiences

Loxion Newspaper | 2010

I was interviewed as the Loxion Dude for a local newspaper in the Vaal, regarding the role I play in the community.

Sedibeng Jazz Festival | 2012

Performed and shared a stage with Lira, Zahara, Ntando, Siphokazi, and Jaziel Brothers.

Academic Achievements

Top Sesotho Learner | 2005

Awarded for obtaining best results overall in the subject Sesotho at Residensia Secondary School

Top Ten Number One Overall Academics | 2005

Awarded for being number one in the school top ten for academic merits at Residensia Secondary School

Best BSc First Year Academic | 2006

Awarded for academic merit results overall for BSc First Year Students

Top Mathematics Learner | 2005

Awarded for achieving best Mathematics results in Grade 12 (Matric) at Residensia Secondary School

Top Economics Learner | 2005

Awarded for achieving top results for Economics at Residensia Secondary School in Grade 12 (Matric)



Moving Forward Toastmasters Club

VPE, 2015 - present

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our organization has more than 332,000 memberships.

Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

North-West University Alumni

Committee Member, April 2014 - present

Evolution Dance Club

Founder/ Guardian, 2008 - 2010

A Dance Organization that brings out the vibrate various dancing skills of young people, operating on the premises of North-West University Vaal Campus.

Nikotiq Column

Founder/ Guardian, 2009 - 2010

A Poetry organization that focuses on all elements of art beyond poetry, operating in the premises of North-West University Vaal Campus.

NWU BSc Committee

Chairperson, 2006 - 2007

A committee made to address all the issues affecting the BSc students of the North-West University.

Soul Child

Chairperson, 2007 - 2009

It's a Poetry Organization that enhaces the art of Poetry. Based at North-West University.


Spread the Love Organisation

Guest Speaker, March 2017 - March 2017

Addressing young people at a launch for Spread The Love Organization about the importance of Arts and Education.

Simply Vincent alongside Black Management Forum

Financial Seminar, May 2014 - May 2014

Educating young people on Money, Investment, Business, and Finances. As well as Career Development

House of the 12 Apostles Youth Council

Member, 2013 - 2014

Implement social activites that will encourage the youth to be active within the church

Discovery Social Club

Executive Member, 2013 - 2013

Implement programmes that will enhance Youth Development in the Vaal Triangle Region.

Other Activities


Artist, 2003 - present

I am a recording artist, working on music projects. I do not play instruments, I am a songwriter/ poet/ rapper. The Music has I do is Poetry driven, but does not fall under any genre. However, it is influenced by Gospel, Afro-Pop, Hip Hop, and Jazz.


Writer, 2002 - present

I write articles, books, and stories. My writings are mostly about love and religion, and very much God Driven. My purpose is to change people's lives and perspective about Life is general.

Public Speaking

Public Speaker, 2001 - 2011

Involved in Public Speaking activies from high school level to tertiary. Both prepared and unprepared speeches.


Debater, 2002 - 2010

Participating in Debating Activities, familiar with the British Parliamentary Style of Debating


Poet, 2002 - present

I write and perform Poetry Pieces.


Lungile Mlangeni

"To whom it may concern,
I confirm that Vincent Kheswa was employed as a Credit Risk Officer by Standard Bank in the Small Enterprise Credit Centre from January 2014 to November 2014. During this time, he was one of my direct subordinates in a team of ten officers.

This position carried the following responsibilities, proactive credit risk management through ensuring that non-performing loan/provision targets are not exceeded and also effectively execute credit risk strategies to enable the day to day operations capability within Small Enterprise to maintain a budgeted Credit loss. In the short period that Vincent was with the team he was such an asset to the team. He portrayed excellent leadership and presentation skills through various projects. Vincent was also very reliable and dependable team member, who not only showed a lot of potential but I believed he was destined for great things.

I would happily re-employ Vincent as I consider him to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations.

Yours faithfully
Lungile Mlangeni
" - 2016

Prof. Riaan de Jongh

"I hereby wish to testify as follows about the person and character of Thokozani Kheswa (ID 8904065292083), known to me as Vincent.

I met Vincent during 2006 as a first year Business Mathematics and Informatics (BMI) student at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the North-West University. I was immediately impressed with his positive attitude, interpersonal relationship skills and his leadership qualities. This together with his academic performance earned him an Absa Bursary at the start of 2006. During 2008 he was appointed as the BMI marketer by the Absa Bursary Committee with the task of visiting as many previously disadvantage schools in order to attract students to studies in BMI. In this he excelled, so much so that I can honestly testify that he was the best BMI marketer ever given his success rate. He also did this task with passion and enthusiasm.

Vincent obtained the BSc BMI degree in 2009. This achievement is considerable taking into account that this BSc-degree has about double the credits of an ordinary BSc.

I wish Vincent the best of luck in his career and recommend him for any position that he may apply for.

Riaan de Jongh
" - 2013

Louis Maartens

"To whom it may concern.

I Louis Maartens, Credit Manager in the personal as well as Corporate card space in Standard Bank, hereby confirm that Thokozani Kheswa, known to me as Vincent, was introduce to our management team together with all the other graduates in November 2012. Vincent was in my department from November 2012 till April 2013.

From this introduction I was given the opportunity to choose one of the delegates from the team, Vincent with his pleasant down to earth personality, neat attire, immediately struck me and I subsequently choose him to come and assist in my area, as one of my permanent employees was on maternity leave at that stage and we were short of one person.

Vincent’s positive attitude and willingness to learn resulted him to fit in with the rest of the team very quickly and easily. Although the type of work was a total new experience to him he adapted very easily and quickly. He spend some time trading individually with his new team members, who took him through the actions especially in one department namely Re Instatement of personal cards.

Within a matter of days Vincent caught onto the methodology and way these actions are done in the department and he was left to assess and commence with his work individually. In no time he managed to work by himself and actioning the required amount of applications that was expected of him, surpassing his target set very quickly.

Vincent is a very matured and pleasant individual, who can communicate with all levels of people very easily, does not carry an attitude and is down to earth, sometimes perceived as shy, but he is very dedicated and focused on what is required of him to do.

When the pace became rather heavy and we experienced a back log in the department he would out of his own be at work early in the morning to assist rest of the team to try and alleviate any backlog of work, indicative of his very positive attitude and his contribution to rest of the team.

During his time with us he was requested by senior management to put together a presentation of our process which he was assisting with in the department, although finding it a little difficult in the beginning he went back and requested assistance to better the presentation which he did extremely well when presented again the second time.

My observation of Vince is that he will ask assistance when he requires and when he might be unsure of something! Always willing to learn, to allow him to supply superior service, but also very eager to learn new challenges.

He was very pleasant to work with, setting very high standards for himself, and his eagerness to learn and ask questions makes him a great team player to have in any team.

I would not hesitate to appoint and make him permanent in my team should that opportunity arise!

He would be a great asset to any team! Committed, dedicated, and willingness to learn makes him a great person, it was a pleasant experience to have spend some time with him in my team.
" - 2013

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