4 Ways To Use Onion Juice To Treat Dandruff

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Dandruff is a common scalp problem with women especially and is a major source of concern.

People do lots of things to get rid of dandruff and it would be better for you to know that onions really help you eliminate problems of dandruff at the earliest.

These Natural Home Remedies Are An Instant Cure For Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most annoying problems for most women as it causes the scalp to be itchy, dry, and scaly.

Onion has been stated as one of the best home ingredients in treating dandruff and hair loss problems as it has the capacity to kill the bacteria that is promoting the development of dandruff.

Have dandruff and thinking of ways to cure it? Onion juice will help you with that, below are some ways to use onion juice for hair.

1. Lemon and onion

You can make use of lemon to get rid of scaly dandruff. For this, you need to mix drops of lemon juice with onion juice. This would work wonders for the elimination of dandruff. This is also a good way you can get rid of the bad odor of onion.

Yes, onion has that harsh smell and it is embarrassing if you have the smell of onion when you are in public.

Lemon will suppress the strong smell of onion and now you are sure to smell normal. Onion and lemon juice together can really help the scalp feel less itchy.

2. Onion and honey

There are so many ways by which you can apply onion juice on the scalp. One way would be to mix onion juice with honey and apply the same on the scalp.

Honey and onion can even make the hair grow so strong and shiny. Honey is smooth and on the other hand, onion is juicy. In fact, the real combination of both would work wonders on your hair.

This way dandruff would be best eliminated and it would really create a difference in the quality of the hair.

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3. Olive oil and onion

You can even take one teaspoon of olive oil and mix this well with three teaspoons of onion juice. This is more than an effective therapy in winter. After applying the same on the scalp let the mixture stay at least for twenty to thirty minutes.

This is a great way you can get rid of dandruff and get rid of the dry flakes as well.

4. Onion and garlic juice for dandruff

Just like onion, garlic also has amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Garlic juice can be most effective in getting rid of dandruff and it also helps in healing the itchy sensation of dandruff. You can easily prepare a mixture of garlic and onion juice and use it on the scalp to get rid of dandruff.

Take 4-5 garlic cloves and grind them to paste. Now squeeze out the juice from this paste. Collect the juice of onion by grinding and squeezing some onion cubes. Mix the two juices in equal proportions and apply the resulting mixture onto your scalp.

Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Use this treatment every day in the beginning and then on alternate days or as required.



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