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More victims of suspected Wolseley serial killer might be found – Police

Provincial Commissioner visits Wolseley after discovery of three bodies. Picture: Kaylynn Palm

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape police on Wednesday said more bodies could be found in the investigation into the murders of three people in Wolseley.

Police confirmed a man arrested for the murder of a young woman from the area has confessed to the crime – as well as killing two others.

Siyamnkela Sobambela appeared in the Wolseley Magistrates Court on Tuesday and was charged with three murders.

Last weekend, three bodies were found in a local informal settlement – one of them was identified as Bernadine Frans.

The other two have yet to be identified.

Police earlier said the man was seen dragging the body of Frans on Saturday night and was subsequently arrested.

Two more bodies were discovered the following day in shallow graves.

The Western Cape Police Commissioner’s office said there could be more victims.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s Eric Ntabazalila said, “He has been charged with three counts of murder. More charges are likely to be added as the investigation continues. His case has been postponed to 9 December.”

Some community members vented their anger over the triple murders and burnt down the caravan where the accused lived.

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