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CSA remove former cricketer Ramela from interim board

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has undertaken to remove former franchise cricketer Omphile Ramela from the organisation’s interim board.

Ramela is accused of dereliction of his duties as a director of the CSA interim board and obstruction.

Board votes to remove Ramela

Interim board chair Judge Zak Yacoob revealed on Thursday that the former SA Cricketers’ Association (Saca) president, Ramela, was in danger of being removed from his position on the interim board appointed in consultation with Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa. 

“Cricket South Africa would like to immediately make public its statement of reasons outlining various key decisions of the board in lieu of Mr Omphile Ramele,” a statement from CSA issued in Friday read.

“The statement of reasons also explains the decision of the board to exercise its discretion in terms of section 71(3)(b) of the Companies Act to remove Mr Ramela as a director of the Company, on account of him having neglected and been derelict in the performance of his functions as a director.”

Ramela hits back at Haroon Lorgat

Ramela has hit back at the interim board of CSA and in particular former CEO Haroon Lorgat, whom he accused of being at the heart of what he described as the ‘unlawful suspension’ of company secretary Welsh Gwaza.

“I therefore hereby humbly present a plea to have Haroon Lorgat removed from the Board with immediate effect‚” Ramela implored his fellow CSA interim board members prior to the vote to suspend him from his duties.

Ramela and Xolani Vonya have been barred from taking part in further interim board activities in the latest instalment of the CSA soap-opera.

Obstructing the interim board of CSA 

The pair have been accused of obstructing the interim board in the commission of their services to South African cricket.

“The interim board of CSA has a responsibility to ensure that all its members act with ethical integrity at all material times,” Yacoob added. 

“Equally, as the board, we must also ensure compliance with both the legal and corporate governance prescripts that allow us to perform our mandate as board members.

“We therefore find it unacceptable that any of us should engage in destructive practices that do not enrich the process of ensuring that we get to the bottom of what has been happening at CSA. The decision of the interim board is therefore taken not withstanding Mr Ramela’s right to seek legal counsel and to make representations.”

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