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Get Your Daughter Looking Beautiful This Christmas Season In These 12 Gorgeous Hairstyles

The holidays are fast approaching and as a fab  mum, you definitely want your daughter to look good for the festive season. Like we all know, the holiday begins from the school’s end of year party and Christmas carol.

Your search for a holiday hairstyle begins now. Whether your child’s hair is relaxed or in it’s natural state there’s always an hairstyle she can wear.

We’ve made a list of  15 amazing hairstyles your baby girl can rock during the Christmas holidays.

1. Patewo and all back. See how the style goes well with beads.

2. Shuku. If your girl is a teenager, she’ll love this hairdo.

3. Evelyn King. The twists are just a fantasy. Your girl would love them.

4. Except your baby girl has an issue with people tightening her scalp, she can try fauxlocs.

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5. This twisting will look great on her, and it would last long even if she’s using her natural hair.

6. Twisting. If your baby’s hair is not so full, she can still do twisting. This hair will look great on her.

7. This heart inspired patewo style is perfect for your daughter this Christmas holiday.

8. Mix the weaving with her natural hair if your daughter has  4c hair type.

9. Double shuku and base. See how this hairstyle looks so good. Let your daughter slay in this pretty hairstyle.

10. Gel twisting. This large twisting hairstyle will make your child look good.

11. This beaded hairstyle is one that many little girls love. This is an hairstyle that can be done with her natural hair.

12. This beautiful shuku that has a twist at the tips will be beautiful for your daughter. Don’t let her miss out on this.

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