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Watch | Did this surfer catch the ‘wave of the decade’ at Mavericks?

Veteran American surfer Peter Mel has ridden what’s been called the ‘wave of the decade’ at infamous big wave spot Mavericks in California.

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Mel, 51, paddled into a bomb at the fearsome northern California location, taking off from an incredibly deep position, riding through the barrel and coming out with the spit.

It was hailed by surfers in the channel as ‘wave of the decade’ and the ‘best-ever wave’ at the spot.

Surfing icon Kelly Slater wrote on Instagram: “Everyone on earth should see this ride.”

“That wave was by far my best in 29 years of surfing Mavericks,” Mel told Surfline.


Mel’s son, John, was at Mavericks to see the ride.

“Words can’t describe what I watched today … 51 years old and just set the standard of what everyone will now be chasing to get the best wave out there. Congratulations … I love you dad!” John Mel wrote on Instagram.


“If anything, Peter Mel deserves a lifetime achievement award for that wave,” said long-time Mavericks surfer Johnny Bowling, who was sitting next to Mel as he paddled into it.

“To come from that far back, that far outside the bowl and backdoor it – that was total commitment. You’re literally putting it all on the line in those scenarios and hopefully everyone recognises that.”

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