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10 Cities In Ghana That’ll Leave You In Awe

wakanda city

Ghana is a country that has witnessed positive growth and development in recent years. This thereby makes it a centre of growing tourist attraction.

You’ve made no mistake about choosing Ghana. When you come here, you will have a lot of things to do, new cuisine to try out and most importantly, new places to visit to get new experiences.

Known as ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana is a great country to start your holiday vacation in Africa. While in this beautiful country, don’t leave without a visit to these top ten places.


The largest city in Ghana, Accra should be top on your list and here’s why: beaches, historical relics, vibrant arts and culture and more fun for you. Whatever you might be searching for in a perfect getaway is right here in Accra. Enjoy quality time at the Labadi Beach; attend the Kwame Nkrumah memorial or International Trade Fair; visit the National Museum – all you want and more await you here.


In Jamestown, you are guaranteed to have a swell time diving into Ghana’s rich history and culture, with ancient British and Portuguese architectures waiting to be explored. You’ll also get to find out why this place is acclaimed as the centre of boxers.

Cape Coast

Originally known as Cabo Corso, this former European colonial capital is one of the most culturally prominent spots in the whole of Africa. Cape Coast was formerly the largest slave-trading centre in the whole of West Africa. In recent times, this place is a fishing centre. However, ancient colonial buildings are still present here to this day and would make for great sightseeing.

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is one of the highlights of a visit to Cape Coast. There are about 40 mammal species here, including 300 bird species and more than 600 butterfly species. The canopy walk is the most popular part of the walk. Visitors are advised to book their visits to the park accompanied by a park ranger or guide ahead of time.

Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle is the first European slave trading post in Africa. It was built in the 15th century by the Portuguese. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Monument, the Elmina Castle is a great place to gain insight into the history of Africans and Europeans, particularly during the slave trade era.


Come to Busua to have a peaceful time and you won’t regret it. In Busua, you’ll meet the calm tide of the beach, beautiful accommodation, tasty cuisine, renting surfboards and bicycles, and so much more.

Mole National Park

Come along with your family to have a great safari experience here at Mole National Park. There are about 100 mammal species here including baboons, warthogs, kob antelopes, buffalos, and African elephants. If you want to catch great sight of the elephants, try visiting between December and April.


The erstwhile capital of the powerful Ashanti kingdom, Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana. The Kejetia market is one of the standout features of this place. While here, you might want to learn a thing or two about African democracy at the Manhyia Palace. There’s also the National Cultural Centre where you can watch dancers and drummers do what they know how to do best.


This is the country’s northern capital. When you visit here, stop by at the cultural centre where there are craft shops and thrilling dance and music performances for your delight. Acclaimed as the ‘kitchen’ of Ghana, there are amazing local and continental meals here. Hot for its proximity to the Sahara Desert, a stop at the traditional palaces of Dapkema and Gulkpe Naa will crown your visit here.

Volta Region

Here at the Volta Region, you will see the largest artificial lake in the world – Lake Volta. This one of Ghana’s overall main attractions. Volta Region is on this list for the amazing features here such as hiking to the top of Ghana’s tallest massif, Mount Afadjato; waterfalls; fishing expeditions; music cruises on the lake, and many others.


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