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8 Of The Most Beautiful And Charming Castles In Africa

Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

Africa is home to one of the most beautiful and charming castles in the world. These castles span over centuries and generations. They also reflect a period of solidarity, abundance, and order in Africa.

These incredible designs and structures will leave anyone stunned and breathless. Here are eight of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping castles in Africa that will please you.

The Citadel of Qaitbay, Egypt

Erected on the eastern point of Pharos Island in the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt, this citadel was constructed on the same spot as the Lighthouse of Alexandria (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world which got destroyed following a series of earthquakes between the 11th and 14th centuries and it was a means of protecting the city from invading Turks in the 1480s.

Fort Jesus, Kenya

Fort Jesus was constructed on Mombasa Island and it models exactly after the Renaissance style. Inspired by Italian architect, Fort Jesus is one of the relics from the Portuguese reign of the Swahili Coast in the 16th Century. However, it was formerly under the control of the British during the early 20th century before it got under the control of the Kenyan government.

Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

This castle was originally built in timber and gold by Swedish traders in 1555. During the 17th century period, Cape Coast Castle was used to sell slaves. It quickly became a prominent slave castle.

Fasil Ghebbi, Ethiopia

This castle was built by Ethiopia’s Emperor Fasilidas. At the time, Fasilidas constructed the castle which was the first two-story building in Ethiopia out of his interest in architecture. The castle has libraries, gardens, twelve gated temples and Ethiopian Traditional temples.

Ribat Monastir, Tunisia


Established in 796 by the then governor of Ifrigqya, Harthama ibn A’yan, Tunisia’s Ribat Monastir was built to serve as a defence for Arab invaders in ancient North Africa. This fortress incorporated two mosques, two courtyards, multiple watchtowers, a view of the Gulf of Hammamet, and a spiral staircase during its prime.

Great Zimbabwe

This lofty castle was built by indigenous Africans in the 11th century, specifically by the founders of the contemporary Shona ethnic group. It was a commercial hub for over 300 years with a population of over 18,000 people.

Taleh Castle, Somalia

Taleh Castle used to be the seat of the Dervish State, a sacred Somali-Mushin kingdom built by Mohammed Abdullah Hassan at the end of the 20th century. A group of structures built around different tombs, Taleh Castle is one of the four fortifications in the famous town also called Taleh.

Goree Castle, Senegal

Goree Castle was established on a stony hill on the Goree Island’s southern side. In present-day Senegal, there is a museum in the Castle which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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