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These 10 Art Museums In Africa Are Worth Exploring

Art is a way of life. Art reflects the culture, traditions, and customs of different human groups. Art heals; art restores; art replenishes, and art is beautiful.

A vast continent with diverse art and cultural heritage, Africa boasts of some of the best art museums in the world.

These museums serve to enlighten visitors and locals alike on the history and distinctive nature of art in Africa.

Now, this is to simply share with you 10 art museums in Africa that are worth exploring during your vacation.

Rwanda Art Museum, Rwanda

This museum helps to enlighten visitors on the uniqueness of Rwandan creativity. Visitors will find fascinating the ruins of the unfortunate 1994 presidential jet. Filled with a selection of local and international artworks, the Rwandan Art Museum is one of the eight museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.

The Makumbusho Village Museum, Tanzania

Located in the centre of Dar es Salaam, houses built with tools from some of the tribes in Tanzania are on display at this museum. There is also an array of paintings and photographs here. Acclaimed as one of the five major museums in the country, visitors are supplied with souvenirs on their way out to serve as a reminder of their visit.

National Museums of Kenya, Kenya

Established as far back as 1910, this art museum was formerly known as the Coryndon Museum in honour of Sir Robert Coryndon, a former governor of Kenya. The name changed to the National Museums of Kenya after independence. At this museum, relics of Kenya’s history of contemporary art, culture, and nature are present.

The National Bardo Museum, Tunisia

With art collections of over 40,000 years, this old 19th Century Beylic palace museum houses the largest selection of mosaics in the world. Definitely, this is one of the art museums in Africa that represents every region of the country. Roman sarcophaguses, Christian baptisteries, and large collections of Punic jewels are all present here.

Centre for Memories, Enugu, Nigeria

For more history about Nigeria’s South Easterners, this is the right place to visit. In addition to regular exhibitions and updated art collections, this art museum houses sculptures, paintings, and pictures that tell the story of one of Nigeria’s major ethnic groups.

The Cameroon National Museum, Cameroon

Established as far back as 1930, this art museum was renovated by the country’s first president, Ahmadou Ahidjo. With over 850 artefacts that portray the several regions of the country, this prominent museum did not become fully acknowledged as one until 2014.

The Museum of the Zinsou Foundation, Benin Republic

This museum was established in 2013 on the Villa Ajavon. Here, there are paintings and sculptures crossing three generations. There is also a special room to showcase the works of renowned painters, photographers, and sculptors. Not only this, but international artists also have their rooms here.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt


This museum houses over 100,000 artefacts and King Tutankhamen owns about 3,500 of them. Situated close to the Giza Pyramids, The Grand Egyptian Museum undoubtedly boats of having one of the largest collections in the whole of North Africa. Visitors who come here will gain some insight into the era of the Pharaonic rule in Egypt.

Museum of Science and Technology, Ghana

A project of two lecturers from the Legon Campus of the University of Ghana, this museum began operating as one in 1965. Fascinating collections such as a human heart and a piece of stone from the moon are present here. Catering mostly to patronage from youths, a library is also present in this museum.

The Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa

The Pretoria Art Museum has grown into a gallery of modern artwork in South Africa from showcasing the growing art collections in City Hall. Collections from international artists are also on display here.

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