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10 Simple Things That Could Save Your Life During Travel

Just like everything else in life, travel comes with its own risks despite the many benefits attached to it. This is why it is important to always prepare for unexpected moments such as emergencies, especially before going on a new trip.

A list of what to take along with you almost always includes essentials and a few luxuries. And while packing in the carry-on bag, it might seem that it can’t contain additional items. But what if these additional items are the lifesavers you need?

Don’t worry. These things – despite their value – are quite simple and don’t take up much space in your luggage.

Read on to see the 10 simple things that could save your life during travel.

Hair ties

Your long hair that can be bonded in a ponytail would definitely need hair ties. But did you also know that these same hair ties can save your life during travel? Yes. This is what American doctor, Patricia Quinlan used to save the life of a passenger who lost consciousness in 2015. After assessing that his blood pressure was ”dangerously low” and that the passenger had an intermittent heartbeat, the doctor used her hair ties as a tourniquet to administer the 16 ounces of the saline solution provided by the cabinet crew. She also used whiskey to disinfect the needle.

Multipurpose tool

Even if you can’t take anything else, you are allowed to take along The Geeky Multi-Tool which contains about twenty different tools and can be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver tip, can opener, wire stripper among many other functions.

Rechargeable flashlight

This is an important travel companion. And it could also save your life. You may be in a dark, unknown place or even during hiking, the rechargeable flashlight comes to your aid at these times.

Rescue blanket

During an emergency, the rescue blanket comes in handy. Don’t ignore it as you arrange your luggage. It’s very affordable, thick and lightweight so it’s not much of a trouble to take along with you.

Personal alarm

This is important especially if you are travelling alone. It’s something that you can simply wear about easily without a fuss. Don’t neglect your personal safety alarm. It could be your lifesaver during an unexpected moment.

Portable charger

The portable charger or power bank is one of the most important things you need during your travel. Of what use is a phone without a battery during an emergency? This is why you should not forget this lifesaver.

Hand sanitiser

This is, of course, another lifesaver that you cannot afford to forget. You need to stay healthy during your travel. Imagine what could happen without a hand sanitiser within your reach as you come in contact (especially during a pandemic) with lots of people?

Water purification tablets

This is your best bet to stay safe during travel. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself, you can easily rely on these simple small tablets to protect you from unknown water sources. You can simply tuck them inside your pockets.

Reusable water bottle with filter

Simply carry a reusable water bottle with a filter and you are good to go even if the airport impounds other liquid items.

First-aid kit

There are small, travel-size kits that you can stash in your carry-on bag without worries. The standard first-aid kit includes band-aids, gauze, disinfectant cream, bug bite cream, aspirin, and tweezers. It is an important lifesaver during travel.

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