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Last Call – Bursary Opportunities Closing in December

There is not much left of 2021, so why not finish it with a successful bursary application! We look at some of the bursaries still open for applications this year and that are closing in December.

The bursaries below are all closing in December, be sure to check the deadline to make sure you get your application finished in time! These bursaries are only available to citizens of South Africa who meet the specified eligibility criteria.

    1. Hexagon Trust Bursary: The Hexagon Trust is a non-profit NGO that provides financial assistance for students looking to study degrees in engineering, commerce and science. They have been operating in South Africa for over 30 years and have so far awarded over 15,000 bursaries to students. The application deadline is 31 December 2021 – Read more and apply for the Hexagon Trust Bursary.

Remember that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme is currently open for applications. The NSFAS provides financial assistance to students looking at further education at any public university or college in South Africa. It has never been easier to apply for the NSFAS Application with their online application process. Applications for 2022 – 2023 will close on 7 January 2022, so check out the process and get your application in as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity! You can also keep an eye out for internships if you are coming towards the end of you studies and looking to get a headstart into your career.

Note: The application for any of the above must be submitted by the due date. Late submissions will be rejected. It is advised to apply sooner rather than later to increase your chances. 


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