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What South African Sports Betting Sites Have In Common

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There are more than 20 registered and regulated sport betting sites in South Africa today which is a plus for the country as well as bettors.

For the government, having many sports betting sites means more income in terms of tax, registration fees among others.

On the other hand, the presence of many betting sites allows bettors to choose their preference. It is also a chance to have more than one bet accounts to stake bets on.

While there might seem to be differences between most of the sports betting sites in terms of deposits, withdrawal, design and many others. They, however, have some similarities.

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Below are some of the similarities most of the sports betting site in South Africa has;

1. They are registered with the government

This is the first thing to look out for in a sports betting site in South Africa before opening an account.

All sports betting platforms must be registered.

2. Verification of identity is compulsory

Another similarity every sports betting site in South Africa have in common is that every bettor on the platform must provide official document like their Identity Card to verify their identity.

Without verification of identity, there is a limit to the withdrawal a bettor can make as well as limited access to their bet account.

3. They engage in similar sport games

While’ some of the sports betting sites may have some exclusive sports, most of them, however, are into soccer, basketball, crickets etc. However, the odds are usually different.

4. They have similar website outlay

Sports bet sites in South Africa all have the same website outlays. They have the odds segment, registration link, login link etc.

Despite the few similarities, every sports betting site has managed to stand out with their unique features, all of which is to the advantage of bettors.

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