Casino Games With The Best Payouts Rate


To start with, what’s the payouts rate?

We refer to payouts rate to mean a game’s RTP, which stands for return to player rate. It’s represented in percentage. And the higher the percentage, the better the chances of winning over an extended period. 

This article lists the best payouts casino games. However, if you want to know the fastest payouts casino sites, check our reviews here.

  1. Atlantic City Blackjack – 99.6%

Atlantic City Blackjack is an interesting casino game. It’s the simple variant of the classic game of 21, Betway offers the highest return to player RTP on the list of the fastest payouts casino sites. Check out our Atlantic City Blackjack review to get started.

  1. Buster Blackjack – 99.6%

Buster Blackjack is similar to the standard blackjack casino. It’s only different in that it is spiced up with some satisfying side bets, you can find and enjoy the Buster Blackjack in any casino sites including offline locations.  To get started with Buster Blackjack, checking out our Buster Blackjack review.

  1. European Roulette – 97.3%

European Roulette is an easy-to-follow and endlessly enjoyable variant of the classic casino game. You can find this title at 888casino, or you can try it out for free over on our European Roulette review.

  1. Big Bad Wolf – 97.3%

Big Bad WolfThis fairytale-themed slot is among the highest RTP slots currently available on the market right now. Check out its colourful visuals and enticing reels for yourself over at our Big Bad Wolf review or play for real money over at Betway.

  1. Jack Hammer 2 – 97.1%

Jack Hammer 2Sometimes the sequel truly is better than the original, and Jack Hammer 2 is a great example of this. With its stylish noir trappings and unique approach to slots gameplay, there’s a lot to recommend this high payout title. You can read all about it in our Jack Hammer 2 review or cut to the chase and start playing now over at 777 Casino.

  1. The Dark Knight – 97%

The Dark KnightComic and movie fans can rejoice in the many high quality themed slots available to them. The Dark Knight is a stand-out title, thanks to its high RTP and dedication to its Caped Crusader visuals. You can enjoy some free spins with the Batman over at our The Dark Knight review or start splashing cash like Bruce Wayne himself over at King Billy.

  1. Wild Gambler – 97%

Wild GamblerThough the graphics might be significantly more lo-fi than the other slots on this list, this safari-themed title is still oodles of fun. With a high RTP, straightforward rules and a host of colourful characters, you can try a free demo over at our Wild Gambler review. Alternatively, you can go really wild and start playing for real money at Betway.


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