Don’t Leave Africa Without A Visit To These 15 Amazing Features And Locations


A resource-rich continent home to over a billion people, Africa has amazing features that will leave anyone breathless and wanting more. These incredible locations selected from 15 different African countries are places to visit if you truly desire to enjoy the vast continent.

So, get ready to explore the depths of the continent famed for its wildlife, diverse cultural heritage, and sweeping topography.

1. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


A visit here is all you need for a surreal experience of the Pyramid of King Cheops, which is the most prominent of the structures at Giza near Cairo. Built around 2650 BC from 2.5 million blocks of limestone, it can be seen that the sides are oriented exactly to the north, south, east, and west. There is also the Chephren Pyramid which still contains the granite sarcophagus of King Chephren. Built by Cheops’ son, it is similar in size to that of King Cheops. In addition to these two is the much-smaller pyramid of Mycerinus.

2. Mount Mulanje, Malawi


Standing at 9,850 feet (3,000 meters) tall, Mulanje is a gigantic massif divided into two by the Fort Lister Gap – a wide pass undermined by the Phalombe and Sombani rivers. Characterized by giant basins of rock and narrow gullies cut by fast-flowing streams, take a long stroll and find yourself enjoying stunning sceneries. As you walk, expect to catch sight of monkeys, hares, voles, and a carpet of alluring wildflowers after the rain. This is, of course, in addition to the beautiful butterflies that you will find.

3. Lower Zambezi, Zambia


The Lower Zambezi is a natural habitat for elephants, hippos, and other animals that come to drink from the rivers and tributaries around the camp. There is also room to go fishing at the various camps and lodges on the banks of the river.

4. Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Fish River Canyon, Namibia.

Come here during the dry season and you’ll be blessed with sights of the beautiful turquoise pools stretching into the distance. With 500 meters deep and over 160 kilometres long, this mighty crevice comes second to the United States’ Grand Canyon.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


It’s nearly impossible that you would not have heard of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. At 5,895 meters tall, it prides itself as Africa’s highest mountaintop. Famed for being a ‘Sky island’ for creating a varied and dramatic natural habitat, you are likely to eventually cross a barren lunar landscape to reach the twin summit – this is often above the clouds – as you climb through.

6. Lekki Conservation Centre, Nigeria


One of Nigeria’s worthy tourist points, a visit to the Lekki Conservation Scene will have you encounter the beauty of nature in a calm and peaceful manner. This is especially if you explore the longest canopy walkway in Africa present here.

7. Cape Verde Archipelago

Cape Verde Archipelago

This island chain which incorporates 10 islands is perfect for a vacation. Found in the North Atlantic, the cultural blend of African, Iberia, and Brazilian influences will make for an interesting stay. Here, there is a lot to enjoy – from water sports and hikes through volcanic landscapes to leisure times at the scenic beaches. Also, there is an annual carnival in the cultural capital of Sao Vicente which holds between February and March which is one of the most amazing things about Cape Verde.

8. Flamingos, Kenya



Catch sight of awesome pink flamingos at the Lake Nakuru National Park, prominent for being the greatest bird spectacle in the world and the home of 1 million resident flamingos. 

9. Draa Valley, Morocco


A mass of date plantations, the Draa can be found between the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara. It’ll be nice to stop over at Zagora to check for standard hotels and restaurants. You will also enjoy the breathtaking route across the picturesque-like Atlas Mountains. 

10. Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

This incredibly quiet place of dried-up salt pans in the Kalahari Desert – reputed to be a forbidding landscape formed by a huge lake that dried up millennia ago – can transform during winter into a lush grass sprout. During this period, zebras, wildebeest, flamingos, and other wildlife make their way around.

11. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


According to history, the Victoria Falls (also called Mosi-oa-Tunya or ‘’The Cloud That Thunders’’) were first seen by a European when Scotsman David Livingstone visited here in 1855. This place has now become a popular tourist attraction, with a spray reportedly flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second. 

12. Mountain gorillas, Rwanda


The mountain gorillas of the Rwandan rainforest will leave a lasting impact on you. At the isolated Nyungwe National Park, you will find the 6,000 feet elevation.

13. Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa.

Enjoy yourself at Table Mountain in Cape Town. Find cable car rides at the top of the mesa. Here, you will also find scenic views and splendid sunrises/sunsets. There’s an opportunity to take perfect photos too.

14. Balaclava, Mauritius


Famed for being the best place for tourist accommodations in Mauritius, your stay in Balaclava will be pleasant and enjoyable. It is found right beside Pereybere which is the best public beach in Mauritius. 

15. Mahe Island, Seychelles


The most popular destination in Seychelles due to being the gateway to Seychelles, Mahe is also the largest island and main island here. Enjoy snorkelling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, or just simply have a great time at the famous beaches. 

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