Is Online Gambling Legal In Ghana?


Ghana is one of the top African countries that support both offline and online gambling. Anybody above the age of 18 can place a bet on their favourite games and receive their cash.

The Ghanaian gambling industry is a huge market and the country is among the most Africa countries where gambling is operated. The industry is being regulated by the 2006 Gaming Act, which requires all betting operators to acquire a license at the Ghana Gaming Commission. 

The country takes a lead after the likes of Nigeria and South Africa in gambling. And operators keep increasing in the industry ever since the passage of the sports-betting legislation in 2006.

How do Ghanaians deposit and withdraw money at online betting sites?

Betting companies in Ghana have many options through which their customers can make a deposit as well as request for withdrawals.

Payment method such as credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are almost universally accepted payment method in the country. Popular options common to most of the betting sites are direct (Including wire transfers) to and from e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill and PayPal.

Mobile-based money transfer methods such as Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money are also common options – once you have money in your Airtel or MTN account, you can easily transfer funds.

What are the most popular sports games to bet on in Ghana?

Many bettors, especially the experts, bet on a wide range of games from soccer to horseracing, to hockey, cricket, volleyball, basketball etc.

But one thing is, based on research, the English Premier League EPL does dominate the sports betting market in Ghana. The Ghanian domestic leagues are at the receiving end – suffering as many people hardly consider staking on the games. However, some domestic betting sites are now springing up to ensure that citizen place bets on their home games. In fact, they offer a wager on the Ghanian soccer.

Is online betting safe in Ghana?

Safety is the most important criteria many bettors consider before choosing a particular betting company. Because, they want to ensure that whichever site they’re betting on has the capability to protect their data – the money and the personally identifiable information.

However, safety depends on the betting sites and this is why it’s always necessary to check online reviews of the betting sites you’re considering betting on.

Gambling market shares in Ghana

Gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industry in Ghana and it many people have depended on it has another source of income. 

Ghana has six gambling facilities, 283 online casinos, 18 online poker sites, 34 online sports bookmarkers, four online lottos, and two online DFS. The online games and casinos offered in Ghana feature user-friendly regulations.

What are the available betting sites in Ghana?

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing countries in terms of sports betting. Its market is opening up to accommodate many betting companies and pools of games to bet on. And therefore, expert a long list of betting sites. 

Here are a few betting sites in Ghana 


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