Land-Based (Offline) Casinos In South Africa


In the whole of Africa, South Africa can be said to be home to varieties of gambling games. Its industry is booming and market share is on the rise. In terms of an offline – land-based casino, the country offers the most prestigious gambling spots that can be likened to Vegas. South Africa has over 50 land-based casinos strategically located where holidays travellers can experience what it means to “play casino away from home”.

If you love casinos, and you want to experience the offline games, here’s a list of some of the popular casinos you can found around the most popular cities in South Africa.

1. Caledon Casino The Best Casino In The Heart Of Cape Town

The Caledon Casino is the only place where you can experience watching the clouds as it rolls over the Klein Swartberg Mountains, while you sip and enjoy the taste of the cocktail.

The Caledon casino is just a 30mins drive from the heart of Cape Town and it offers entertainment galore even beyond its walls. The entertainment is a non-stop for the players and lovers including supporters who cheer them to win. Players of all skill levels are welcome and responsible gambling only opens to 18 and above.

There are lots of progressive jackpot options with enough machines to make you win the jackpot while playing the slots. Thousands of people have emerged millionaires from this casino spot and people are still winning big!

Here you have access to select games that best suits you. They have a wide variety of games ranging from the popular roulette, baccarat to blackjack and a host of other interesting games. 

2. Emerald Resort & Casino

Emerald resort is located south of Johannesburg. It offers a pleasant place for lovers on holiday visits. It’s an interesting place to relax. But what makes this place more interesting is the influx of people into one of its coolest spot – the casino spot. The emerald resort and casino is the largest in the city and it offers a wide range of casino games just like the Caledon. Going with your family? There’s an animal world centre where children can visit and even have fun with some of the animals while you focus on your favourite casino games.

3. Garden Route Casino – The Most Beautiful Landscapes In South Africa

The Garden Route Casino is located at a place where the players can have no dull moment while playing. The Garden Route is arguably the most beautiful landscape in South Africa. It features a hotel known as the Garden Court Hotel, where at the topmost, you can have an aerial view of the entire landscape to host visitors from all over the world. The hotel serves as a relaxation centre, hosting a guest who has come to visit and experience the landscape and those who want to play casinos.

Owned by the Tsogo Sun group, the Garden Route casino and entertainment hub offers a number of wonderful restaurants, including bars and kids playground especially for families visiting with their kids.

4. Goldfields Casino – South Of Johannesburg

Goldfields Casino is another casino located at the southern part of Johannesburg, Welkom. It offers action-packed unique entertainment galore for families – away from home. The Goldfield is a complex on its own featuring a hotel, conference hall, gambling facilities, entertainment centre, VIP Salon, and bars. It’s home for both local and international travellers. The casino offers a wide variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, big six wheel, craps, poker and so on.

5. Gold Reef Casino

You can compare this place to Vegas and you won’t be wrong! Gold Reef casino is no doubt the oldest casino establishment in South Africa. Also located south of Johannesburg, the Gold Reef Casino offers a wide variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, big six wheel, craps, poker just to name a few. It features a very nice interesting theme park, restaurant, bars of all classes, guest rooms and relaxation spots.

The theme park makes the Gold Reef casino one of the most preferred entertainment park for children.

6. Emperors Palace Casino The Palace Of Dreams

Emperor’s Palace casino is a well-known place for a beautiful gambling experience. It’s also a destination for tourists as it features one of the finest hotel and casino facilities in the country. 

The Emperor’s Palace Casino is owned and operated by the Peermont Group; a group that has succeeded in the travel and hospitality industry.

7. Sun City Casino The Greatest Casino In South Africa

If you live in South Africa, or you’re on a holiday visit to South Africa and you haven’t visited this location then you’re missing something. It’s just a “must-not-missed” place. Even if you’re not a casino fan, sun city is a place worth visiting. The Sun City Casino is another casino you can liken to that of Vegas and you won’t be wrong. 

It’s located deep North West of the Province, close to Hartebeespoort Dam and the Magaliesburg mountains.

8. The Ridge Casino

Looking for a quiet serene place while playing casino? Think of Mpumalanga a province of Ridge Casino and Entertainment galore. 

It’s owned by the Tsogo Sun group, and it’s an all-encompassing hub – an interesting place to stopover and relax for a while enjoying so beautiful games you love.

9. Time Square Menlyn Maine Casino In Pretoria

This one of the newest casino in town. The Time Square Casino Menlyn Maine is an astonishing casino and entertainment hub for families and friends. It’s own by the Sun International group the owner of the Morula Sun casino. It has a hotel large enough to accommodate hundreds of people at a time. A casino with over 2 000 machines and entertainment centre that can welcome about 8000 people at once.

10. Hemingways Casino In East London

Hemingways Casino Complex is at the city centre point near the East London Airport in Eastern Cape town. It’s one of the most wonderful places you wouldn’t want to miss for anything. Everyone above the age of 18 is welcome into the casino royal room where you can have access to hundreds of machines and play your favourite games to the fullest. Also, you can decide to go shopping for clothing, jewellery and some other South Africa attires.

11. Grand West Casino – Sun International Group

Grand West Casino has located Just 11km from the  Cape Town airport. And is also owned and operated by the Sun International group of casinos. One thing about this unique place and every other casino owned and operated by the Sun International Group is the promise to always make customers satisfied. And lots of casino professionals have rated their casino to be one of the best in town.

The truth about these places is that… it has produced many millionaires. And so, if you’re a lover of casino and would like to experience the best casinos in Africa, visit South Africa and at least one of these casino places and you’ll leave South Africa exited with a plan for another visit.


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