Top 18 Most Influential Bloggers In South Africa


Blogging is a fast-growing industry in South Africa – over a hundred and fifty bloggers across the country are proof of this.

Creating a popular blog can also be a great way to make money online in South Africa, through brand deals, affiliates or other online advertising.

Thanks to readers’ demands, SA bloggers are becoming largely influential as they create relevant, informative, and entertaining content to the delight of their followers.

These bloggers cover lifestyle, travel, food, and what have you. For that refreshing and exciting content you may be searching for, here is a list of the 18 most influential bloggers in SA.

Lifestyle Bloggers

Kathryn Rossiter, Becoming You

Kathryn’s blog targets the modern woman as she presents her content in the most informative and inspiring way. 

2. Lovilee Lifestyle Blog

This is a South African wedding, lifestyle, and party inspiration blog. Here, there’s all you want – from party inspirations, home decor ideas, DIY trends, and free printables. 

3. Chereen Strydom, For the Beauty of it 

Starting in 2011, Chereen has built a reputation for herself as one of the topmost influential South African Lifestyle Bloggers. Being a mother herself, Chereen personalizes her content to appeal to South African mothers searching for useful tips concerning must-have beauty products. There is also content that caters to the tips regarding a young baby’s health. It’ll also interest you to know that Chereen touches on other topics bordering on wellness, creativity, travel, and motherhood. Check out her blog here

4. Sheri Greenway, SA Fashion Girl

Interested in content that inspires you to feel more comfortable in your authentic self? Then Sheri Greenway is the blogger that takes you through that journey. Based in Cape Town, she is an astute beauty ambassador and lifestyle blogger. As you explore her blog, you’ll find a wide range of new beauty trends, products, and looks that she has tried her hands on. This will in turn enhance your personal confidence in trying out new things as well. You’ll also find the latest exclusive beauty creativity ideas and hot new trends and product releases for your satisfaction on her blog named ‘SA Fashion Girl’. There are also topics on fashion and travel that you’ll find interesting.

5. Meg Sproat, Boring Cape Town Chick

Don’t take the name for it. Meg has a lot on her blog that will catch your attention – from food, travel, events, activities – you are in for a treat.

6. Fiona Rossiter, Inspired Living

Get your fill of Fiona’s content which covers niches such as food, wine, travel, accommodation, decor, beauty. Whatever your location, age or gender is, Fiona has something for you. 

Travel Bloggers

7. Kate Els, IndiKate

Kate is known for satisfying her readers with travel ideas, tips, and inspiring stories on her blog. On her blog, you’ll also find features on food and wine experiences. This is in addition to other activities and topics relating to South Africa and abroad.

8. Jared Ruttenberg, Jaredincpt

There is no list of Cape Town’s most influential bloggers that is complete without Jared’s name on it. Find yourself engaged with Jared’s content on where you will experience the young journalist, tour guide, and content creator. He takes his time to offer you quality and rich content on travel, lifestyle, and spirituality. You’ll also find Cape Town and South African related topics on which he shares his opinions. With his personalized approach and adventurous spirit, Jared’s unique style sets him apart from the rest.

9. Natalie Ross, Tails of a Mermaid

Natalie runs multiple award-winning blogs where she shares her travel and food experiences mostly in South Africa but also abroad. Visit to see why Natalie is a reader’s favorite.

10. Ceeces Travel Blog

A KwaZulu Natal travel blogger, Cee has earned her spot on this list. She is the founder of Ceeces Travel Blog which has also bagged a few awards. Get great travel insight as Cee takes you through reviews among other topics and trends on travel and lifestyle. You’ll also find insightful traveling tips written vividly and interestingly.

11. Lydia Afonso, Greenlydia

Lydia is also known as The Average Traveller. Get on her blog to see what this Cape Town native turned Joburger offers you regarding travel, food, wine, craft beer, local history, and stories.

12. Anton Crone, Safarious

Formerly known as Bright Continent, Anton Crone runs the African travel magazine and community travel blog named Safarious. Looking for relevant content on wilderness travel? Safarious has you covered with articles that fill your curiosity. Anton does not just stop at sharing amazing travel tips and guides, he also takes his followers and readers on the journey of his personal experiences and incredible discoveries throughout Africa. Find his travel adventures at

Food Bloggers

13. Sam Linsell, Drizzle & Dip

Having bagged multiple awards, Drizzle & Dip is basically a food, recipe, and travel blog. A professional food stylist, recipe developer, and food photographer, Sam will hardly disappoint her community of readers.

14. Ilse van der Merwe, The Food Fox

Ilse van der Merwe’s passion for food, cooking, and dining fetched her the 2014 Fairlady Best Food Blogger award. Visit her blog at to learn new breathtaking recipes and dishes.

15. Sarah Graham

Sarah’s awesome recipes on her blog at is certain to please foodies and chefs alike. She combines them with healthy eating guidelines, meal plans, shopping and prep lists, and lots more. There is also great content for those looking to start a healthy food journey. 

16. Amilinda Wilkinson, The Little Hedonist

Amilinda makes The Little Hedonist a wonderful place for visitors searching for great food content. There is nothing you may want that you won’t find – from sumptuous food, wine, events, experiences, reviews, to recipes and wonderful culinary discoveries.

17. Melissa Delport, The Truffle Journal

Cape Town-based photographer Melissa Delport runs The Truffle Journal. And she leaves no stones unturned in catering to the needs of her visitors and readers. Follow her blog and you’ll be in for great food content. With her passion for baking, Melissa takes on the food niche offering interesting reviews, gorgeous photography, culinary inspirations, and beautifully styled recipes. And what’s more: there’s no featured recipe on the blog that Melissa has not tried herself.

18. Alida Ryder, Simply Delicious

Alida Ryder runs the well-known Simply Delicious blog that offers amazing and insightful food content. Alisa’s passion for food blogging has taken her to the well-deserved status of a very influential blogger in the food niche. She shares awesome simple recipes for everyday cooking without compromising on taste and quality. Alida’s influence cannot be underrated.



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