Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC): Fans and Fighters can now invest in the Group


    It is not everyday that sport fans and athletes participating, can be involved financially in its activity, but that is now the case with EFC, Africa’s premier mixed martial arts organisation. People will be able to invest directly in the group through Stack Assets, owned by Stack Advisory (Pty) Ltd. Here is more information on the subject.

    Looking for Financial Help

    The Extreme Fighting Championship has decided to change its structure, in order to look for outside financial help. Although it is the largest organisation in its field, the group has been suffering from financial strains for a while now and came to the conclusion that this was the best solution for them, at this time. In total, 20 percent of its equity will be made available to the public.

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    Looking to grow the Sport in Africa

    When EFC President and its management team decided to list the sports association, it was not doing so only for the finance side of the deal. Part of the decision has to do with bringing the sport more visibility on the territory, to make it grow and prosper. It is also looking to build on the brand’s name, to bring it to the level of other martial art competitions, around the world.

    Cairo Howarth, President of EFC, says that the potential value of the group, once the capitalization will be completed, will be exponential. The potential of this sport in Africa has showed viewers’ interest, and being able to bring it to market with more power behind it, should see it explode, in the years to come, so he says.

    He is also quite excited to be able to add fans and fighters as shareholders, which will bring an additional dynamic to the EFC. The money that they bring in, will serve to expand the horizon of the sport, throughout Africa, as they hope to reach 200 million viewers, through 130 million homes, located on the territory.


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